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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer!

Holy moly! This is no fan-made trailer. This is the real deal here.

Warner Bros. just released the official trailer and first look at the highly anticipated Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice at San Diego Comic Con today!

Watch it now if you haven't already. It's well worth it in my opinion.

All I can say is that this looks like it's gonna be some good shiz! I'm pretty excited from just this teaser alone. Ben Affleck as Batman? I think we're all gonna be surprised and in a good way.

What I loved was seeing Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and I'm glad they didn't skimp out on teasing her in the trailer even if it was brief glimpses. All I can say is AWESOME, and she looks great as the character in my opinion.

Can I get a "Hell, yeah"? Wonder Woman will get her action on in this movie, and as a fan of the character, I can't wait to see whose hide she's giving a good whomping to.

But that isn't the only thing good about this trailer.

As the title states, it does look like Batman and Superman will go at it in this flick like in the Batman The Dark Knight Returns comics by Frank Miller, and that alone is worth watching on the big screen. It's been well-known that Batman will get down in his Superman buster armor, but actually seeing it in action is just that much more cooler.

This teaser trailer looks great in my opinion, and it's definitely made me a lot more interested in seeing this in the theaters. Not that I wasn't going to see it in theaters anyways, but now I'm definitely a lot more excited!

Black and Blue! God vs Man! Day vs. Night! Sounds good to me, and so far, it looks pretty awesome to me as well. Zack Snyder directs this flick and it's scripted by Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer. 

March 26, 2016 is the release date for this comic movie!

What do you all think?


  1. The trailer looks great! But then again so did Man of Steel and I was highly disappointed in that film. One thing about Zack Snyder is that his visuals are always great, so I never doubted this trailer was going to look awesome. Now let's see if he can deliver a coherent story, good dialogue and most importantly an enjoyable film. He has trouble with that.

    However, if the film comes through as awesome as this trailer makes it look...bring it on!

    1. I agree with you that trailers can be misleading. A cool trailer but a shitty movie. It happens a lot for sure. To be honest, I really wasn't all that impressed with the Man of Steel trailer. It just didn't get me excited in a big bad way.

      We shall see about this one J Kandefer...always to good to hear from ya and hopefully it will be awesome!

  2. Replies
    1. Heya Oraldo, long ya been?

    2. Doing good; collecting on @ off haven't gone crazy with my collecting this year.

    3. I hear ya...I've slowed down a tad this year myself. Glad everything is alright with ya.

  3. I like! Ben Affleck actually makes a good impression. Let' s forget Daredevil and give him a chance.


    1. I'm all for giving Affleck a chance as Batman. I think he'll surprise us.

  4. Can't wait. This definitely looks amazing for sure...


    1. Heya Sid, what did you think of the Suicide Squad trailer?

  5. Ok, now you have my attention. I had serious reservations about Affleck, but after seeing this trailer,
    I must admit He looks impressive. Holy Crap Wonder Woman looks like a badass!! DC is gonna'
    give Marvel a run for the money and next summer we will all have lighter wallets and bigger smiles!
    ROCK ON MAYHEM!! lk (hope your dad is feeling better)

    1. Wow, heya LK...been a while...thanks, man! Hope you and your fam are doing well. Our wallets are gonna be a lot lighter for sure with all these comic movies being pumped out. I'm looking forward to Ant-Man. Keep on Rockin with Zen Kura! ZEN KURA!!!!!