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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The New Spider-Man Finally Cast!

To all those who speculated that Miles Morales would be the new Spider-Man for the film franchise, what in the world made you think that?

Seriously, though, when Kevin Feige reported quite some time ago that the new Spider-Man will be about Peter Parker, I drew a sigh of relief an eagerly anticipated casting news. Not to say that I wasn't worried though.

Everyone knows that Sony and Marvel has made a deal, but when you have one company who doesn't know what to do with the character yet has a big ego and another company who knows what to do with the character and has a big ego, sometimes something worse can come out of it.

Keven Feige will be on-board to produce the new Spider-Man movie, so that's a bit of a relief.  

Anyways, back to the subject at hand. The lucky star that will be the new Spider-Man or Peter Parker is Tom Holland. Clap. Cheer, or boo! Once again, he is a British actor and that really shouldn't matter or should it?

Back in 1994, Juliette Binoche played the role of Katherine Earnshaw from the book Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and was smashed by British critics because of her accent. Many even said that there were more than capable British actresses who could play the part, so why her?

So now, it's my turn for some douche-baggery. Why him? There are more than capable American actors who can play Peter Parker, who is an American icon.

You want a young American actor who has chops that could fit the role of Parker? Logan Lerman.

Anyways, apparently the lad screen tested with Robert Downey Jr. and Cris Evans and that culminated in the final decision. It was down to two actors, Holland and Charlie Rowe and those last two screen test apparently sealed the deal.

Charlie Rowe is also English. What's with Sony wanting Peter Parker to be an English actor? An outrage! Just like it was an outrage when American actress Anne Hathaway was first cast as Jane Austen in Becoming Jane over in England.

I dunno, look like Peter Parker to you? I think he passes.

Tom Holland is 19 years old and only 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Peter Parker is 5 foot 10, but that's nothing that lifts can't take care of. They obviously wanted the kid look since Feige did announce a while ago that they would set the character back in good ole Midtown High.

Most likely, I doubt that many of the comic purists could care less whether the actor is English, Irish, German, or American as long as he's White. Just throwing the truth out on front street is all.

With Holland's final and separate test screenings with RDJ as Iron Man and Chris Evans as Captain America, you could say it's confirmed that the new Spider-Man will show up in Captain America Civil War. Personally, don't really care for the choice only cause I don't know his work, but let's see what the guy brings. 

On a serious note, congrats to Tom Holland for getting the role. A big break indeed for an upcoming actor! I am excited for him.

For those who didn't get it, the whole bit about American or non English actors playing English characters and getting smashed for it by them was purely made in jest, with sarcasm, and a truckload of truth about the militancy some or most often feel about their national or pop culture icons.

Anyways, better brace yourself for the coming of the new Spider-Man and Captain America Civil War coming soon!


  1. Personally I like the choice! I like that they are going younger and I am REALLY glad it is Peter Parker. I know that some of the media is angry that it's another white Spider-Man but in my opinion I still don't think the SM movies so far have gotten the Peter Parker character right yet.

    I didn't like Toby McQuire at all. In fact I didn't really like the casting at all in the original trilogy even though they nailed the tone. I loved Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker but that reboot was written all wrong. The story was the issue in that case.

    I am so glad that Peter Parker is in the Marvel Studios universe. They have made my favorite comic book movies and I feel they will finally give us the definitive Spider-Man.

    I would love to see more Spider-Men in the future like Miles Morales & 2099 but first we need to see Peter Parker done right and hopefully a proper Venom in the future!

    Exciting stuff! Make mine Marvel Studios!

    P.S. Hey TCM just snagged an Invincible Iron Man #1 (1968) 9.4 cgc for $899! Probably one of the best in my collection now! Beautiful book!

    1. Hey J,

      That post was written up mostly in jest and sarcasm, because doing a straight article can get boring sometimes. I don't personally care for the choice cause I really don't know the actor or what he's been in, so I'm basically on the fence concerning that.

      I am glad that Peter Parker still remains Spider-Man in the movie franchise. I really could care less to see any of the others, and to me there is only one Spider-Man. The others are knock-offs due to a lack of creativity in actually creating a whole new different and awesome character that is of a different race and unique.

      That's just my opinion though, and I really like Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. There is nothing wrong with the way he portrayed the character, just bad vision on the director (maybe) writers (maybe) or producers of the last ASM film. I would chalk it up more to the producers in terms of that since they seem to have really stupid ideas and always want to wrench them in since they are funding the picture.

      Awesome, man! Congrats on that snag!

    2. Yeah, I definitely agree that I'd rather see new characters of different race than just changing existing characters just to be PC. I think it's a Cop out..

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  3. Yo, it' s the loop digger,

    I recently read in an article, that some secret papers were stolen from Marvel. Regarding Peter Parker they gave the instruction, that he' s not become gay or black. Has anyone heard about these rumors? I think for a cool company like Marvel, this is pretty uncool. Can anyone confirm these rumors about a "Marvel-leaks"?

    The loop digger

    1. The casting instructions said that he was to be White and heterosexual. Stan Lee commented on this and basically agreed that there was no point to change an already established character.

      Lee also said Black Panther should definitely not be Swiss and a Latino character should stay Latino or a Black character should stay Black. It's not an Ant-Black or Anti-Gay thing.

      He then said, as I've always been saying on this site, that there is a place for those characters, but create new ones instead of messing with already long-time established characters, because he doesn't really a point to it.

      I agree with the man 100%, and I would love to see more diversity in comics or in comic movies, but I'd rather see new, completely unique superheroes of different races or whatnot, then race swapping already iconic and established characters. That to me is highly uncool.

    2. TCM,

      I agree with you and Stan. Characters should be created and stay that way. It is confusing to the narrative to all of the sudden change their race or lifestyle. I say go ahead and create new diverse characters and go crazy, but leave the long established characters alone.

      No one would consider rewriting Moby Dick and rewrite Captain Ahab as a gay Latino man. What would be the purpose other than to try an fulfill some kind of PC agenda. Just write a new story and leave the classics alone.