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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Legion of Super-Heroes Key Issues Part 11

Part 11 to this Legion of Super-Heroes key issues series and this will be the last part to this series.

Sleepers, over-looked keys, whatever you want to call them, there are plenty in this part. This blue Part 10 link will bring you back if need be.

Superboy title changed
Superboy leaves Legion

The numbering continues but the title changes and drops Superboy from it. Although Superboy does leave the Legion in this issue, it's only temporary. He does rejoin again but the title doesn't change.

The Legion officially have their own titled and on-going series beginning with this comic issue right here. While not a big key, it's worth noting for the sake of avoiding confusion. Legion of Super-Heroes #259 was published January 1980.

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Origin of Blok & joins Legion
1st appearance of Nightwind & Lamprey
1st appearance of Crystal Kid

Blok joins the Legion and tells his origin to his fellow team mates. Three new Legion Academy members also make their first appearances in this comic, and they are Lamprey, Crystal Kid, and Nightwind.

They would join the Academy after failing to be inducted into the Legion membership. When the Starburst Bandits broke out of prison, and the Legion were to round them up, it was Blok who took out the Bandits.

Lamprey and Nightwind would become very close friends. Both would also form a close friendship with Wildfire. Legion of Super-Heroes #272 was published February, 1981.

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1st full appearance of Reflecto

Strange tale for the character of Reflecto. Almost didn't even want to list this key. Reflecto was supposed to be a member of Dave Cockrum's spin-off group the Outsiders, but that concept got axed.

It looked like Reflecto was Ultra Boy but with amnesia during his early appearances, but the character actually ended up being Superboy who was possessed by a dead Ultra Boy. Then during the 4th series, it was later revealed that Reflecto was not Superboy and actually another person named Stig Ah.

Like Chemical King and Shadow Lass, Reflecto first appeared on the cover of Adventure Comics #354 as a memorial statue. This comic was published July, 1981.

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Great Darkness Saga Begins

You want some Darkseid goodness? Well, this story event in the pages of Legion of Super-Heroes is it, and this story arc is a fan-favorite and regarded as another classic Legion story arc written by Paul Levitz.

The end of this crisis sees the White Witch finally join the Legion and Light Lass leave the Legion in issue #294.

The epilogue to this story featured in Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #3 also reveals that Darkseid secretly kidnaps one of the twins of Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad. That child would grow up to be Validus of the Fatal Five, and the 3rd Annual to this series sees the birth or first appearance of Graym Ranzz and the origin of Validus.
After Zero-Hour, this story and all stories predating October 1994 were wiped from continuity. Flashpoint and the New 52 would bring these stories back into continuity. Legion of Super-Heroes #290 was published August, 1982

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1st appearance of Invisible Kid II
Origin of Invisible Kid II
1st appearance of Kimball Zendak

Jacques Foccart becomes the 2nd Invisible Kid and would end up having to drink Lyle Norg's invisibility serum in order to save his sister and other Legion members from Computo. The character would go on to join the Legion and become a prominent member and supporting character in the series and the Legion mythos.

Jacques Foccart as a Legion member would be part of the resistance against the Dominators during the 5 Years Later continuity in the 4th Legion series. He would also become President of Earth in later stories, but that would be wiped out from continuity in the newest continuity.

Kimball Zendak is a chief officer of the Science Police and makes his first appearance in this Annual as well. He would become Commander of the Science Police on Earth. 1982 was when this comic was published.

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1st appearance of Quislet
1st appearance of Tellus
1st appearance of Sensor Girl
Polar Boy & Magnetic Kid join

I'm skipping ahead here, because issue #1 to the 3rd series of the Legion of Super-Heroes is not a big deal. There is an issue #1, and that's about all there is to say about that.

Issue #4 and 5 to this series sees the death of Karate Kid and the death of Nemesis Kid, which I explained earlier that Princess Projectra ends Nemesis Kid for killing her husband in battle. 'Nuff said and those two issues don't really need a separate listing if I can explain it in a single paragraph.

As for this issue, this sees the first appearance of 3 new Legionnaires. Sensor Girl is actually Princess Projectra and is revealed to be such in issue #25.

Quislet is a microscopic energy being that travels around in a ship called the Trans-D-Vessel. As an energy being, he can possess inorganic matter and control it's movements.

Tellus is Ganglios from the planet Hykraius, a planet inhabited by a race of aliens that breathed methane and could not survive outside of a liquid methane environment. Tellus wore a helmet so he could endure other environments.

Like the rest of his race, Tellus is a Telepathic and a Telekinetic. He joined the Legion Academy before becoming a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Polar Boy, who helped to found the Legion of Substitute-Heroes finally joins the Legion in this issue, along with Magnetic Kid or Pol Krinn, Cosmic Boy's brother. Sensor Girl, Tellus, and Quislet join the Legion in this issue as well. September, 1985 was when this comic was published.
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Death of Superboy

For some reason, this issue in Overstreet is the only somewhat valuable key for the volume 3 Legion series. Then again, I do need to get the new Overstreet that recently came out, so I'm going by the 2014-2015 edition.

This is the result of the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series which rid of the multi-verse concept during the mid-eighties and completely erased Superman's career as Superboy. So, creatives then had to figure out and explain the existence of the Legion's Superboy career in comics during this time.

Legion of Super-Heroes #38 is the conclusion of the cross-over story that started in Superman volume 2 issue #8. This story cross-over reveals that Superboy came from a parallel pocket universe that the Time Trapper created. 

Some pretty bizarre stuff, and this comic was published September, 1987.

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Begins Magic Wars story
1st appearance of Archmage
The Magic Wars storyline written by Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen would end the volume 3 series for the Legion of Super-Heroes. In this story arc, the forces of magic and science collide and threaten the technological existence of the 30th century.

The personification of unused magic, Archmage, begins to consume and take over the universe while science and technology begin to fail all around. Total chaos ensues and this story arc is important because it would set up the premise of volume 4.

After the Magic Wars, the United Planets is in shambles due to the loss of their technology. This story and the volume 3 series of the Legion of Super-Heroes ends with issue #63. Legion of Super-Heroes #60 was published May, 1989.

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1st issue to new on-going series

The continuity of this Legion of Super-Heroes comic is known as "The Five Year Gap" as it skips ahead in time five years after the events of the Magic Wars. At the end of that story line, the United Planets is in shambles, and this gave the Dominators the perfect opportunity to invade and take over Earth.

This continuity also retroactively saw the removal of Superboy completely from Legion history, a smart move in my humble opinion. So Mon-El took over as the inspiration that Superboy once was for the original Legion.

In the beginning of this continuity, there is no Legion anymore, but a few former members would once again reform the team. The Dominators would be major villains in this series. November, 1989 was when this comic was published.

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1st appearance of Kono
1st appearance of Circe
Brita An'nan is a native of the planet Sklar, the planet that had pirates to steal technology and equipment. Brita was able to shift mass through time and could make objects less or more dense.

Brita would join the Legion during this 5 Years Later period of the Legion of Super-Heroes and become a prominent member.

Circe is a Science Police officer who collaborated with the Dominator Invasion of Earth. She would later become part of the resistance and turn on the Dominators. She is the lover of Sun Boy in this continuity.

Legion of Super-Heroes #2 from the 4th series was published December, 1989.

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1st appearance of Neon
1st appearance of Reflex
1st appearance of Laurel Gand

Neon is Celeste McCauley and basically has the powers of the Green Lantern energy contained in her body. Basically, she is a Green Lantern power ring. Celeste would be close friends with Dawnstar, who would be known as Bounty in this series.

Reflex is Devlin O'Ryan and becomes a Legion member in this series. He can reflect physical and energy attacks back to their source.

Laurel Gand is the character known as Andromeda, and she was the replacement for Supergirl when the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series killed off Supergirl. Actually, every appearance of Supergirl prior was to have been retconned as Laurel Gand to explain Supergirl's Legion history during this era.

So since Valor or Mon-El took the status of Superboy, whom first inspired the Legion, Andromeda or Laurel Gand is a distant relative of Valor. Pretty lame, but what can a creative do when a reboot completely messes up past continuity?

She would be a major Legion member throughout this continuity and even marry Rond Vidar and have a child named Lauren with him. Laurel Gand's origin would be told in Legion of Super-Heroes #9 of this series.

She is a Daxamite who escaped to Earth when the Khunds murdered her parents on Ricklef II. She would basically take on the same story that Supergirl did when she first meets and joins the Legion. Legion of Super-Heroes #6 was published April, 1990.

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1st full appearance of SW6 Legion

Keith Griffen creates this chaos or what is known as the Batch SW6 Legion, who are time paradox duplicates. At first they were believed to be clones of the original Legion of Super-Heroes created by the Dominators.

Later on it was revealed that they were created by the Time Trapper. This team of Batch SW6 Legion duplicates would be spun off in their own titled series called Legionnaires

The Batch SW6 do appear in issue #24, but Overstreet notes this issue as their first full appearance. Legion of Super-Heroes #25 from the 4th series was published January, 1992.

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There are other reboots that involve this team. The Threeboot reboot in 2004 basically has the same core members and brought back Supergirl. In 2007, the "Lightning Saga" in Justice League of America and Justice Society of America brought back the Pre-Crisis or original Legion back into continuity.

That story arc picks up where the Legion of Super-Heroes #63 from the 3rd series left off. I'm not sure if the entire 5 Years Later continuity was erased and not part of canon, but it seems to be so currently.

I'm ending this Legion of Super-Heroes key issue series with Part 11, and definitely have no plans to return to it ever. This series has pretty much been a dud, and I don't see any reason to continue since it seems there isn't much interest in this DC Comics team currently. 

Time to move on to something else.


  1. thanks for the time for the list mayhem. not a big fan of JLA but its nice to have some more comics to look for at shows when there is nothing there you are looking for. never know what will turn out to be a good buy years from now. JW

    1. No worries JW. How are ya, man? Hope you an your fam are doing well. I'm glad this helps you and others out though I must admit...not a Legion fan here, but some of the parts were interesting.

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    1. Hi, Ace, unfortunately, I've not had the time to go see that flick. I'll most likely have to buy it when it comes out on DVD.

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