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Friday, August 28, 2015

Hawkman & Hawkgirl Key Issues Part 2

For the life of me, it never ceases to amaze just how neglected Golden Age comics are concerning this current comic market. I mean in general and as a majority.

Especially considering the rarity for some of these over-looked goodies. All it takes is looking up some of 'em in the CGC Census to get somewhat of an idea.

I generally don't like to use the term under-valued since it's pretty biased and subjective, but Part 2 to this Hawkman and Hawkgirl key issues series does have quite a few in my humble opinion. You may agree or disagree.

So if you missed Part 1, you know it will fly you back to that post. If you're ready to go, here's some more Golden Age key issues of Hawkman and Hawkgirl to definitely consider.

1st appearance of Satana the Tiger Girl

Satana the Tiger Girl is another Hawkman villain who would only have one appearance in the Golden Age and be revived much later. A brain surgeon who transplants human brains into mutated animails, Sara Descarl (Satana) had Shiera Sanders as her next target, and this brought the character into conflict with Hawkman.

Satana and her "Animal Men" ended up becoming a villain for both Hawkman and Power Girl, though she never really became a major villain in the DC Comics Universe of comics. Flash Comics #13 was published January, 1941.

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1st appearance of Justice Society of America
1st Hawkman inter-company cross-over
Hawkman joins JSA

And here's this mega important comic. Yep, DC Comics was on the ball with this one, and they were the first to brazenly decide to put a bunch of superheroes together and form a super-hero team. All-Star Comics #3 is not just the first appearance of the Justice Society of America, it's historically the first comic to have a superhero team in it.

Thus, the JSA are the very first superhero team in comics ever. Pretty important comic on two fronts there, and this will be no small chunk of change to own even in low grades. The Golden Age Flash, Hawkman, and Green Lantern were part of the original Justice Society. Wonder Woman would later join. 

Another extra tid-bit is that this is Hawkman's first cross-over and inter-company cross-over as it is for most of the JSA characters. Before this issue, all the adventures of Hawkman were contained in his own universe.

This issue establishes that Hawkman is indeed part of a bigger and shared universe, as it does for many of these other Golden Age characters. December, 1940 was when this comic was published, and it is an important Hawkman key issue pertaining to the Carter Hall version.

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1st appearance of Shiera Sanders as Hawkgirl 

The original Golden Age Hawkgirl makes her first appearance in this issue. Shelly Moldoff is the first to draw Hawkgirl in comics and designed the character's look.

Shiera Sanders would masquerade as Hawkman in order to fool some baddies in a segment of the Justice Society of America's story in this issue, but even though this is the first appearance of Hawkgirl, she does not officially become so until a few months later.

If you're looking to snag first appearances of female super-heroines in comics, this one is a biggie concerning Hawkgirl key issues. Actually, according to CGC and the general consensus, Shiera Sanders is the 1st costumed super-heroine in comics.

 All-Star Comics #5 was published July, 1941.

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1st appearance of Big Red

What would Hawkman be without a pet hawk? That's right, much like many of the DC Comics super-heroes, Hawkman would have a pet hawk by name of Big Red during the Golden Age.

Maybe he's the first super-hero to have a pet in the DC Comics catalog? Of course, Hawkman is able to communicate with Big Red as well.

I don't think Big Red showed up later during the revival of Golden Age DC characters during the Silver and Bronze Age. Not too sure about whether he does or not. Flash Comics #23 introduces Hawkman's feathered ally, and this comic was published November, 1941.

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Shiera Sanders becomes Hawkgirl
2nd appearance of Shiera Sanders as Hawkgirl

All-Star Comics #5 featured Shiera Sanders as Hawkgirl or in costume for the first time, but it wasn't until this issue right here that she officially becomes the iconic super-heroine of Hawkgirl. In this issue, she is not referred to as Hawkgirl, but is referred to as "Hawkwoman".

From here on out, she would further her adventures as a super-hero and crime fighting partner of Hawkman instead of purely just being a civilian love interest or the typical damsel in distress. This is another biggie concerning Hawkgirl key issues.

Key issues for female super-heroes are going to be extremely hot in the really near future, and female super-hero first appearances will be good bets as comic investments. Today, I just saw a little girl of about 3 years running around and imitating the the Costco lunch area.

For a Golden Age key issue, this comic is extremely under-valued in the current market. It's also pretty rare with only 17 total submissions in the CGC Census as of this writing.

I dunno, you make the connection. December, 1941 is the momentous publishing date for Flash Comics #24.

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All Star Comics #8 pic
Hawkman becomes JSA's chairman

Okay, everyone knows that this comic holds the first appearance of Wonder Woman, and that's mainly the reason why it's so sought out and a major key. However, there's another little tid-bit concerning Hawkman, and it's that he becomes the chairman for the Justice Society of America in this issue.

He would hold this position until the end of the series during the Golden Age. I'm not too sure about this, but this comic may also hold the 3rd appearance or 3rd cameo appearance of Shiera Sanders as Hawkgirl.

Shiera does make a cameo in this issue, but I am not sure if she is suited up or not. All-Star Comics #8 was published December, 1941, and it is without a doubt a solid comic investment.

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1st Hawkgirl comic cover

It would take quite a while for Hawkgirl to finally grace a comic book cover, but issue #29 of Flash Comics finally has this super-heroine all suited up on the cover of this comic. Once again, it's a cover done by legendary comic artist Sheldon Moldoff.

Shiera Sanders as a civilian has her first cover debut in Flash Comics #7, which is also the 2nd featured Hawkman cover for the comic series. Much like Flash Comics #7, this issue here isn't widely that known for being the first Hawkgirl on a comic cover either.

Flash Comics #29 was published May, 1942, and it's a pretty over-looked and under-valued Hawkgirl key issue for the Golden Age. CGC Census only has 10 total submissions for this issue at the time of this writing. Wow!

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Alright, and that concludes Part 2 of this Hawkman and Hawkgirl key issues series, but that's not it by a long shot. Part 3 just may see us close out on the Golden Age key issues concerning these two.

So we got more Hawkman key issues and Hawkgirl key issues coming up soon. Jeez, so many great key issues out there and so little money to snag up all of them.

If you missed the post before this one, just hit that PREVIOUS link below to go back. If you're ready to continue just hit that PART 3 link to continue.

See ya soon and good luck on your hunt!

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