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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Luke Cage Key Issues Part 6

I forgot to note that once Power Man and Iron Fist hooked up during the Power Man series, many of Iron Fist's supporting characters like Misty Knight and the Daughters of the Dragon became recurring supporting characters for Luke Cage as well.

This was also true of the villains. No matter how sparingly they sprouted up in Iron Fist's comic series, they would also become villains for Luke Cage as well.

Anyways, I've decided that this will be the last part of this series. If you missed Part 5, just click the link to go back.

1st Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist team up
1st Luke Cage & Moon Knight meeting

Make up call here and this is listed out of publishing date order. Oh, well.

So Daredevil and Luke Cage already had a prior team up and meeting in the Defenders. Luke Cage and Iron Fist first team up in the Power Man comic series. However, Marvel Team-Up Annual #4 sees the first time all three are together in the same comic and fighting together.

Not really all that well-known and at all in terms of Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Power Man key goodness in this issue. Moon Knight also teams up with the Heroes for Hire group and Spider-Man also. 

This is the first time Luke Cage meets Moon Knight as both he and Iron Fist mistake him for a villain. 

So, here's one that's directly connected to the Neflix Defenders connection in terms of comic book key issues, and extremely under the radar currently. Marvel Team-Up Annual #4 was published August, 1981.

Last issue to series
Death of Iron Fist
This is the last issue of the Powerman titled series, and it is the supposed death of Iron Fist. When Iron Fist cannot use his Chi in order to save Captain Hero, Captain Hero goes bezerk and kills Iron Fist. Suspected for the murder, Luke Cage goes into hiding. 

Of course, it would later be revealed that the death of Iron Fist was not the actual death of Danny Rand. This comic was published September, 1986.


1st issue to comic series
1st appearance of Hardcore
1st appearance of Micky Hamilton
Cage would again be given his own limited series, and this time the series was simply just called Cage. This series takes place in Chicago instead of New York when Carl Lucas leaves the Big Apple for a fresh start.

The main series baddie would be the 2nd Bushmaster or Cruz Mclver, who makes his first behind the scenes appearance in this issue. His father, the first Bushmaster, John Mclver's first appearance was in Iron Fist #15.

Bushmaster was all about using Noah Burnstein's process to enhance or augment himself. He is a powerful crime boss and associated with the Maggia. The original often tried to lure Misty Knight to his side.

The son Cruz Mclver tried to return his father to normal using Burnstein's process and augment himself by way of the father. He would use Hardcore and the Untouchables to kidnap people to experiment on.

Hardcore is a Carribean-born  mercenary and trained assassin. He is an employee of Cruz Mclver or Bushmaster, and the Untouchables team consists of Tombstone, Nitro, and Kickback. The Untouchables and the character of Kickback would make their first appearance in Cage #2.

Hardcore makes his first appearance in this issue. Micky Hamilton is helicopter pilot for the Chicago Spectator and is an acquaintance of Luke Cage during this comic series. Cage #1 was published April, 1992.

1st appearance of James Lucas Jr.
More Origin details of Luke Cage
Power Man got a brother, an older brother, and this older brother hates his younger brother with a passion. Why? Because when Carl Lucas was one bad mutha...with a rattlesnake suitcase under his arm...during his youngin' days, older brother James Lucas Jr. thought little Carl brought shame upon the family.

Embarrassed that his little brother had to have been bailed out of jail so many times, James hatred for his brother grew and grew. He even blamed Carl for the untimely death of their mother, who was killed by one of Carl's fellow gang members.

This issue would further dig into the deeper origins of Luke Cage and his family. Both his father and brother blames him for their mother's death, and when Luke wrongfully went to prison as shown in Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1, Carl's father left with his brother to keep James Jr. as far away from him as possible.

James Lucas would become Coldfire, and his first appearance as Coldfire would be in Cage #13. However, Cage #3 was published June, 1992.

1st appearance of Jessica Jones
1st meeting with Luke Cage
1st issue to comic series

Since the beginning, Luke Cage has been connected to the character of Jessica Jones. Their actual first meeting is in issue #1, and they even do the hippity-dippity in this comic.
More importantly, Alias #1 is the first published appearance of Jessica Jones and the 1st issue to her 1st on-going series obviously. Pretty much a triple whammy here.

Jessica Jones was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. She is a super-powered superhero and has the power of flight and super-human strength. I know that the ladies are wanting more superhero females on screen to geek out on.

However, this series is from the Marvel Max imprint and is more adult in nature. Jessica Jones will be revealed to have some major problems and insecurities, and the show's plot details reveal they will follow that.

In this series, she is a former superhero that quit and started up Alias Investigations. So basically, she is a private detective, and that's pretty much a perfect premise for a TV show. Hey, if it works, work it!

Her character is greatly connected to Daredevil or Matt Murdock in the comics as well and less so with Iron Fist. The origin of Jessica Jones is tied to everyone's favorite Web-slinger, but I'm a bit skeptical how or if that will play out in the live action version of the character.

Could be a good move for Sony to have their new Peter Parker cast and thrown in the Jessica Jones series in a cameo. Might help build up even more anticipation for what's in store with this new Spidey in the works.

Anyways, Alias #1 was published November, 2001 and has already seen heat in the market quite a while ago.

1st appearance of Danielle Cage

The Pulse #13 finally sees the birth of the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, and, of course, marks the first appearance of Danielle Cage. She is unnamed in this issue however, and actually goes unnamed for quite a while surprisingly. 

Oh, well, gotta love comics, and we'll cover the issue and the first named appearance of Danielle Cage pretty soon. This issue has a textless variant cover. The Pulse #13 was published March, 2006.

Alrighty, I've decided that this is the last part to this Luke Cage key issues series since we're heading to the point where he and Jessica Jones meet.

So, instead of just rehashing what's already on the Jessica Jones key issues list, you can just read that since a lot of her keys are tied with Luke Cage. So this series continues and concludes in the Jessica Jones key issues list. You can click that link below if you missed it.


  1. Hey TCM,

    good call! I think Misty Knight belongs into that list. Could you give me her first appearance? Would appreciate it!

    Speculation Jones

    1. Misty Knight and the Daughters of the Dragon are all over the Iron Fist key issues, but her first published appearance is in Marvel Premiere #21...her 1st appearance is later retconned to be Marvel Team Up #1 (unnamed).

  2. Thanks, partner! Will be on the lookout for these two...

    S. J.