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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Luke Cage Key Issues Part 5

Part 5 to this Luke Cage key issues list will start to look a lot like the last few parts to the Iron Fist key issues list, as I did most of the work a year ago. Actually, from here on out, this Luke Cage key issues series will start to look like other key issues lists I've already done that's connected to the character.

There will be some new entries here and there, but for the most part they will be ripped from key issues lists. Actually, we don't have many keys left concerning Luke Cage. Maybe one or two more parts to go.

So to get on with it, just click this Part 4 link in case you need to, but if you don't, here's the next batch of Luke Cage key comic books.

Jeryn Hogarth joins Hero for Hire

If you didn't read the Iron Fist key issues list, Jeryn Hogarth would become the legal representative for Hero for Hire, and he officially does so in this issue. Hogarth actually first appeared in an early Iron Fist issue from the character's own self-titled series prior to this issue.

Not only is Jeryn Hogarth a lawyer but he's a respectable business man as well, In this issue, he suggests several ideas on how to make Hero for Hire more lucrative. Hogarth worked for Wendall Rand, Danny Rand's father, and managed the estate until Danny returned back to the U.S. 

Jeryn Hogarth was a long time supporting character for both Iron Fist and Luke Cage, and in this issue he becomes business partners with Cage and Iron Fist. Power Man & Iron Fist #54 was published December, 1978.

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1st appearance of Jennie Royce
Jennie Royce joins team

Another addition and employee of the Hero for Hire team is Jennie Royce. This issue marks her first appearance, and the character would be hired as an office manager for the business.

Of course, she is hired by Jeryn Hogarth, because the man knows how to run a proper business. Jennie would become an important supporting character for this comic series and she was created by Mary Jo Duffy. 

Power Man & Iron Fist #56 was published April, 1979.

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1st appearance of El Aguila

El Aguila makes his first appearance in Power Man & Iron Fist #58. He is Alejandro Montoya from Spain and is a champion for the poor in New York City.

El Aguila has been both an ally and menace for Iron Fist and Power Man, but he is on the side of good and often takes down slum lords and drug dealers. He looks like a Zorro rip-off, and is inspired by him. 

A skilled swashbuckler, Alejendro is also a mutant. His mutant ability allows him to produce electrostatic charges with the ability to discharge up to 100,000 volts through conductive metal.

The first appearance of El Aguila in Power Man & Iron Fist #58 was published August, 1979.

2nd appearance of Sabretooth

Here we are with the 2nd appearance of Sabretooth. The character is still a noted villain of both Iron Fist and Luke Cage before making his home as one of the deadliest foes for the X-Men and Wolverine.

Still not that quite known, CGC 9.8s are still on the affordable side. Only a matter of time before this bronze age key issue takes traction as Sabretooth is a highly popular and fan-favorite villain within the Marvel Universe. 

Since the last time I spoke of this issue in the Iron Fist key issues series, this 2nd appearance has definitely went up in value. It's no longer a sleeper or under the radar in high grade CGC, but it's still one of the best key comics in this comic series. December, 1980 is the publishing date for Power Man & Iron Fist #66.

3rd appearance of Sabretooth

2nd appearances are becoming more sought out in the market for certain characters, and 3rd appearances for some characters are starting to gain steam as well. This 3rd appearance of Sabretooth is still not one and pretty much a sleeper.
Not as well-known as some others, but Sabretooth is an extremely popular character. Before he moved onto causing mischief for the X-Men, he was an early foe of both Iron Fist and Luke Cage. 

You can still pick this up relatively cheap at high grades for now. Power Man & Iron Fist #78 was published February, 1982.

4th appearance of Sabretooth

Here's the 4rth appearance of Sabretooth! All of his early appearances were in Iron Fist and Powerman comics except his first. Not too surprising since Chris Claremont and John Byrne created the character and were the backbone behind Iron Fist's comic career starting with Marvel Premiere #23.

Sabretooth disfigures Harmony Young and Luke Cage goes on the hunt for him to seek revenge! Power Man & Iron Fist #84 was published August, 1982.


When it comes to Jeryn Hogarth, the character will most likely pop up in the Iron Fist Netflix series, but I wouldn't put it past me if the character does have a cameo in Luke Cage's show. Would be a good Easter Egg of sorts to connect Cage with Rand.

However, Hogarth may not be a big player in the Iron Fist TV show, or maybe he will be like a  Lucius Fox type character. Who knows and still too early to tell, but for now, I'm expecting a bit role. 

Rand is rich and doesn't really know shit about his father's company or business when he first comes back to the U.S. from K'un L'un. He'll need a protector of sorts when it comes to that, so I think Jeryn Hogarth should be in the series.

As for the early Sabretooth appearances, those listings were written a year ago, so in terms of still being over-looked just may not be the case anymore. I know the 2nd appearance has boosted up, but not sure of the 3rd or 4th appearances of the villain.

Anyways, click the PART 6 link to continue to the last part to this Luke Cage key issue series .


  1. I love it Mayhem! Do you think sabretooth will show up in one of the Netflix shows? Thanx brudda

    Oh yea, went to the heroes con in charlotte two weeks ago…… it was killer, over 30,000 ppl.! I've got my very high grade Gambit #1 gold variant, (my favorite character, and one of my favorite covers) signed by lee weeks, klaus janson, and stan lee!!!!!!!!!! Sent it in to CBCS immediately after stan signed it!! Super pumped! keep up the good work!

    1. Sabretooth? Probably not since he is owned by Fox. I don't think Disney/Marvel has the rights to Sabretooth for live action. 30,000 people? Really?

      That's seriously gonna mess with my anxiety. Congrats on the snag! Looking forward to checking out Heroescon next year and hopefully running into you and JW there! Lemme know what that comic comes back as!

    2. It's unreal….. get the 3 day pass its much better on friday, There were so many ppl there on saturday I didn't buy a single thing….. I will bro, I talked to steve paulus, for authentic signatures, and said the grade was nice. But ill let u know what it comes back as,

      Sry for not posting as much as I used to, been super busy, but i still read daily my man, its nice to kick back…. pop a beer, listen to iron maiden, and read a TCM article.

      I will be there next year too, its crazy!


      just open as new tab

  2. Oh my god! Stan the man. He' s like the Michael Jordan of comics. Klaus Janson also = legend.