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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Suicide Squad First Look Trailer!

San Diego Comic Con showcased the first teaser trailers of both Suicide Squad and Deadpool which leaked online by someone filming with a camera phone at their respective panels. This seemingly forced Warner Bros to officially publish the trailers a bit sooner than they expected.

If you haven't watched them yet, you can see that one below. You probably already seen this, as I've been watching this trailer over and over in deciding on what I think about it. 

Fox has been going around eliminating most of the Deadpool leaked trailer so I suspect they'll be officially releasing that trailer soon as well.

The best part of this trailer is the statement that Warner Bros. president of worldwide marketing and international distribution, Sue Kroll, released a long with it:

"Warner Bros. Pictures and our anti-piracy team have worked tirelessly over the last 48 hours to contain the Suicide Squad footage that was pirated from Hall H on Saturday. We have been unable to achieve that goal. Today we will release the same footage that has been illegally circulating on the web, in the form it was created and high quality with which it was intended to be enjoyed. We regret this decision as it was our intention to keep the footage as a unique experience for the Comic Con crowd, but we cannot continue to allow the film to be represented by the poor quality of the pirated footage stolen from our presentation."

Well, alrighty then!

As for the trailer itself. I'm not all that impressed.

Batman in it and on top of the car...pretty cool scene. However, I got no sense of what this movie is even about.

If I weren't a fan of comics, I wouldn't even have a clue. Ok, they mention a team of patsies that's the worst of the worst, but out to do what or to save the world from whom?

Is it the Joker? Probably so since they showed him at the end, but even that moment didn't get me all excited which it should have.

The only character from the trailer that remotely gets me excited to see this flick is Harley Quinn, and that's not by a large margin. That purely has more to do with my comic fandom for the character.  

This trailer just seems like a showcase of characters, and nobody really got a sense of any which one. Nobody really grabbed me in order to care about watching them in this movie from this first look.

I'm only spouting this because many of these characters are not that well-known outside of comic fandom. You can get away with Batman and Superman a lot more because they are more well-known.

A good trailer will entice you to want to learn more. Main character's daughter gets kidnapped, you'll want to learn how the protagonist gets her back. Main character who is basically at a low point in life with limited boxing skills goes up against boxing champ of the world, you'll be enticed to want to know how he fairs or over comes his struggles. 

This trailer failed to do that in my opinion. Does Deadshot have a family and want to redeem himself but the only way to do that is to join a team of the worst of the worst baddies as an expendable operative with little chance of surviving? Now that entices an audience that knows very little about the Suicide Squad to want to watch it.

As a comic book fan, Katana, El Diablo and Killer Croc don't look so great in terms of costumes and the others are pretty mediocre. I've already said my piece about that when David Ayer released the first look photos of the cast in costumes.

The Joker's clips at the end were lack luster. We all know that the Joker is off his kilter. We all know his insanity is suppose to be menacing and we've seen it many times. How does his madness pertain to this flick is a glimpse that I want to see in a trailer.

It seemed like they stuck the Joker clips in more as a validation to say, "Hey, look, Jared Leto can do psychotic and will make a good Joker. Check this out!"

Then again, it is only a trailer and a first look. The movie itself could really be kick ass. Anyways, this trailer really reminded me of Man of Steel's trailer...pretty blah.

Definitely dropped a notch of excitement for this comic fan, but this is all just my opinion. I know that in the grand scheme of things that means little, and it's the actual movie that will get the final judgement. 

I'm still pretty excited in seeing this flick though even though I'm being hard on the first trailer. 

It is just a trailer and they can be misleading. I do like the concept of the Suicide Squad in general. However, I hope the characters of Katana, El Diablo, and Captain Boomerang get offed in this flick.

After all, it's the Suicide Squad and if they're true to the comics, there are suppose to be casualties for a team that basically takes on the most dangerous black op missions.

Hopefully the next round of trailers for this flick are better. Maybe you guys thought other wise about the first official Suicide Squad trailer. It has caused excitement among other comic fans.

David Ayer writes and directs the Suicide Squad movie and it comes out August 5, 2016.


  1. I agree that this trailer was a bit lackluster, but as far as I know they are still filming the movie. I could be wrong though. If they are still filming, then perhaps they had a limited source material to make a decent trailer. However, Killer Crok still looks dumb. No fixing that.

    ~Gerry D

    1. I think you have a good point Gerry that I failed to take into account, so I'm admitting my rash commentary about the this trailer, which is suppose to be a teaser more than a trailer.

      You're right, they are still shooting, so making a coherent trailer with the limited amount of clips or film is probably right. Yeah, Killer Croc isn't all that impressive though.

  2. I second you TCM, loved the BvsS Trailer, this one... not so much..... cant get past Jokers Grill lol.

  3. Actually I liked that the trailer had some quiet moments and was not all action. Too much dark and gritty tones but well, seems most DC characters must be filmed in the darkness nowadays. Liked the Joker - but can' t hear these stupid sentences any more ( I' m not going to kill you, I' m just going to hurt you blah blah - get some better dialog than that!) Harley Quinn looked nice too, as for the others, I would want to wait for a second look. Thanks for sharing this TCM!


    1. I'm thinking the same thing. Obviously, they have yet to finish filming and this teaser hasn't gone through all the filters and effects that will be added later to give it the tone, look, and feel the director is looking for. They might look better after all that's done.

  4. Too much speculation dudes! lets just wait for when all the bricks are laid and you are sat snug with a large popcorn and coke on August 5th 2016. Then make your final judgements. This could take us by surprise or fail to impress all will be revealed in over a years time. ;)

    1. I agree with you...the finished movie will get the final judgement in the long run. This is just a teaser or first look and was meant for Comic Con. Not the general public necessarily. So we will have to see.

  5. The problem with the trailer is that it tries to introduce too much in a short segment.
    It leaves you feeling scattered and wondering what was that about. They should have picked one character and started from that point of view...maybe just Harley. How she was locked up...then how she survived it and finally her first contact with one of the others. That would give you a sense of something building up to eventual Badassery. The 1st 2 Bats/Supes previews were also lackluster, but the new one finally put some focus and made me curious. Hopefully this is their goal for Suicide Squad. With each new preview, they slowly reveal more and get the curiosity and interest up. As far as the release of a fan made copy of the comicon preview...DUH!!!! Let's see, thousands of fans at comicon with cell if no one would's a quarter, go buy yourself a clue. Lots of good DC & Marvel Movies & TV series Coming our way...AWESOME!!! lk

    1. It does. I felt scattered as you were saying, but I think Gerry is right. They are still shooting this movie so the over-all look isn't really complete. This teaser wasn't meant for the general public either...just for those lucky few at Comic Con.

      You're probably right LK. When they wrap on shooting and have more material to make a decent trailer (as Gerry also pointed out), their next trailers might make more sense. Rock On LK!

  6. I lost interest once Tom Hardy left and this trailer has done nothing but confirmed that. My concerns - 1. Too many characters we dont care about (no flow) 2. Wardrobe is kind of lame 3. Killer Croc is laughable and Will Smith as Deadshot is weak. On a positive note, Harley Quinn was spot on and Jared Leto will surprise as Joker. I agree with TCM...great concept but the execution will fall flat.


    1. Lol, Gerry felt the same when Tom Hardy bowed out.

  7. First thoughts on the trailer - Not impressed // Lacks execution.

    Point 1 - We got a hipster Joker in the house (given all his tattoos). I watched the Joker interrogation scene from Dark knight on one screen and I am so impressed even today on how Ledger approached this scene, and you can see how smart he was in his interpretation. Of course, there is no comparison between him and Jared Leto. Don't get me wrong, he is a good actor but I will need to see more trailers to this flick for the final judgement.

    Point 2 - "We're some sorta.. Suicide Squad" Christ, seriously? I don't even know why but that pissed me off.

    Point 3 - At 2:09, not sure what the hell that was but I better hope that's FAKE BATMAN with a mask or something. If thats the stunt man with that suit, then seriously (facepalm)

    Point 4 - With that music in the background, I thought it was a romantic flick and pretty sure the kissing, hugging scene was a coincidence lol but seriously that trailer lacked execution.

    Sorry for all that blabbering, at the end of the day its just a movie. Hopefully, they make good trailers.

    Thanks Mayhem as always. YOU ROCK!!!

    - Sid

    1. Well have to see what the next trailers are like. I think this was really just meant as a teaser for Comic Con and made for comic fans, not the general public. They are still shooting, so once they're done, they'll have more material to reveal what this movie is about.

      I still have hopes for this movie, and I hope it's good. It'll be different that's for sure, but I agree with your points about it. Well, we shall see and YOU ROCK, Sid! Hope all is well with ya.

  8. Definitely! My fiancée's brother in law is working on this movie( VFX dept), it seems they are still shooting in Canada for 6 more weeks. He told me that it would get better but I was like "You work in the VFX dept lol, how much better can it get? He dint give in much so I guess we'll have to just wait and see (As a favor, he did tell me if I wanted to get books signed from the cast he can sneak me in) THAT'S A PLUS, so I am hunting SUICIDE SQUAD 1

    Honestly, I hope its good too. All is well. The new job is killing me lol so much busy, hardly have time for comics. All I read or catch up is during the lunch break and of course my collector friends who will email/text me about latest happenings lol.

    Keep writing MAYHEM. Talk soonCheers!

    PS - Gonna watch Ant-man today; will let you know my thoughts if you do a review of this movie too :)


    1. I'll try to keep writing, but have to admit, it's been a struggle. Good luck on the Suicide Squad #1, and thanks for commenting.