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Monday, August 31, 2015

Hawkman & Hawkgirl Key Issues Part 5

Well, one thing for certain concerning most Hawkman key issues during the Silver Age, they are easier to find online than opposed to the Golden Age Hawkman goodies. So, onward with the Hawkman key issues and Hawkgirl key issues.

Part 5 will mainly focus on Hawkman key comics for several reasons as you'll soon find out. Hawkgirl is still a major supporting character for Katar Hol, but these keys during the Silver Age are definitely more geared towards Hawkman. 

There are some great Silver Age keys in this Part and many of you have already seen some of them on other key issues list. Those ones already seen before will be slightly bent towards the super-heroes in question for this series. 

So, yes, many will have different key notations than previously seen. Alright, as usual, this Part 4 link will bring you back. If you're ready to explore further, here are more Hawkman and Hawkgirl key comics.

1st appearance G.A. Hawkman in Silver Age
1st appearance JSA in Silver Age

This is the 2nd Golden Age Flash cross-over in the Silver Age. The first was in Flash #123, and Silver Age Flash would be an important title in bringing in many of the Golden Age heroes of Earth-Two.

The Flash #129 sees the first appearance of the JSA in the Silver Age. It is a cameo bit and in flashback but one of the characters is of course Carter Hall, the Golden Age Hawkman.

So the Golden Age Hawkman isn't really revived in this issue since he is seen only in flashback, but this issue sets up for the actual G.A. Hawkman to actively appear or interact soon. With the Golden Age Carter Hall cast and ready for live action in Arrow, the Flash, and Legends of tomorrow, this may be one of the Hawkman key issues to set your sights on.

Jay Garrick will be joining the Flash TV series as well. There is also another to keep an out for and that's the issue coming up next. The Flash #129 was published June, 1962.

1st full G.A. Hawkman in S.A.?
2nd appearance of G.A. Hawkman in Silver Age?
G.A. Hawkman rejoins JSA

Either this is the 2nd appearance of the Golden Age Hawkman or it's the 1st full appearance of the character in the Silver Age. Not entirely sure about that but I suppose it could go either way. G.A. Carter Hall is actually physically in this story and not just in a flashback, so I could see it as being a full appearance.

Other than this also being the 1st meeting between the G.A. Hawkman and the Silver Age Flash Barry Allen, the end of this issue also sees the JSA members come out of retirement and reform. Therefore, G.A. Hawkman and his JSA comrades rejoin the Justice Society of America

Another important Hawkman key issue in the Silver Age, and The Flash #137 was published June, 1963. This comic is the 3rd G.A. Flash cross-over, and the Golden Age Hawkgirl Shiera Sanders is not revived during the Silver Age.


1st appearance of Hyathis
1st appearance of Kanjar Ro
1st appearance of Kromm
1st appearance of Sayyar

Created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky, both Hyathis and Kanjar Ro have become notable Hawkman foes throughout the years.

A lot of firsts for this 3rd issue of Justice League of America. It seems the JLA get caught in the middle of an interstellar conflict between planetary monarchs of the Antares solar system.

Hyathis is the queen of Alstair. The ruler of the insect-like peoples of Dhor is Kanjar Ro. Another monarch is Sayyar who is the ruler of the lizard-like people of Llar, and Kromm, a metal skinned ruler of the planet Mosteel.

Kanjar Ro is the Justice League of America's main nemesis in this issue. However, all these villains and their worlds make their first appearances in this issue also. 

In the Hawkworld comic series, Kanjar Ro was reintroduced as a plotting bureaucrat in the Thanagarian Ministry of Alien Affairs. As for Hyathis, she would also be greatly involved in the mythos of Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl by turning many Thanagarians into a warlike people that desired to conquer Rann or Rannagar.

Justice League of America #3 was published February, 1961.

G.A. Hawkman meets the Justice League of America

Kinda interesting that the Golden Age Hawkman would appear in the Silver Age before Katar Hol even joined the Justice League of America on Earth One. Interesting indeed.

So I've talked about this story event in quite a few DC Comics key issues already, and this is when the Earth One Justice League of America meet the Earth Two Justice Society of America. The first time Golden Age Carter Hall meets the Earth One Justice League of America is in this issue and within the story "Crisis on Earth One."

Fans wanted it and DC Comics delivered. The Golden Age heroes are revived during this Silver Age era and the Justice League of America meet the Justice Society of America for the first time in comics. Justice League of America #21 was published August, 1963.

1st appearance of I.Q.
1st appearance of I.Q. gang
3rd Hawkman try-out series

Boy, Hawkman sure got quite a few try-out series during the Silver Age, and after Brave and the Bold, the double feature of Hawkman and Adam Strange begins with this issue in the pages of Mystery in Space. Hawkman stories would not last very long in this titled comic however.

So the first Hawkman and Hawkgirl adventure in Mystery in Space sees the first appearance of I.Q and his gang. I.Q is a recurring foe of Hawkman and Hawkgirl and was created by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino.

In this first appearance, Ira Quimby's intelligence was heightened after being exposed to a rock that had been irradiated by one of Adam Strange's Zeta Beams. He is a super-genius in the world of DC Comics and has battled other super-heroes over the years as well.

Mystery in Space #87 was published November, 1963.

1st Hawkman & Adam Strange team up
Last Hawkman feature in titled series

Although Hawkman and Adam Strange have met prior to this issue, Mystery in Space #90 is the first time the super-heroes team up. It's noted by Overstreet as the 1st Hawkman & Adam Strange team up, but this should include Hawkgirl as well.

So the heroes team up against Oran Dargg, who used Zeta-Beam technology to transport the planet Earth into Rann's orbit and threatened to have the two worlds collide. This ruse would only be stopped unless Rann declared him ruler of the planet.

I don't think Oran Dargg is a major villain in the world of DC Comics, but this first team up is a classic. This issue also sees the last Hawkman backup feature, and the winged hero would finally get to headline his first self-titled comic book series. Mystery in Space #90 was published March, 1964.

1st self-titled on-going comic series
1st appearance of Chac

Finally, Hawkman gets his due and stars in his own comic series. This was not a very long-lived series though and only lasted 27 issues.

So in the 2nd featured story, "Master of the Sky Weapons", the character of Chac is introduced, but he's not a major villain for Hawkman. Chac is the ruler of an Ancient Aztec tribe in the Yucatan and is several hundred years old.

A long long time ago, he found an alien ship that had crash landed and with it extremely advanced and powerful weapons. He used these weapons to take over and rule his people with an iron fist.

Chac also found a potion that could extend his life, but when his people grew tired of him, they overthrew him and used a potion on him that caused amnesia. Thus, Chac finds himself in this story in Hawkman #1.

Chac doesn't appear that often after this issue, so pretty much a minor villain all around. Hawkman #1 was published May, 1964.

1st appearance of Zatanna
Origin of Zatanna

One of the few major first appearances in the actual first ever Hawkman self-titled series is this one, and the character of Zatanna has been a pretty popular female super-heroine in the DC Universe. Lots of ladies cosplay this magical hottie. Valerie Perez is an amazing Zatanna, but then again, she looks amazing for a lot characters she cosplays.

So this is the first appearance of Zatanna in Hawkman #4, and it's widely known in the market as it should be. Her first appearance in this issue kicks off the classic storyline "Zatanna's Search", and it runs through several other comic titles. Here are the issues in which this story appears:

  1. Hawkman #4
  2. Atom #19
  3. Green Lantern #42 volume 2
  4. Detective Comics #336 (appears as the Witch)
  5. Detective Comics #355
  6. Justice League of America #51

Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of Giovanni “John” Zatara and Sindella, and she is a part of the magical and mystical Homo Magi race in DC Comics. A descendant of Leonardo da Vinci, Nostradamus; Alessandro Cagliostro; the noted alchemists Nicholas Flamel and Evan Fulcanelli; and Lord Arion of Atlantis, she is an extremely powerful magician and well-known member of the Justice League of America.

Zatanna is perhaps my 2nd favorite female super hero in DC Comics, and it's surprising that she has yet to make a live action appearance yet in the new DC super-hero TV shows going on. However, I believe it's only a matter of time, and Zatanna will get her due soon enough in maybe an Arrow, Flash or Legends appearance.

November, 1964 is the publishing date for Hawkman #4, and this is definitely one to get long-term.

Hawkman joins team

Here we are finally. Hawkman Katar Hol joins the ranks of the famed Justice League of America and becomes a well-known and prominent, long-standing member of this popular DC Comics super-hero team.

Definitely not one to miss for any Hawkman fan. Hawkgirl does not become a member of the JLA for a long time. She would join the team during the Bronze Age though.

November, 1964 is the publishing date for Justice League of America #31, and this is one of the must-have Hawkman key issues for any fan of the character.

Plenty Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl key issues to see and consider in Part 5, and we ended it with a pretty major key for the character. Unfortunately, Hawkgirl did not join the JLA along with her mate.

I think I'll keep this outra short and sweet. Click the PART 6 link to carry on. Good luck on your hunt and hope this key comics series has helped you out so far.


  1. Hi TCM, Zatanna did appear in the Smallville tv show!

    1. Heya Alan, you are correct! How could I forget Serinda Swan! She looked like an amazing Zatanna also. I'm hoping this character is used in the newer tv or movie universe, and I'm pretty sure she'll pop up soon.

  2. One day I'll be able to afford Hawkman #4...gotta save up for Detective Comics 359 first!

  3. One day I'll be able to afford Hawkman #4...gotta save up for Detective Comics 359 first!