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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Legion of Super-Heroes Key Issues Part 10

I did warn everyone from the get go that the Legion of Super-Heroes is pretty massive when it comes to it's universe. Many of the keys, however, are pretty minor or just not all that cared about in the current market.

The keys in Part 10 are pretty much over-looked, whether for good reason or not. Dunno, as I've stated earlier that I don't know much about the Legion.

This group appeared to have a pretty big fan base back in the day though. Okay, this Part 9 link will bring ya back if need be. As for more Legion of Super-Heroes key issues, you'll find them below.

1st Paul Levitz script on Legion

If there is a writer that many Legion fans point to concerning fan-favorite stories, Paul Levitz is definitely mentioned a lot. Not just quite often, but a lot!

Levitz would not only expand the Legion universe, but he would incorporate many of the already established villains and connect them in truly ambitious story arcs for the Legion which brought a larger scope and depth to the mythos. He would work on the Legion titles from 1977 to 1979 and 1981 to 1989.

This issue is his first story for the Legion, and although he is a fan-favorite writer for the series, this issue seems to be over-looked in the market currently. For die-hard fans of the Legion, this key issue should be considered. Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #225 was published May, 1977.

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1st appearance of Dawnstar

Paul Levitz and Mike Grell created Dawnstar from the planet Starhaven, and apparently the citizens of her world are from Native American descent. It seems that a portion of the Anasazi tribe were abducted by aliens a long time ago and placed on Starhaven.

Dawnstar is a metahuman, and the unknown aliens who abducted her people did genetic experiments on them. This character can track beings or objects light years away and can fly and survive space for long periods of time.

She would end up being a prominent member of the Legion and would join in issue #229. Superboy #226 was published April, 1977.

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Title changes

Wow, the Legion has equal billing with Superboy during this time and the title of series changes from Superboy starring the Legion of Super-Heroes to Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Soon, the title would change again to just Legion of Super-Heroes, knocking off Superboy from it.

Not a huge key issue or anything, and this comic was published September, 1977.

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1st Sklarian Raiders
1st appearance of Infinite Man

An all-female group of space pirates? Oh, hell yeah! That's something I want to see on the big screen. So the Sklarian Raiders are from the technologically deficient world of Sklaria who basically travel the galaxy and steal technology and high tech equipment for their homeworld.

These Sklarians believe that the United Planets are hording the proper knowledge and technology that could benefit their planet. "You will not give, I'll take!" (Godfather III). Sorry had to put that in there since this group and their motives remind me of  that line in the movie.

Infinite Man is another creation by Paul Levitz and James Sherman. Professor Jaxon Rugarth is the lucky one who volunteers for Rhond Vidar's experiment to test his theory that the fourth dimension has a circular structure.

So Rugarth is propelled through the timelines of so many dimensions so many times that his mind snaps from the strain, but a new powerful being emerges with the knowledge of the past and future. Rugarth somehow is also able to draw energy from the ceaseless flow of time, and he becomes Infinite Man.

Not a very prominent villain or character for the Legion, and this comic was published November, 1977.

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Marriage of Lightning Lad & Saturn Girl

Another All-New Collectors Edition makes it on a key issues list on Total Comic Mayhem. This time it's the marriage of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, and it would be the 2nd marriage for the Legion.

Not exactly a major key, but apparently this marriage would produce Validus and his twin brother Graym Ranzz. This All-New Collector's Edition C-55 was published March, 1978.

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1st appearance of Shvaughn Erin
Earthwar story arc begins

Expanding on the Science Police's presence in the Legion universe is the first appearance of Shvaughn Erin who is the Science Police Liaison Officer to the Legion. She would be a major supporting character in the Legion stories.

Erin would develop a romantic relationship with Element Lad. In later stories it's revealed that she is a transgender character and reverts back to being Sean Erin, a male.

Aside from the 1st appearance, this comic begins the Earthwar story arc that is a fan-favorite written by Paul Levitz. The Earthwar saga is the first ambitious Legion event that sees the potential of what all these supporting characters and villains can bring to the Legion universe on a grander scale.

In this story arc, the Legion are desperate to stop an intergalactic war involving the United Planets, the Khunds, the Dominators, the Dark Circle and the sorcerer Mordru. This would be the first big Legion story event that would become a fan-favorite written by Paul Levitz but it wouldn't be the last. The story would finish in issue #245.

Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #241 was published July, 1978.

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1st appearance of Omega

Created by Jim Starlin, Paul Levitz, and Dave Hunt, Omega was created by Brainiac 5 as he entered a period of insanity later revealed to be induced by Glorith. Brainiac 5 used the Miracle Machine (first appearance in Adventure Comics #367) to create a living embodiment of all the hate within the cosmos.

This is Omega, and he faces the Legion in this issue and the next. The next issue would see Omega destroyed when Matter-Eater Lad eats the Miracle Machine. Brainiac 5 would be sent to an asylum and Matter Eater Lad would be put into a catatonic state after consuming the Miracle Machine.

April, 1979 is the publishing date for Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #250.

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1st League of Super-Assassins
1st appearance of Blok

Legion of Super-Hereos, Legion of Super-Pets, Legion of Substitute-Hereos, Legion of Super-Rejects, and now the League of Super-Assassins.  This League consists of five members from the planet Dryad who are tricked by the Dark Man into thinking the Legion are trying to destroy their home planet.

Blok is a super being that possesses a body made of stone with incredible strength and durability. He could also absorb certain types of energy, making some super powers completely ineffective on him. Blok would eventually join the Legion as a prominent member.

Much of the other League of Assassin members are quite minor characters. Titania is a super strong female with increased invulnerability, and her strength rivaled that of Mon-El and Superboy.

Silver Slasher is Ki-Lan, a female with a metallic, enhanced body and razor sharp fingers. She was could also able to spin her body at great speeds, giving her the strength and hardness to cut through almost anything.

Lazon or Chey-Nu can turn into any form of light, and Mist Master can turn into any form of gas or vapor.

Neutrax sits in a flying chair and has lost the use of his legs. He, however, has the ability to neutralize the powers of others for short periods of time.
Supposedly, the League of Super-Assassins were based on X-Men characters. Blok was based off of Colossus, Mist Master based off of Storm, Silver Slasher is based off of Wolverine, Neutrax inspired by Professor X, Titania based on Thunderbird, and Lazon based off of Sunfire.

After their battle with the Legion, many would go on to become members of the Legion of Super-Villains. July, 1979 is the publishing date for Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #253.

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Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes has Whitman variants with issues #244 through #248. Overstreet notes them as low print runs and issues #244 and #245 have no issue number on the cover. 

The Whitman variants are still relatively cheap even in high grades. I don't think the market cares for them all much yet and who knows exactly what it means by "low print run" concerning the Superboy Whitman variants.

Also, the Legion of Super-Heroes first self-titled comic was a 4 issue series back in 1973. I did not include them because all those issues reprinted earlier Legion stories. There were no new stories in that reprint series.

As for this key issues series, there will only be a few more parts left (like two or three) and I will start being a bit more selective of the keys featured. Many of the ones in Part 10 are pretty much bargain bins and not that in demand, and I'm assuming it will be that way from here on out in terms of the next batch of keys.

That does not mean there aren't ones to consider here. Blok, Shavaughn Erin and Dawnstar do become prominent members of the Legion or supporting characters with a lot of appearances henceforth. 

I'll leave that up to your consideration. Part 11 and the last part to this Legion of Super-Heroes key issues series is ready to click the link below to continue.


  1. SNAG-TIME!!!

    I hope nobody is angry if I share my recent snags here. I' m just too damn pumped and wanted to spill the beans:

    For 300 bucks I got:

    Iron Fist 14 (First Sabretooth) probably 9,0
    Amazing Spiderman 300 probably 9,6
    Amazing Spiderman 238 (with tatoo) probably 9,8

    What worries me though is that the Iron Fist issue has some remarks in Pencil inside ( you know, like Byrne art and 1,50)... Everyone has such an issue, but what does it do to the grade? Personally I don' t mind these little scriblings which mostly come from the shops & dealers.


    1. Heya Ace, it's weird when it comes to grading for CGC or Overstreet. Like a penciled arrival date or one in ink...any type...doesn't lower the grade much, but pencil or pen marks for other stuff can lower it quite a bit more than an arrival date.

  2. Crazy! If these grades are true you almost got comics which you can sell for twice the price. All in all you could sell them for 600 $ but I would hold on to them.

    Speculation Jones

  3. Hey y' all,

    that reminds me on the great article from TCM on ASM 300. Allthough I don' t agree with him in all points. In my opinion it' s also a good investment in middle grades & I would try to snag it up on ebay.

    Max Rebo

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