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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Moon Knight Key Issues Part 3

Welcome to the 3rd Part to this Moon Knight key issues series, and this one will be the last one. So far, there has been mostly minor villains in the grand-scheme of the Marvel Universe and most of the major supporting characters for our hero were already covered in the previous parts.

These will mostly still be bargain bins with the occasional few exceptions. Most aren't that well-known or simply all that cared for in the market at large.

Anyways, let's get this request and series over with, so if you missed Part 2, just click that link. If not, here's the next batch of Moon Knight key comics.

1st meeting between Moon Knight & Punisher
1st Moon Knight & Punisher team up

Despite some other sources out there, this comic right here is the actual first meeting between the Punisher and Moon Knight believe it or not. In this issue, the two know of each other but have never officially met.

Although this is part of the Atlantis Attacks cross over event which wasn't a great story event, the first meeting between Moon Knight and the Punisher makes that cross-over event worth it. This would be just one of the many times that the two heroes would team up to kick some bad guy ass.

Unlike the cover, the two actually get a long and have a mutual respect for one another in their first ever meeting as shown in the 2nd image provided for this listing. You can clearly see Moon Knight saying, "About time we met."

This kick ass duo would team up again a few months later in Marc Spector: Moon Knight #8.

Since the Punisher is already making his Netflix live action appearance in Daredevil Season 2, will this eventually link to Moon Knight in the future? I dunno and I sure hope so and it could be a possibility. September, 1989 is the publishing date for Punisher Annual #2.

1st appearance of Ringer

This version of the Ringer is the second character to take up the mantle of this Marvel super-villan. The original Ringer was Anthony Davis and was created by David Anthony Kraft and Keith Giffen

This 2nd version of the villain was created by Chuck Dixon and Sal Veluto and has the name of Keith Kraft, a homage to the original creator of the Ringer.

Keith Kraft uses the original Ringer's battlesuit and persona in his criminal venture and is as inept as the original Ringer in his career as a costumed criminal. Not really the best of Marvel villains or Moon Knight villains either, this comic was published January, 1990.

1st full appearance of Randall Spector
Part 1 of Blood Brothers story line

Full appearance or true appearance or actual appearance? Whatever. Because the character was retconned, this issue is considered Randall Spector's actual first appearance and Randall Spector is brought back in this issue that kicks off the Blood Brothers story arc.

As stated before, Randall Spector would become Shadowknight and gains his powers in issue #36 of the Marc Spector: Moon Knight comic series. I think that may be his first appearance as Shadowknight. Randall's origin story would be told in Marc Spector: Moon Knight #37.

The Punisher also co-stars in the Blood Brothers story arc, and this comic, Marc Spector: Moon Knight #35 was published February, 1992.

1st Stephen Platt Moon Knight artwork
1st published Marvel artwork by Stephen Platt

Although Bill Sienkiewicz was the first fan-favorite comic artist to put a stamp on a defined look and style for Moon Knight, Stephen Platt is the 2nd fan-favorite comic artist to radically give the character a more gritty appearance than previous artists before him.

With a McFarlane-like-style, Platt's renderings of the White Knight were extremely detailed, and he broadened the character's muscular scope. His look would achieve the Moon Knight on steroids look, and even renderings of the cape were drawn with immaculate details.

Platt surely set the precedent on the look for Moon Knight, and even though his tenure on the character was short-lived, he definitely made his mark on the character and with fans of Moon Knight.

Stephen Platt would finish the series with issue #60 before the title was cancelled. Marc Spector: Moon Knight #55 was published March, 1994.

1st David Finch Moon Knight artwork

The third and latest artist to wow comic fans with his stylized renderings of the White Knight is definitely comic artist David Finch. A fan favorite comic artist for Moon Knight and his other works as well.

Moon Knight only makes a cameo in this issue, but Moon Knight fans would hail Finch as one of the best to ever draw the character. His Moon Knight work would be recognized when he began as artist on the 3rd volume of the Moon Knight comic series.

Avengers #501 is part of the Avengers Disassembled story arc, and it was published October, 2004.

1st issue to new on-going series
David Finch begins new Moon Knight Series

In 2006, David Finch hooked up with novelist Charlie Huston to kick off the 3rd Moon Knight comic series for Marvel. Like mentioned before, it was this series that would carry on the gritty and highly stylistic approach that Stephen Platt created prior and make Finch a fan-favorite among fans of Moon Knight. 

His work on the series is nothing short of amazing even though short and sweet. Finch would provide pencils and covers up until issue #8 of this series. Moon Knight #1 from the 3rd series was published June, 2006.

1st appearance of the Profile

Once again, the Committee takes it's stake as one of the formidable organizations in the Moon Knight mythos, and this issue sees the first appearance of the Profile. The Profile is a mysterious consultant of the group that seeks revenge on Marvel's White Knight.

He is an expert on Moon Knight's history and advises the Committee in how to best break Marc Spector's body and spirit. The Profile is a pretty important villain in this comic series, and if a live-action movie or TV shows ever comes about, I can see the Committee and this character have a significant role in the franchise.

Moon Knight #2 from the 3rd series was published July, 2006, and the Profile was created by David Finch and Charlie Huston.

HULK! #13
1st published Bill Sienkiewicz Moon Knight art
1st Bill Sienkiewicz published Marvel artwork

Make up call here, and although this is the last key issue featured in this Moon Knight key issues series here, it's definitely shouldn't be considered anywhere near the least. So here's this bonus listing for all you Moon Knight fans out there.

Aside from co-creating various villains and characters within the Moon Knight mythos, Bill Sienkiewwicz is the first classic Moon Knight artist associated with the character. He is definitely a fan-favorite artist of the character and has had one of the longest runs drawing the character.

This issue holds his first published Moon Knight artwork by Sienkiewicz and for his talents at Marvel Comics. He penciled the back feature Moon Knight stories up to issue #20 before penciling the regular Moon Knight comic series in 1980, and he brought a certain style and look to the character that is still deemed classic and hailed by fans.

A must-have for any fan of the character or of comic artist Bill Sienkiewicz, Hulk! #13 was published February, 1979.

Alright, this concludes this short and sweet Moon Knight key issues series. As usual, there are quite a bit of bargain bin sleepers or whatever you prefer to call them in Part 3. The most notable exception is the first Stephen Platt artwork in Marc Spector: Moon Knight #55.

Only a very few of the Moon Knight key comics are actually valuable, but maybe that will change in the near future. If you're a die-hard Moon Knight fan, there's no doubt that many of these keys whether major or minor should be on your want lists.

I detailed first artist works for the top 3 fan-favorite comic artists for the character, and there's some cool first meetings in the series as well. If you stumbled upon this without reading Part 1, that blue link will bring you to the start.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed and hopefully you have some of these in your collections. You never know when or if they'll hit a peak, especially if Marvel's Batman does finally debut live action.


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    the first work of Bill Sienkiewicz on Moon Knight - great find! I just bought a signed copy of Elektra Assassin 1 with a little sketch from him for 20 bucks. This guy should get some more respect!

    Speculation Jones

    1. Heya S.J., how goes it? True dat, sir! True dat!

  2. Hey its EC here and I was wondering on whether or not Fantastic Four #47 is a good buy in NM- 9.0-9.4 range? Maximus is almost guaranteed to be the villain for inhumans. If you think its a good idea what would you pay for a 9.4

    1. If we're talking raw copies here, 9.0 - 9.4 anything at or below the $200 mark. If we're talking CGC, then for CGC 9.0 $380 and below. Maybe $400 the most. In terms of CGC 9.4, you're looking at $800 close to a grand. Still, I'd shoot for $600 to $700 range in terms of 9.4 CGCs but the last auction in February on eBay sold a CGC 9.4 of that issue for $900+.

      Might be a fluke, might not be. As of good buy right now? I'd have to say no, especially for a CGC 9.4 and up. This comic is driven by movie hype and is already getting up there in price for high grade CGCs. If you're really inclined to get this one now or soon, I'd go with raw and slab it and hope it comes back the grade advertised or higher.

      In my opinion, plenty of other solid investments besides that one to get at $900+.

  3. Coming into a little cash 2500-4K

    What books would you suggest as a good long term investment? Thinking about a high grade werewolf by night 32 or strange tales 110