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Monday, July 13, 2015

Lobo Key Issues Part 2

In terms of bargain bin buys, all of these featured in Part 2 of this Lobo key issues list fit the description. Concerning the character, most of these key issues featured below are pretty significant to the character.

Once again, if you like hunting down sleepers, this list is for you as Lobo hasn't really rebounded from his peak popularity during the 90s. If you missed Part 1, that link will bring you back. Otherwise, here's more Lobo key comics.

1st meeting of Guy Gardner & Lobo
1st Lobo & Guy Gardner battle

This issue sees the first actual meeting between Lobo and Guy Gardner. Lobo is transported to Earth in the last page of issue #18 and knocks over Guy Gardner in doing so, but the issue doesn't technically show the two actually meeting until this issue right here.

Lobo being teleported and knocking over Guy would bring back Guy's more cynical and violent behavior. Guy and Lobo clash in this issue and it would not be last time in comics. The two would have a history of being allies and foes of one another, but Lobo would frequent Guy Gardner's bar Warriors quite often since he does get free drinks.

Justice League International #19 was published November, 1988.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #3
1st Lobo in titled series

Lobo had two other appearances in Justice League International after issue #19 before he became a regular supporting character for the L.E.G.I.O.N. comic series. This transition would be an important one as Lobo does meet Vril Dox II in the series and has had a rocky yet loyal relationship of sorts with the character.

For those who don't know, Vril Dox II is Brainiac 2, the clone son of the original Brainiac. His first appearance is in Superman #167 from the Silver Age. Vril Dox II has been the notable leader and founder of L.E.G.I.O.N., and Lobo does eventually join the team. L.E.G.I.O.N. #3 was published April, 1989.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #5
Lobo joins team

Overstreet marks this issue as Lobo joining L.E.G.I.O.N. I'll take their word for it since not that many really seem to care either way. Lobo does become a long-time supporting character for the comic series however.

Despite Lobo's membership in the group, he often still acts alone and takes contracts whenever he feels like it. Pretty sure, this comic is still a bargain bin buy, but if you're a fan of the character or this comic series, it may be one to definitely have. This comic was published June, 1989.

1st Lobo & Superman meeting
1st Lobo & Superman battle

If you're into first meetings and first battles of comic book titans, this one should be on the list of any Lobo comic fan for sure. Like most do-gooders, Lobo would have an uneasy relationship with Superman, and Lobo refers to all do-gooder superheroes as "The Big Cheese".

This is the first time the two meet in comics and duke it out in the story "Blood Brawl", and of course, Lobo is hired to kill Superman by two alien thugs. Lobo drunkenly seeks out Superman to fulfill his contract and the rest is comic book history

Of course, this would not be the last time Lobo and Superman have brawled. Lobo has often clashed with Superman and Deathstroke as well, but he has also teamed up with Superman on several occasions also.

The Adventures of Superman #464 was published March, 1990, and it is still a cheap buy. Still, it is a Lobo key issue regardless.

1st self-titled comic series
1st appearance of Jonas Glim
1st appearance of Miss Tribb
Retconned origin
1st Simon Bisley Lobo artwork

IMPORTANT Lobo key issue right here, and there are several reasons for it. Both writer Alan Grant and Simon Bisley would retcon the character in a big bad way.
Lobo's origins is retconned, and instead of a Velorpian, Lobo is a Czarnian, and supposedly the last of his kind. However, he is assigned by Vril Dox to pick up a prisoner at a detention center and transport this prisoner back to Cairn.

The prisoner ends up being Miss Tribb, Lobo's fourth grade grammar teacher. At the end of the series, Lobo would make sure he is the last Czarnian.

Simon Bisley would redesign Lobo's look to appear more hulking and exaggerate the biker/rocker-like look. His hair was frizzed out like Nikki Sixx, had chains adorning his wrists, and even his space hog was redesigned to look more like a biker/rocker vehicle. Grant and Bisley made the character of Lobo extremely popular during this time.

Lobo #1 is the first issue of a four-part limited series, but it is also the first time Lobo headlines his own comic series. Supporting character and fellow bounty hunter Jonas Glim makes his debut in this issue.

In terms of a Lobo key issue, this is definitely a must-have as well as the limited series. November, 1990 is when this comic was published.

1st appearance of Dawg

He's Lobo's pet. He's not Lobo's pet.

Dawg is a bulldog that is a supporting character for Lobo, but Lobo often denies is his pet especially when the mutt gets into trouble. What is known is that Dawg does follow Lobo around and has accompanied the character on several of his contract jobs.

Not an extremely important supporting character for Lobo, but Dawg's first appearance is in this issue. Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special #1 was published December, 1991, and Lobo does kill Santa Claus in this issue when the Easter Bunny puts a contract on Kris Kringle.

No doubt that Alan Grant and Simon Bisley retcon and redesign of the character is the iconic Lobo that made him a fan-favorite character during the 90s. That look would basically last for quite a while with some minor hair changes like the dreadlocks he eventually acquires.

He also starts to look a tad like Rob Zombie, or maybe Rob Zombie looks like Lobo. Anyways, the last and final part to this Lobo key issues series is done so click the appropriate link below to continue. If you missed Part 1, the blue link below will frag you back. 


  1. Thanks a lot!!! This list is so cool. Gonna be on the lookout for Adventures of Superman 464 right away! Hope I don' t get negative feedback for this, but the last issue of the ongoing series seems to be quite rare - plus it has a Lobo/ Demon team up! Nice. 2 Badasses are better than one, like Warhol once said - or at least something similar ;-)

    Max Rebo

    1. Heya Rebo, thanks for mentioning that issue. Did not know it was rare. You wouldn't happen to know when the two first meet. Is it Demon #11 vol 3 or Demon #12 vol 3?

  2. Sorry Mayhem, no clue about that. Maybe there are some Demon fans out there who know... (I' m more into Hitman and just bought all Demon issues with his appearance - wait a minute - have you done a Hitman key issue list allready? Would be nice, as well as a Hitman movie ;-)

    Max Rebo

    1. Bummer, but I'm sure someone will come along and know the answer to that. Nope, no Hitman key issue list yet.