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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lobo Key Issues Part 3

Continuing with more interstellar mercenary and bounty huntin' goodness with this Lobo key issues series, Part 3 will be the last to this series.

As mentioned before, many of Lobo's keys are under the radar in terms of being keys and price. Not too many know about them, so they are being over-looked currently.

This Part 2 link will send you back in case you missed it, but if you're good to go, let's finish this up.

1st appearance of Ramona?

I'm not entirely sure, but issue #1 to this 4 part limited series may introduce the character of Ramona. I'm pretty sure it is, but can't really confirm this.

The other exception may be Lobo: Burning Chain of Love which was published September, 1992, but I can't find any information on the release date of that one shot.

May, 1992 is the publishing date for Lobo's Back #1, and if it was released or hit the stands before Lobo: Burning Chain of Love, then this comic has the first appearance of Ramona. The comic most likely was released before the latter.

The character of Ramona runs Ramona's Bail Bond and Unisex Salon. She frequently supplies Lobo with bounties and was a friend of his during earlier times. Ramona was created by Simon Bisley and Alan Grant.

1st issue to 1st on-going series
1st appearance of Al's Diner
1st appearance of Al
1st appearance of Darlene Spritzer
Due to the popularity of Lobo during the 90s, Lobo was finally given his own headlining and on-going series. Alant Grant and artist Val Semeiks spearhead volume 2 of the Lobo comic series and introduced more supporting characters. Semeiks would further beef up Lobo's appearance.

The most notable is the first appearance of Al's Diner. This scuzzy and cockroach infested truck stop in Dooley-7 has a smell so foul that it could be smelt on the adjacent planet of Dooley-8 according to Lobo.

Regardless, this is one of Lobo's favorite haunts. Darlene Spritzer is the only waitress at Al's Diner and is the romantic interest of Lobo in the comic series. He often hits on her.

Both Al and Darlene formed a friendship with Lobo despite the fact that he has leveled the place several times due to brawls. Jonas Glim and Dawg are recurring supporting characters in this series as well.

December, 1993 is the publishing date for Lobo #1 volume 2.

More Lobo origin details

Before this comic, it was mentioned that Lobo was responsible for the genocide of his own Czarnian people. This issue details how it was done.

In school, Lobo created lethal flying scorpion-like creatures that wiped out his entire species except himself. This was done for his fascination with genocide and a science project. In true Lobo fashion, he gave himself an A.

So, this issue reveals more details about Lobo's evil origins. Not a well-known comic at all and probably still a bargain bin buy, but it is a Lobo key issue worth knowing about. Lobo #0 from the 2nd series was published October, 1994.

1st appearance of Lobo imposter

Ok, here's where things get hairy concerning Lobo. Apparently, Lobo has an imposter that's been running around.

It isn't revealed in this issue, but this issue is being pointed to as the first appearance of the Lobo imposter or Lobo II since it was suppose to be a reimagined version for the New 52 reboot. This Lobo is a Czarnian slaver who killed the rest of his race except for his beloved Princess Sheba.

Guess the later writers tried to shake things up from this vantage point. The real Lobo would be revealed a little more than a year later, and Deathstroke #9 volume 2 was published July, 2012.

1st appearance of real Lobo
Imposter Lobo revealed
Boy did fans really hate this shake up that DC Comics tried. The new Lobo look did not go over very well.

So, it seems that the real Lobo is the more slim version that looks more like the original version of the character that appeared in Omega Men and Justice League International. The hulking, distorted muscled version redesigned by Simon Bisley is the imposter Lobo in this rebooted continuity.

But, the difference doesn't end there. The new Lobo or real Lobo is ruthless but still cultured and well educated, unlike the imposter Lobo who is crude, gruff, and vicious.

This real Lobo still kept the bounty hunter/mercenary profession. This is just another example of why I don't read Modern Age comics anymore and why they completely go over my head.

Still, this is a Lobo key issue for better or for worse. November, 2013 is the publishing date for this comic.

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1st issue to new on-going series
Death of imposter Lobo
Okay, so I'm sick of referring to this version of Lobo as the real Lobo, because it's pretty lame. I'm just gonna refer to him as the Prime Earth Lobo.

Despite what fans say, DC did try to bring Lobo back to his more original physical look before Simon Bisley. Don't think it was a very smart move, but it is what it is.

So, first issue to new Lobo comic series..check! Prime Earth Lobo kills Lobo imposter...check!

Some have taken to this comic series, and some fans just abhor it. But it is a key issue in terms of Lobo, and it's the one that ends this Lobo key issues series. Lobo #1 volume 3 was published December, 2014.

When it comes to actual supporting characters for Lobo, it's pretty slim for the character. Most are introduced and only end up with 2 or 4 appearances after and ever within his titled series. A lot of them, of course, die and pretty quickly.

However, I've featured the first appearances of some of the more important supporting characters in this Lobo key issues series. As mentioned from the get go, these are all still cheap keys. You can probably get a lot of issues in comic lots for cheap in the current market.

I still recommend getting his first and earlier appearances. Even the 1st Lobo mini series that showcases Simon Bisley's fan-favorite redesign of the character is good to snag up.

A Lobo movie would be pretty awesome to see. An interstellar bounty hunter and mercenary? How can you go wrong with that? Tons of stories to pluck from concerning Lobo and the big screen. 

I would prefer to see the Simon Bisley look if that were to happen though. Then again, I doubt that Lobo movie plans are in the forefront concerning Warner Bros. live action plans.

Anyways, that concludes this Lobo key issues series. Hope you enjoyed and that this Bastich helps you in your hunt. 

If there are other Lobo keys you want to bring to attention, feel free to comment about them below. I have no clue what issue Lobo's origin was first told.


  1. Hi Mayhem,

    you can always find some buzz concerning a Lobo movie on the internet. I think there even does exist a script. Can' t say I am happy with rumors about the Rock playing the character but whatever. I think the success of the Guardians makes it highly likely that DCs cosmic heroes will appear on screen in the next 3 years.


    1. I don't think the Rock will play Lobo now since he's Black Adam. Would they just CGI him all together? Perhaps, if they did one they'd go with the new Lobo look currently. The Green Lantern movie will definitely open up the DC cosmic side of things for sure.

  2. I hate the new lobo; they ruined a great character that's a shame. ( lame!!!! )

    1. Not a big fan of the new Lobo either, but getting a hulking guy that can actually act would be tough. If they do Simon Bisley Lobo for the big screen, I still wonder if they're gonna go with CGI.