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Monday, August 10, 2015

Colossus Key Issue Comics Part 3

This is the last Part to this Colossus key issue comics series. Most of these are not considered major key issues for the character but whether directly or indirectly, they are somewhat important to the character.

These will mostly be bargain bins or not all that sought out in market currently. Whether or not they ever will be, I don't know. However, if you're just a fan of the character, then they might be something to consider.

This Part 2 link will bring you back, but otherwise, let's wrap this one up.

Illyana Rasputina's first appearance as Magik

In her first initial appearances, Illyana Rasputina was pretty much regulated to a back ground character. For a while, she even went nameless until her first name was revealed in Uncanny X-Men #145.

She has the mutant power to create transportation discs and she is also a capable sorceress that learned her magic abilities in Limbo. New Mutants #14 from the first series is her first appearance as Magik and her character would be an important supporting character for the series.

This issue is over-looked, and since she is a blood relative of Colossus, it goes on this key issue comics series. New Mutants #14 was published April, 1984.

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1st appearance of Peter

Colossus travels back to the Strange Land and reunites with Nereel and the Fall People again. This time, however, he unknowingly meets his son Peter. Colossus does not realize Peter is his son and Nereel declines to tell him so.

Not a huge key for Colossus, but is still directly related to him. The story of how this came to be is in the back up story called "First Love" in Classic X-Men #21.

October, 1988 is the publishing date for Uncanny X-Men Annual #12.

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1st appearance of Mikhail Rasputin

Created by Jim Lee, John Byrne, and Whilce Portacio, Peter Rasputin's older brother finally makes his first appearance in this issue and would be a super villain unlike his siblings. Mikhail Rasputin has been affiliated with the Morlocks, The Twelve, and the Gene Nation.

Not the most formidable of X-Men enemies, but he does deserve a mention in this key issues series. Uncanny X-Men #285 was published February, 1992.

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Death of Illyana

Legacy Virus anyone? Stryfe definitely says yes! So Illyana is just one of the mutants who contracts the Legacy Virus which is killing off hundreds of mutants and turning some non-mutants into mutants. It was actually the Legacy-1 virus that kills Illyana.

So Illyana would die in this issue, and Colossus would not be so happy about it of course. This would set into motion the character leaving the team. Uncanny X-Mean #303 was published August, 1993.

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Colossus leaves team
Colossus joins Acolytes

Distraught by the death of his sister, Colossus would leave the X-Men and join the Acolytes of all groups. This group was headed by Magneto himself and basically were extremists, which is no surprise considering who the leader is.

Colossus would remain part of the group for a while before he rejoins the X-Men again. Uncanny X-Men #304 was published September, 1993, and this is pretty much a minor key issue.

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Colossus joins team

No surprise that Peter would follow his beloved Kitty Pryde into the ranks of Excalibur. In this issue he joins the Excalibur team, and that's pretty much all that can be said for this minor key issue currently. Excalibur #92 was published December, 1995.

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Death of Colossus

In this issue, Beast finds a cure for the Legacy Virus with one catch, however. The first person who uses it will die. Sacrificing himself for the betterment of his mutant brethren, Colossus takes the cure.

Since we all about deaths in comics, it would be three years before Colossus returns to the pages of the X-Men comics. Uncanny X-Men #390 was published March, 2001.

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Return of Colossus
1st appearance of Hisako Ichiki

So apparently, Colossus wasn't cremated after his death in Uncanny X-Men #390. Actually, an alien named Ord from Breakworld had captured his body and left a duplicate.

Ord had created a cure for the Legacy Virus and was able to revive him. So this issue marks the return of Colossus.

However, it also holds the first appearance of Hisako Ichiki, otherwise known as Armor. She has been a supporting character in the X-Men universe since her debut in this issue.

Armor can create a psionic exoskeleton suit of body armor. This armor gives her the ability of superhuman strength, reflexes, stamina, endurance, agility, dexterity, and durability. Pretty over-looked and not that well-known for the first appearance of Armor just yet, Astonishing X-Men #4 volume 3 was published October, 2004.

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1st appearance of Grigory Rasputin (#1)
1st appearance of Larisa Mishchenko (#1)
1st appearance of Vladimir Rasputin (#2)

This is more for die-hard fans of the character and this 5 issue limited series uncovers Colossus' ancestral lineage. In issue #2, he discovers that his family is descended from Grigory Rasputin. Vladimir Rasputin is Colossus' uncle and Larisa Mishchenko is his cousin.

In the end of the series, Colossus and his brother Mikhail fight over who will be the one to inhabit Grigory's soul. Must-read for any Colossus fan, and is a key Colossus issue. The series ran from November, 2005 to March, 2006.

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1st appearance as Juggernaut

Colossus becomes the new unstoppable Juggernaut in this issue. Originally Cyttorak chose Magik, but Peter made a deal with Cyttorak to spare his sister and became his new avatar. Because of his noble decision, Kitty Pryde broke up with him. 

I'm not entirely sure if this is a cameo appearance of Colossus as the new Juggernaut or if it's a first full appearance. If not, then the first full appearance may or may not be in the next issue. Uncanny X-Men #542 was published October, 2011.

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There it is. This Colossus key issue comics series is concluded.

Since Colossus is mainly a supporting character for the X-Men comics, his key issues are basically tied to the X-Men, so it's pretty limiting when doing a character specific key issues series for him. However, I think I dug up a few that aren't that well-known for you fans of the metal 6'7 Russkie, as Wolverine affectionately calls him.

So good luck and happy hunting.


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    thanks! You reminded me of the New Mutants 14, which I think is a potential sleeper. Immediately got this one for 3 bucks. Which reminds me to bring up another underrated character here: Quasar and his first appearance in the Hulk 234. Basicly he' s like Marvels Green Lantern, but not so cool. Did you hear any rumors of him making an on screen debut? I guess he must make an appearance in all that Infinity stuff that is to come...

    Speculation Jones

    1. I also agree New Mutants #14 is a potential goodie. Haven't heard anything about Quasar just yet Mr. Jones, and congrats on the NM #14.