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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Brave and the Bold #28 Values

With all the hype about the Justice League finally coming to the big screen, I'm quite curious as to how the mighty Brave and the Bold #28 and the first appearance of the Justice League of America has performed throughout the decades. 

For the longest time, Silver Age DC Comics were over-looked in the back issues market in a pretty big way, but Marvel vintage keys were doing quite well. Not that long ago, it seemed that most comic shop walls featured mostly Marvel key issues with very little DC keys. Now, I definitely see a lot more vintage DC comics on the walls of comic shops.

So let's look at some past Overstreet Guide values for this super DC Comics key issue.

Overstreet Guide 1982-83 12 Edition

Mint: $275
Fine: $130
Good: $45

Overstreet Guide 1990-91 20th Edition

Near Mint: $1,100
Fine: $480
Good: $160

Overstreet Guide 2002-03 33rd Edition

Near Mint: $7,500
Very Fine/Near Mint: $5,483
Very Fine: $3,465
Fine: $1,155
Very Good: $770
Good: $385

Overstreet Guide 2014-15 44th Edition

Near Mint (low): $36,000
Very Fine/Near Mint: $23,000
Very Fine: $10,000
Fine: $3,000
Very Good: $1,500
Good: $750

The price increases are impressive for sure, especially from 1990-01 to 2014-15. Let's not forget that this is a significant and historical comic issue. This Silver Age team did help to birth Marvel's Fantastic Four because of this key's success during the revival of superhero comics during the Silver Age.

Once again, however, if we compare it to Marvel's Amazing Fantasy #15, this super key issue containing the first appearance of the Justice League of America did under-perform throughout the years. It's actually quite startling when you compare the two.

In the 1982-83 Overstreet Guide, Amazing Fantasy #15 had the Mint value of $1,000, Fine value of $500, and Good value of $170. In the 1990-91 Overstreet Guide, the values of AF #15 were:

Near Mint:  $2,800 | Fine: $1,200| Good: $280

Overstreet Guide 2002-03

Near Mint: $48,000 |Very Fine/Near Mint: $31,000 | Very Fine: $14,000 | Fine: $3,789 | Very Good: $2,526 | Good: $1,263

Overstreet Guide 2014-15 for Amazing Fantasy #15:

Near Mint (low): $200,000 | Very Fine/Near Mint: $129,000 | Very Fine: $58,000 | Fine: $17,000 | Very Good: $8,000 | Good: $4,000

Pretty startling, huh? No doubt that The Brave and the Bold #28 is a mega key issue, and the Justice League of America is a widely huge and popular superhero group in DC Comics. It's without a doubt the most popular and important superhero team within that universe of comics.

Don't get me wrong here. This key issue comic should be valuable and in-demand for sure. No question about the validity of this one as a comic investment, but the question is why has it greatly lagged behind for so long? Why wasn't it one of the top comics to invest in until recently?

If we want to give the comparison a little more head room, Amazing Spider-Man #1, the 2nd appearance of Spidey, has even trumped The Brave and the Bold #28 throughout the decades. 

In 1982, Mint was valued at $640 and in 1990 Near Mint was valued at $2,750. Even in the most recent Overstreet Guide 2014-15, an Amazing Spider-Man #1 at low Near Mint is guided at $59,000.

Was Brave and the Bold #28 really over-looked by comic collectors for that long and why? Is the sudden increase in demand and value justified without movie hype?

The first Spider-Man movie did come out in 2002. You can see the drastic jump in value from 1990 to 2003 concerning the first appearance of Spidey.

You can also clearly see the most drastic jump in value with The Brave and the Bold #28 from 2003 to 2014. No doubt that movie hype has quite a lot to do with that also.

Despite the comparison, Brave and the Bold #28 has shown good growth throughout the decades before movie hype. The decades from 1990 to 2002 prove that. A $6,400 increase within ten or so years for one comic is nothing to cry about for sure.

The new Overstreet Guide is coming out soon, and expect increased values for Brave and the Bold #28 for sure. It will be interesting to see if this one comes a tad closer in value to Amazing Fantasy #15 or Amazing Spider-Man #1.

Of course, CGC graded copies for Brave and the Bold #28 are going for more than their raw counterparts, but even CGC copies for this comic investment are lagging behind AF #15 and ASM #1 for most grades. 

No doubt that the book is hot now, and deserves to be. Under-valued? You can surely say that. Long-term comic investment? Two thumbs up for sure. A mega key to have even in low grades? Without a doubt.


  1. Hi´s been a while, but I´m checking your site every day, so THANK YOU SO MUCH for your incredible work!!!
    Very interesting article about the Brave and Bold, always wanted to buy one of the keys for the Justice League, but it always seemed way too much for my budget...what condition you would suggest at least (for a long term investment)?
    Got a gift card from Newkadia last month and wanted to spend it with a small amount of my savings ... I´ve found that they had copies of X-Men #94 ... the condition says it´s a VF-, but with the photo on their website I´m not quite sure if they´ve just overgraded the item...what other items (as a long term investment) you would suggest in a 300-400$ range?
    Thanks again for your really really good work, it´s always a pleasure to read your posts!!!
    Regards from Berlin/Germany,

    1. Heya Sven...good to hear from you and glad you're doing well. As for NewKadia...congrats on the gift card, but do watch out! They do over-grade. I bought a Daredevil #7 advertised as a FN+ by them a while ago and recently sent it in to CBCS.

      I got it back and it came back a 3.5 VG minus. When I received it, I knew it wasn't no 6.5. I thought it was more along the lines of a 4.5 or 5.0 the most, but nope, it came back a 3.5.

      That is no where near a FN+, so watch out when it comes to their grading. If you haven't noticed, I no longer link to NewKadia in any of the key issues list, and I will be taking down their banner ad.

      Use their gift card but do NOT dump any of your money into whatever comic you decide to snag from them. Not worth it if it comes back highly over-graded...even if you can knock off the price a bit with the gift card.

      I'd just get my free comic from them with that gift card and that's all, or if you can knock off a comic that's currently hot and only have to put in $20 of your money in it. I would not spend an extra $100 or more of my own money to get a comic that's highly over-graded from them. You would still lose even with the gift card if that comic came back extremely low from the grade they advertise it as.

      As for Brave and the Bold depends on your budget and personal preference. For most comics depending on the era or how in demand it is, I don't like going under VG.

      For this comic, I didn't want to go under a GD. That's just my personal preference, as I don't like comics that are that jacked up unless it's a super mega key issue like Action Comics #1 or Detective #27 or Batman #1, Superman #1, any of the More Fun Comics 1st appearances, etc. You get the picture.

      In the $300 to $400 range, I still recommend Daredevil #168 (1st Elektra), Daredevil #131 (1st Bullseye), Caliber Presents #1 (1st Crow) just to name a few at the top of my head.

  2. Great price increase over the years!!! Another thing I noticed is, that classic villains have risen in value. 15 years ago characters like Apocalypse, Darkseid or Ultron were cheap to have - nowadays they demand the same prices superheroes do!

    Speculation Jones

    1. Not too bad for Brave and the Bold #28. Maybe it'll be DC's Silver Age key's time to shine these coming years. Good to hear from ya Speculation Jones and hopefully the villain keys will hold up in value.

  3. Thanks TCM, always helpful to read your answers!!! Recently I've bought a Green Lantern #9 from them, I'm waiting to receive it, unfortunately I couldn't check a picture of the whole item...I'll let you know, which condition GL#9 is...sorry to hear that you had this bad experience with Newkadia...
    As for Brave and Bold #28-I also would not go under a VG- ...but I guess there is no chance to snag this item before the upcoming movie will push it more up...
    Thanks again for your help, by the way; Hope your pops is getting better, wishing him all the best from the always is the most important thing in life!!!!
    Regards, Sven

    1. No problem Sven, when you receive it, really inspect it. I mean from cover to back cover, all the pages, centerfold, everything. If it's not up to snuff, I believe NewKadia has a return policy and they say they'll even pay for return shipping.

      Not sure about international return shipping. May want to contact them about that if you're really not happy with the condition.

      Thanks for the wishes, bro, and I agree that family is the most important thing in life. After all, who else is gonna put up with me all these years.

  4. Howdy, Mayhem!

    Thank you for more interesting food for thought, as always :)

    I think the biggest difference between BatB 28 compared to AF 15 is potentially pretty straight forward. BatB is not a first appearance of any character, unless I am forgetting someone. I am not counting Snapper Carr or Starro...though I suspect they have fans somewhere. Sure, it is the first forming of the team, but that is not nearly as important as Sup / Bat / Aqua / WW / etc. first appearance. AF 15 is Spider-Man's first, so it rightfully should be well above anything BatB can touch. Okay, some CGC sales can get nuts, but still....

    I think it might get close to ASM 1. However, I think it will still be a lower cost book because of the timeline. ASM 1 is still very close to AF 15.

    I do agree that as a team, no one is more universally iconic (barring possibly the X-Men depending on age of person asked) and that should be a factor. I would always accept a copy of BatB, do not get me wrong. It is an undervalued book at this point, but maybe not as much as it might seem IMHO. For equal money, I would rather put in for AF 15 or ASM 1 from a strict investment POV.

    Personally, I really like BatB because of the team, nostalgia and that cover is bananas! Investment though, it would still take a 2nd seat to the Spidey books IMHO.

    - Craig Coffman

    1. Heya Craig...I'd have to agree with AF #15 and the first appearance of Spidey. Huge, huge fan base for Spidey without a doubt. In an investment POV, I would go with the first appearance of Spider-Man as well, but what I was trying to point out is that ASM #1 has even trumped the first appearance of the Justice League of America throughout the decades.

      In a historical sense, this comic and this team is responsible for Martin Goodman in directing Stan Lee and Kirby to create the Fantastic Four, which kicked off Marvel's return to the superhero genre during the Silver Age. It's also the first appearance of the Justice League of America which is an iconic team and has been for a long time.

      They don't really form the JLA in this issue for the first time...that would be in Justice League of America #9, which holds their first origin. I also wanted to point out the drastic bump in value which occurred for AF #15 and BatB #28 and there is no doubt that those books went nuts around both of their first initial movie hype...AF #15 probably before 2002-2003 when the first big budget Spider-Man movie was confirmed to be in the works by Sony.

      And we can clearly see that BatB #28 started to go bonkers near the time of their initial confirmation of a Justice League flim, probably around 2012 - 2014.

      Personally, I believe that Marvel was just more sought out and in demand over the years in a natural fan base sense. Although DC revived the superhero genre, Marvel revolutionized superhero characters.

      However, in the last couple of years, collectors are snagging up more vintage DC Comics and that may be due to speculators to a large degree. I agree about the AF #15 for sure as an investment, but there is definitely room for BatB #28 to grow.

      Just food for thought...

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