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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Colossus Key Issue Comics

This key issue series was requested since those who did watch the Deadpool leaked trailer know that Colossus will be in the film. Actually, I think the news came out before the trailer.

While, I generally think this key issues list should start with his first appearance and end with his 4th appearance, we shall see what I dig up here. Actually, to be honest, I'm a bit curious myself.

This may resemble an X-Men key issues list at first, but be patient since it will be character specific. After all, Colossus started out and remained an X-Men supporting character, so many of his keys will be in the X-Men comics or related X-titles. 

I do promise there will be other comics as well. Maybe not as many X-Men related titles, but there will be a few twists and turns hopefully.

I am fan of the character so a little more familiar with him. He is one of my favorites, so I should be to do this series a lot faster than a character I know absolutely nothing about. Let's see what I dig up, and I have a feeling I'll need to update the X-Men key issues list pretty soon.

1st Colossus & Illyana Rasputin
1st new X-Men team & Thunderbird
1st appearance of Storm & Nightcrawler
2nd full appearance of Wolverine

I've talked about this comic many times before on here. It's featured in the X-Men key issues list. It's featured in the Vault section. It's probably featured in the 2nd appearances key issues list.

So, this a super Bronze Age key issue and introduces the new X-Men team, and it's this team that saved the title from being cancelled. Quite a bit of first appearances in this issue. In terms of this key issues series, it has the first appearance of Colossus and his younger sister Illyana Rasputin, who later becomes Magik. She is unnamed in this issue.

This issue also has the first appearances of other highly popular X-Men characters like Storm and Nightcrawler.

Thunderbird also makes his first appearance but dies in his 3rd appearance. As of now, this issue is noted as the 2nd full appearance of Wolverine, although a few comic fans are campaigning to have Hulk #182 the 3rd appearance of Wolverine and some sellers are even advertising it as such on eBay.

Whether that gets changed or not is up in the air, but what is known and won't be changed is that this issue has the first appearance of Colossus. This super Bronze age key issue was published May, 1975, and Colossus or Peter Rasputin was created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum.

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X-MEN #94
New team in titled series
2nd appearance of Colossus
2nd appearance of Storm & 3rd full Wolverine
2nd appearance of Nightcrawler
2nd appearance of Thunderbird

In terms of 2nd appearances, there are many in this issue, and it does hold the 2nd appearance of Colossus. No doubt that this is another Bronze Age X-Men key issue that has been in demand for quite some time.

Not necessarily because it's the 2nd appearance of Colossus or any of the other characters. It was mainly noted and sought out because it starts the new X-Men in its own titled series. Overstreet doesn't even note the 2nd appearance goodness, but CGC does and so does Total Comic Mayhem.

No longer a cheap buy and hasn't been for a while, but definitely one to snag if you're an X-Men fan or a fan of Colossus. However, Overstreet nor CGC are noting this as Wolverine's 3rd appearance which it should be since both Overstreet and CGC both note Giant-Size X-Men #1 as the 2nd full appearance of Wolverine.

As for Colossus key issue...2nd appearance and there's no dispute about that yet. August, 1975 is the publishing date for X-Men #94.

X-MEN #95
3rd appearance of new X-Men team
3rd appearance of Colossus
3rd appearance of Storm & 4th Wolverine
3rd appearance of Nightcrawler
Death of Thunderbird

Basically, this issue holds the 3rd appearance of the new X-Men team and that means it's also the 3rd appearance of Colossus as well. Aside from Colossus related, the issue also sees the death of Thunderbird.

This issue is also the 2nd time the new X-Men and Colossus are in the titled X-Men comic series. The key issue notations are pretty self explanatory and do not need further explanation. X-Men #95 was published October, 1975.

X-MEN #96
4th appearance of Colossus
4th appearance of Nightcrawler
4th Storm & 5th Wolverine
4th new X-Men team

Once again, pretty straight forward in terms of 4ht appearances as the many characters of the new X-Men team do not appear outside of the X-Men titled series for quite a while.Therefore, their next few appearances are pretty much in numbered order and in line with the next several X-Men issues after this one.

I'm sure you can figure it out. This is the 4th appearance of Colossus and X-Men #96 was published December, 1975.

X-MEN #99
1st mention of Mikhail Rasputin

Colossus has an older brother too, and his name is Mikhail Rasputin. Peter's brother was a Soviet Cosmonaut and believed to be dead when his space shuttle blew up.

Mikhail Rasputin is first mentioned by Colossus in this issue. The character would later show up in the X-Men comics. This comic was published June, 1976, and it does have a 30 Cent Variant.

X-MEN #100
100th issue of X-Men
Old team vs. new team
1st appearance of Fastball Special

This issue is more than just the 100th issue to the X-Men. Not only do we see the new X-Men team go up against the old X-Men team, we also see the iconic battle maneuver called the Fastball Special done by Colossus and Wolverine.

This maneuver is perhaps the most iconic tag team move in comic books as Colossus throws Wolverine towards a target. It has become a fan-favorite maneuver for quite a while and any X-Men fan knows about it.

Sure it has been used by other characters since, but no other tag team move between two characters in the Marvel or DC universe has become as well-known and more recognizable or as popular as the Fastball Special executed by Colossus and Wolverine. For this reason and because this is a Colossus key issues series, it is noted here.

X-Men #100 was published August, 1976.

1st Nightcrawler cross-over
1st Colossus cross-over

This is definitely Nightcrawler's first cross-over outside of the X-Men. As for Colossus, he appears in 2 pages and in 3 panels which should constitute as a cross-over although he is not in majority of the story like Nightcrawler is.

Hell, earlier cross-overs concerning other characters during the Silver Age have less panels than that and are considered cross-overs. Anyways, this is the first time Colossus is seen outside of an X-Men comic.

I'm noting it his first cross over though industry may not pick up on that or accept it or even care to note it as such. Also this issue has an early appearance of Wolverine outside of Hulk or the X-Men comics. He is also shown in two pages on the 2nd and 3rd pages of this issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #161 was published the same month as X-Men #101 in October, 1976. I have no clue where in Marvel continuity this story takes place or if ASM #161 was released before or after X-Men #101.

Okay, so far one interesting Colossus key that might not be that well-known and it's Amazing Spider-Man #161. Not really that big a deal but it does have a somewhat early appearance of Wolverine outside of the Hulk and X-Men comics.

If you didn't know that the first time the Fastball Special was used by Colossus and Wolverine, now you do. I admit I didn't and as an X-Men fan that was a pretty interesting tid-bit to me. I don't know if industry is going to make a big deal out of that though.

Part 2 is coming soon.

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