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Monday, July 13, 2015

Lobo Key Issues Part 1

Watch out for them space dolphins. Mess with them and you'll have to deal with the one who calls himself the Main Man.

That's right we are talking about the biggest, baddest, bounty hunter and Bastich in the DC Comics Universe. The one who loves to frag 'em all and has a fascination with word genocide, Lobo was an extremely popular anti-hero during the 90s.

This is going to be a short and sweet key issues series and focus mainly on the important Lobo key issues. Let's see what this bastich has for the Main Man!

1st appearance of Lobo
1st appearance of Bedlam

If we're talking about a pretty well-known and popular character but his first appearance is highly under-valued, then you'll have to mention the first appearance of Lobo in Omega Men #3. Another character that started off as a villain, Lobo hit mainstream popularity as an anti-hero during the 90s.

Lobo was created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen as an over-the-top parody or satire of violent comic characters like Wolverine and the Punisher. He was intended to make fun of such characters.

In his early appearances, Lobo was a Velorpian not a Czarnian. The character would later be retconned. 

His profession as an interstellar bounty hunter and mercenary has sustained throughout these retcons, but his appearance would change. In his first appearance and early appearances, he wore an orange and light purple one piece that was quite cheesy, and this would thankfully change to the attire and look he is more well-known for.

Bedlam is Lobo's partner during his early appearances and also makes his first appearance in this comic. He would not be a character that lasts very long though, and Lobo would be the one to end him. 

Omega Men #3 and the first appearance of Lobo was published June, 1983.

2nd appearance of Lobo

Currently, Omega Men #5 is considered Lobo's 2nd appearance in comics. Overstreet does note it as such but also notes it as a cameo. The character appears in 2 pages.

More confusion about comic character appearances for sure, especially if we compare this to what's considered Thanos' cameos and 2nd & 3rd appearances. Whatever though.

I don't presume to understand industry's standards on what constitutes a cameo as opposed to an actual appearance, or how many panels and pages separates the two categories. So far, this is a key issue 2nd appearance. That may or may not change in the future.

August, 1983 is publishing date for Omega Men #5.

3rd appearance of Lobo

3rd appearance of Lobo is in Omega Men #9 and Overstreet notes his appearance as being on 2 pages as well. CGC has yet to note this issue as a 3rd appearance or cameo which is probably wise.

Under the radar? Completely. Cheap key issue buy? Absolutely. Actually, all the early appearances of Lobo including his first appearance are not expensive buys yet. If you're looking for cheap keys, Lobo is the Main Man currently.

Omega Men #9 was published December, 1983

4th appearance of Lobo
1st full Lobo story
When it comes to the 4th appearance of Lobo, both Overstreet and CGC are not noting it as such. However, both are noting it as the 1st full Lobo story.

To be honest, I'd take the 4th appearance notation with a grain of salt. There's too much confusion about comic character appearances and I'm sure comic fans will debate about his 2nd and 3rd appearances and whether they should just be cameos or not.

Any who, key issue that's still under the $80 mark for high grade CGC 9.8 copies. January, 1984 is the publishing date for this comic.

1st solo Lobo story
Death of Bedlam
If there's one thing about Lobo's friends or supporting characters, they usually don't last very long. Either they die at the hands of Lobo's enemies or at his own hands. In the case of his partner Bedlam, this character dies at the hands of Lobo himself when he takes up the contract out on his old partner.

This is all played out in the back up story "Partners: The Last Vega Story".

The notation of the 1st Lobo solo story is pretty well-known with comic fans, but this one is still a cheap buy. Omega Men #37 was published April, 1986.

1st Lobo cross-over
1st Lobo vs. The Justice League
1st Lobo biker look

Omega Men #37 was Lobo's last issue within that series, and he makes his first cross-over in Justice League International #18. In this issue, Lord Manga Khan hires Lobo to destroy the Justice League since they stand in his way of selling Mister Miracle to Darkseid.

The payment was a 10 year supply of space dolphin treats as Lobo has a fondness for them.

This comic issue is the one that first sees Lobo out of the orange/yellow and light purple or blue jump suit and with a more biker look.

Omega Men #37 does have Lobo in a black leather jacket, but he is still wearing purple pants and yellow gloves in the story "Partners: The Last Vega Story", but in this issue, Lobo has more of his biker look with jeans, black leather jacket and big black boots.

So, definitely a Lobo key issue to snag if you're a fan of the character. October, 1988 was when this comic was published.

If you're looking for key issues that are still under the radar, over-looked, or sleepers, this Lobo key issues series will be chalk full of them. Whether they're not all that well-known or cared about or both is a different story.

Lobo was hugely popular during the 90s. Anyone who grew up during that time remembers that quite a lot of comic fans went coo coo over Lobo.

Keith Giffen has marveled over his boost in popularity during that time, since the character was a satire and over-the-top. Oh, well, his first few appearances in Omega Men at least should not be over-looked in my opinion. 

We'll get our frag on in Part 2 of this series, and more Lobo key comics are definitely there! Just click the link below to continue.


  1. Hey there TCM, its MikeS again... what are your thoughts on LOBO? i been slowly buying copies of OM #3... will they ever go up? do you there plans with his future. I to think hes undervalued and hopefully down the road it will blow up in value but im a newbie and still learning. t.y. Sir

  2. The Omega Men #2 has a cover preview for The Omega Men #3. Just thought the hardcore Lobo fans might want to pick that one up too.