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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Colossus Key Issue Comics Part 2

We got more Colossus key issues and X-Men key comics as well in Part 2 to this series. Many you may already know them for other key notations. However, there will be more than meets the eye for quite a few of these issues.

There's quite a few first meetings in this and one even involves our favorite Webhead. Some over-looked key comics so hope you enjoy. If you missed Part 1, just click the link.

X-MEN #102
1st Colossus & Juggernaut battle
1st battle between new X-Men & Juggernaut
Origin of Storm

I think the first time the new X-Men team and Colossus meet the Juggernaut is in the previous issue of X-Men #101. They only meet him briefly near the end though and that brief meeting sets up their first battle with Juggy in this issue of course.

So this issue holds the first time the new X-Men team and Colossus battle Juggernaut, one of the X-Men's most dangerous and well-known foes. X-Men #102 was published December, 1976, and the origin of Storm is revealed in this issue also.

1st Colossus & Spider-Man meeting
1st new X-Men team & Spider-Man team up

Although Spidey had met the old X-Men team or the original X-Men team prior to this issue, this is the first time he meets the new X-Men team and teams up with them, except for Nightcrawler who he had met and battled prior in Amazing Spider-Man #161.

Like with most everything else on this list, it is an X-Men and Colossus key issue. You could say it's a Spider-Man one as well but probably minor unless you're a huge fan of both. I doubt it's highly in-demand currently for this notation though.

December, 1976 was when Marvel Team Up Annual #1 was published.

1st published John Byrne X-Men artwork

Hell, I might as well throw this one in there for those who don't know. This is the first published X-Men artwork by John Byrne, and all X-Men fans know that he is a legendary and fan-favorite artist for the X-Men series.

The X-Men is one of Byrne's signature comic titles that made him a legend in the comic industry. This issue continues the events of Marvel Team Up Annual #4, so the new X-Men team and Spider-Man are seen together for the 2nd time in a comic.

Okay how does this link to a Colossus key? Well, if it's the first published John Byrne X-Men artwork, then it's the first published John Byrne Colossus artwork as well. Anyways, this is still an over-looked key, and Marvel Team Up #53 was published January, 1977.

X-MEN #104
1st meeting of Colossus & Magneto
1st meeting of new X-Men team & Magneto
1st battle between new X-Men team & Magneto

This one should be a biggie, but it's not so much. It is the first time that the new X-Men team meet and go up against the X-Men's main nemesis Magneto.

Yep, it's the first meeting of Wolverine and Magneto, Colossus and Magneto, Storm and Magneto and Nightcrawler and Magneto. It's also the first time these characters battle Magneto as well. 

Wolverine figures out for the first time how his Adamantium bones hinders him when battling Magneto. The same for Colossus as well.

Important issue? I think it should be. Right now Overstreet only notes this as the first brief appearance of the Starjammers, but there's more than that going on in this issue. Pretty over-looked key for now. X-Men #104 was published April, 1977.

X-MEN #114
1st appearance of Nereel
1st meeting of Nereel & Colossus

Before Kitty Pryde, Nereel was Colossus' first love interest in comics. Why is this issue important as a Colossus key issue? It's because Nereel of the Fall People in the Savage Land would later give birth to his son.

That's right. Colossus has a baby mamma, though this would not be revealed until much later. Supposedly, he fathered the child in X-Men #115, but I'm sure that was later retconned and didn't actually happen in that issue. I could be wrong though.

X-Men #114 holds the first appearance of Nereel and her first meeting with her baby daddy. X-Men #114 was published November, 1978.

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X-MEN #122
Colossus full name revealed

Colossus or Peter Rasputin's full name is revealed in this issue to be Piotr Nikolievitch Rasputin. In later stories, the name would be changed and spelled Nikolaievitch. Some sources are listing this as Colossus' first origin, but I'm not sure about that.

The character has always had flashbacks of his family since his early appearances had him homesick for quite a while.

Minor Colossus key issue but still a key issue. Nobody is noting it as such as far as I know. CGC is noting this as the 1st appearance of Mastermind as just Jason Wyngarde. X-Men #122 was publishedJune, 1979.

X-MEN #124
Colossus becomes Proletarian

Not that big of a key issue since Colossus really doesn't stay the Proletarian for that long and only for this issue. Brain washed by Arcade into the Russian loyalist, the mutant heavy weight goes up against Wolverine, Cyclops, and his X-Men teammates.

Arcade first appeared in Marvel Team Up #65.

X-Men #124 is still part of the legendary creative team-up of John Byrne and Chris Claremont and was published August, 1979.

X-MEN #129
1st appearance of Kitty Pryde
1st appearance of Emma Frost
1st appearance of the Hellfire Club

In terms of a Colossus key issue, the first appearance of Kitty Pryde is indeed an important one for the character. The two have had an iconic relationship and love affair that lasted for quite a long time during the X-Men comics.

Kitty Pryde's crush or romantic interest in Colossus was not not liked by Marvel's then editor-in-chief Jim Shooter. He didn't think it was appropriate that a 19 year old was sleeping with a 14 year old.

The relationship between Kitty and Colossus has been a favorite mainstay for X-Men fans throughout the years. They were even married during the X-Men #141-142 storyline Days of Future Past.

In recent times, though, writers have dissolved this classic romance, and in my opinion, screwed things up by having Kitty Pryde engaged to Peter Quill, also known as Starlord. Then again, they gotta shake things up, don't they?

X-Men #129 also holds the first appearance of Emma Frost, the Hellfire Club, and Sebastian Shaw. This comic was published January, 1980.

The first published X-Men artwork by John Byrne is currently over-looked in the market at the moment, and the first new X-Men battle with Magneto in X-Men #104 is one as well. Of course, X-Men #129 is a good all-around X-Men key issue to have.

Maybe it doesn't actually pertain to Colossus directly, but I thought I'd add it since they were romantically linked for a long time.

So there's part two. I wish you luck on your hunt whichever hunting grounds you choose and I hope this helps. As usual, Part 3 is ready with more keys involving our favorite Russian mutie.

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