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Friday, August 21, 2015

Moon Knight Key Issues Part 2

Here were are at Part 2 to this Moon Knight key issues series, and if you're looking for sleepers or over-looked key issues, then Part 2 definitely has quite a lot of those. Not known or just not cared about in terms of the over-all market, I have no idea.

If you're a fan of the character and looking to snag up keys related to Moon Knight, it shouldn't really matter anyway. This Part 1 will bring you back in case you missed. Otherwise, here's Part 2 to this key comics series.

HULK! #16
1st appearance of Randall Spector (character)

Randall Spector is Marc Spector's brother. Actually, psychopathic brother, and he makes his first alleged appearance in this issue as the Hatchetman.

"Alleged" means that the Hatchetman is discovered to be Randall Spector, but later, it's retconned that this Randall Spector is actually an impostor. Damn, friggin' retcons.

So the true Randall Spector or Moon Knight's really real brother makes his real actual appearance in Marc Spector: Moon Knight #35. Well, unless, of course, some writer decides to retcon that appearance as well.

Anyway, Randall Spector is a foe of Moon Knight brother or not, and he would later become Shadowknight. Hulk! #16 was published December, 1979, and Randall Spector was created by Doug Moench and Mike Zeck.

1st self-titled & on-going series
Origin of Moon Knight
1st appearance of Bushman
1st appearance of Konshu

Once again, this issue is more than meets the eye. So far it's just being noted as Part 1 to the origin of Moon Knight, and that's pretty significant already since it's the first time Moon Knight's origin has been told.

Apparently Marc Spector is a lieutenant and merc working for Raoul Bushman. Upon discovering that a proposed camp with no rebel activity is targeted by Bushman to be attacked, Spector and Frenchie question their employment under Bushman. The camp is actually an archaeological site where a tomb has been located.

The mercenaries ride into the camp planning to loot it, and Dr. Peter Alraune is killed by Bushman. However, before Alraune dies, he tells Marc Spector to find and warn his daughter which he does for some odd reason.

His daughter of course is Marlene Alraune (Fontaine) and she flees once the warning is delivered, so this is the first chronological meeting between the two that would end up being love birds in the Moon Knight mythos. When Spector learns that Bushman has ordered the death of innocent villagers, Spector has had enough and attacks Bushman unsuccessfully.

Spector then wakes up in the desert with no food and water. After walking all day and near death, he is brought into the tomb of Pharaoh Seti by two men working for Marlene Alraune.

It is here where Spector first encounters Khonshu, god of the moon and the "Taker of Vengeance". Thus, a hero is born in the pages of Marvel Comics.

Important issue and an important Moon Knight villain debuts in this issue as well. Bushman would become Moon Knight's oldest nemesis. Maybe not a major villain in the Marvel Universe, but definitely one for Moon Knight.

This issue right here is a must-have Moon Knight key issue and it was published November, 1980.

1st appearance of Midnight Man

Okay, not the most well-known of Marvel villains, but I am including this one since the character does sort of lead up to a well-known foe, side kick and then foe again of Moon Knight. Midnight Man is Anton Mogart, the father of Midnight a.k.a Jesse Wilde.

Wilde is definitely a character worth mentioning in terms of Moon Knight key issues. Jesse Wilde does take up the look or mantle of Midnight Man in his first appearance in comics.

Even though Midnight Man isn't the most popular or recurring foe of Moon Knight like Bushman, he is worth knowing about just in case they decide to use this minor villain on the big or small screen. Moon Knight #3 was published January, 1981.

1st meeting of Moon Knight & Iron Fist
1st meeting of Moon Knight & Luke Cage
1st Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, & Moon Knight team up

This issue here again, and last time I talked about this issue it was in the Luke Cage key issues. In the Luke Cage key issues, I noted it the same as here with one minor difference: I added Moon Knight to the first team up notation.

I definitely think this issue should be one to get since it is tied to what's going on currently with the Netflix Marvel shows. If Moon Knight is dumped into that world, it will just be one more thing to back up this key in terms of a boost in demand.

I believe it's the first time Moon Knight meets Purple Man as well, but not 100% sure. August, 1981 was when Marvel Team Up Annual #4 was published, and it's still an over-looked sleeper.

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1st appearance of Morpheus

Created by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz, Morpheus is Robert Markham and isn't one most recurring foes of Moon Knight. Pretty much a minor villain over-all. Markham no longer needs sleep due to a reaction from an experimental drug and a strange viral infection he had.

The drug's reaction to his own DNA also deformed Markham and gave him a highly destructive psionic ability. He calls this psionic ability "Ebon Energy", and Morpheus can also telepathically cause nightmares as well.

Moon Knight #12 was published October, 1981.

1st appearance of Stained Glass Scarlet

Another character created by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz, Stained Glass Scarlet was also co-created by Jim Shooter also. This fellow vigilante was an ex-nun and is so hardcore that even she took out her own criminal son, Joseph.

Although a fellow vigilante, she is a foe of Moon Knight and has terrorized Gina and Bertrand Crawley, both whom are friends of Marc Spector and informants for Moon Knight. In later issues, Stained Glass Scarlet develops a psychic link with Marc Spector.

Interesting Moon Knight villain, but not a super major one. However, she would make a great villain for an episode or two if Moon Knight happens to land a Netflix TV series. Fingers crossed, and this comic was published December, 1981.

1st appearance of Black Spectre

Carson Knowles is the Black Spectre and is considered one of Moon Knight's greatest enemies. In his first appearance in this issue, he is shown as the antithesis of Moon Knight.

Definitely one of the more cooler looking Moon Knight villains, Knowles was actually inspired by Moon Knight to don the Black Spectre armor. However, Knowles used this inspiration to commit evil instead of good.

He would later frame Moon Knight for various murders in which a crescent shaped moon was carved in the victim's chests. Definitely a sleeper, but one to consider if you're a Moon Knight fan.

If our hero does make it to live action, I think Black Spectre would be a good villain to have Marc Spector go up against. Moon Knight #25 was published November, 1982.

Moon Knight officially becomes an Avenger

Moon Knight officially became an Avenger in this issue although he does appear in the titled series beginning with West Coast Avengers #21. The cover of issue #21 does imply that Moon Knight joins the team, but he doesn't gain full membership into the Avengers until this issue.

So either issue in case Moon Knight suits up for a later Avengers movie. West Coast Avengers #33 was published June, 1988.

1st appearance of Jeff Wilde (Midnight)

Here's the first appearance of Jeff Wilde who would become Moon Knight's sidekick Midnight. As mentioned before, Jeff Wilde is the son of Midnight Man.

Moon Knight would train Midnight, and the character would become an important supporting character in the Moon Knight mythos. Midnight would later become a foe for our hero in later issues. Definitely a key issue to consider for any Moon Knight fan.

Marc Spector: Moon Knight #4 was published September, 1989.

Mostly sleepers in this batch, and I wouldn't say most of these on here are under-valued. Most, if not all, the villains or supporting characters aren't that well-known outside of Moon Knight fandom.

Even worse, if they are well-known outside of the characer's core fanbase, they aren't really much cared for in the current market. The only one I'd probably consider a good long-term comic investment is Moon Knight #1 volume 1. 

The rest just might be short-term flips if the Marvel Cinematic Universe decides to do something with this character live action. In a fan sense, all of these are great to add to your collection. 

Anyways, it looks like there will be a Part 3, but I'm definitely sure the next part will conclude this series. Click the appropriate link below to continue with more Moon Knight key comics.


  1. Hey TCM,

    I am shocked! Most of these books I flipped for nothing and now you come and tell me they are sleepers. Shame on you! ;-)

    Max Rebo

    1. Hahaha Mr. Rebo...Well, you know a sleeper doesn't mean it will actually awaken. Since most demand boosts are based on live action appearances, it will be interesting to see which characters they pluck from Moon Knight rogues gallery and supporting cast.

      I think it's pretty much a given that Frenchie and Marlene Fontaine Arlaune will be in a movie or a show. As for villains, who knows who they'll use. My best bet is Bushman.