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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Comic Collectors Tools Pt.4

By: Gerry D

Here are some for sites that I found in my searches on the World Wide Web. One I've found pretty useful and you will soon find out why. 


Have you ever heard that a comic is "hard to find" or has a "low print run"? I sure have and with this handy little website you can get a pretty good estimate of how many issues of a certain comic made it into circulation and see how "rare" these issues really are. Using the sales information from Diamond Distributors and Capital City Distribution, Comichron can give you a good idea of how many or how few issues of comics might be out there. 

They don't have a full catalog yet, meaning that they only have sales records going back to 1995, but they are still working on getting the rest of the information for the earlier years. It's 100% free and no membership is required. Definitely one worth checking out.

The Comic Book Database

 The Comic Book Database is just what it says it is, a database. Like a lot of other online databases, it's loaded with information about comics... i.e. artist, writer, and characters that appear in that issue.

You can create an account for free and add books to your personal collection and want-lists. It's very up to date with the latest issues and also lists the variants of many issues with their photos. It also includes foreign editions.

There are a couple of things that I think could be improved on the site like the ability to put an accurate grade to books in My Collection. For example, they only give you a grade option for Fine. 

There is no option for a Fine- or a Fine+. The next thing that I think could be improved is the font size. Right now it's very small and a little hard to read sometimes. Other than that it's a nice site.


Comicbase is like an all in one software for comic collectors. It has an online database of information, it's an organizer, and it has a price guide. I came across it and figured I'd try it out. I downloaded the free trial version. It's a fairly large download at over 400MB and it took a while to install. The free version allows you to catalog 500 comics which is more than plenty for a trial version.

One of the problems I ran into with this program is that they have extremely over-bloated prices. For example, I recently bought a raw copy of ASM #14. I listed it as a VG and their guide price is $4,100. Oh man, I wish it was worth that much. That's definitely way overpriced.

It's also expensive. They do have many tiers to choose from. None of them very "cheap". The prices for this software range from $59.95 to $399.95!! Ouch! I can spend that kind of money on a nice new key. On top of that, there is an annual subscription for updated guide prices

However, it is fully customizable. You can set percentages for graded comics based on the price of raw comics. among other things, but that doesn't really mean anything when the guide prices are so high.

This software is a really good idea and with a couple of tweaks and accurate prices I think it could be worth it. I suggest downloading the free version to try it out.

Click here to visit my site detailing key graded comic investments.


  1. I spent the $15 on CLZ for my phone and I must say its money well spent. It lets me catalog my entire collection, add personal notes, scan books by barcode and syncs to the cloud. It's especially useful when hunting books since I have all my lists with me.

    1. I covered that app in part 2 of this series but haven't tried it out yet. I wasn't sure if it would be worth the $15 or not. Thanks for letting me know. I may have to try it out now.

      ~Gerry D

  2. One asset with ComicBase is that you can press a button and it puts anywhere from a single issue to your whole collection on sale on That's pretty handy, and the listing part is free.

    1. I agree. That is pretty handy. I wish there were some pictures of the comics that are for sale though. I don't want to take someone else word on the condition and not be able to look at it first. Also, it seems like some people selling their comics are using the ComicBase price guide. Some prices are pretty high. So again, with a couple of tweaks this software could be great.

      ~Gerry D