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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Defenders Key Issues

Fulfilling another request and this will be a Defenders key issues series. Some of these listings are copied and pasted off of other key issues lists on here, so some these that claim are over-looked might not be so much now.

Of course, I'll scrounge up some keys I've yet to talk about concerning the Defenders as well, and I will try to minimize minor keys as much as possible. Anyways, here we go with some Defenders key comics.

1st appearance of the Defenders

Should be no surprise that this bronze age key issue would be on a list of Doctor Strange key issues. After all, this so called "non-team" was led by none other than Doctor Strange himself and is the first superhero team or non-team the character was ever in.
The original incarnation was Doctor Strange, The Hulk and Namor the Submariner, and the Defenders line up has had a revolving membership of Marvel characters throughout the years, which would also include the Silver Surfer among many others that would join The Defenders.

2nd appearance of Defenders

Still a bit over-looked but gaining recognition, Marvel Feature #2 holds the 2nd appearance of the Defenders. As crazy and funny as this market is, this comic got a huge boost in demand since Netflix and Marvel announced the upcoming TV series of the group, although the membership of the TV series concerning this team has no original member in it whatsoever.

Though, Dr. Strange is hitting the big screen quite soon, and Hulk already has a strong big screen movie presence. Early Bronze Age goodness for sure.
You can probably still find good deals for raw copies and maybe even high grade CGC copies if a bidding auction pops up. Marvel Feature #2 and the 2nd appearance of the Defenders was published March, 1972.

3rd appearance of Defenders

3rd appearance of the Defenders. So far the line up is still Doctor Strange, the Hulk, and Namor the Submariner. This is the last story in Marvel Feature before the Defenders get their own series.

Apparently their tryout story in this title worked and due to popularity of this team at the time, the Defenders would march on in their own self-titled series that lasted 152 issues. June, 1972 was when Marvel Feature #3 was published.

1st issue to self-titles series
1st appearance of Necrodamus
4th appearance Defenders

It wouldn't be long until the Defenders was spun off into their own headlining series. Silver Surfer does not appear in this issue, but he is mentioned by Namor at the very end of the story, which will begin the search for the Silver Surfer and lead to him joining the team. 

This issue also has the first appearance of Necrodamus, but the character really isn't a major villain. August, 1972 is when this key issue was published, and it is a pretty expensive Bronze Age key in high grades. Definitely no light weight any longer as it was a few years ago.

2nd issue to Defenders
Silver Surfer joins team

The Defenders #2 is the first time Silver Surfer actually makes an appearance in The Defender's titled series. As we all know, the Silver Surfer has become quite connected to The Defenders team and is known as an original member of the superhero group. 

The comic series was also a long one, spanning 152 issues. October, 1972 was when this bronze age comic was published.

1st appearance of Valkyrie
Valkyrie joins team

Before there is confusion, it should be addressed that this is the first appearance of the Barbara Norris version of the character. There are two other versions before this one.

The first version of Valkyrie is the Enchantress impersonating her in Avengers #83. The 2nd first appears in Incredible Hulk #142 and the host is Samantha Parrington. That issue is the first true appearance of the Valkyrie persona or the Asgardian Warrior known as Brunnhilde.

Defenders #4 holds the first appearance of Barbara Norris as Valkyrie and it's this version that is the one that first joins the Defenders. Barbara Norris as Valkyrie's host would be a long standing member of the Defenders team. This issue also sees the character join the team.

Amora the Enchantress has been the one who gave the powers and persona of Valkyrie or Brunnhilde to both Samantha Parrington and Barbara Norris. The Enchantress also trapped Brunnhilde's body in suspended animation during this time.

Samantha Parrington would return as Valkyrie in the 2nd Defenders series. The first appearance of Barbara Norris as Valkyrie in Defenders #4 was published February, 1973.

Created by Ross Andru and Roy Thomas, this Defenders non-team concept is nothing short of confusing in terms of a key issues list. Members can leave whenever they want, and the team are a group of outsiders who basically follow their own agendas and don't necessarily get a long or like each other.

This makes it confusing as to who is actually a member and when they officially join or don't. So, for the most part, I'll just be sticking to long-time members or those who recur in the titled series often.

The group does have a rotating line up that occurs more often than most superhero teams and some of these members never really join the group but are considered associate members.

Dr. Strange is one of the constant members for the most part, and this team was created shortly after his titled series was cancelled which was a pretty common practice for characters that fizzled out of demand in comics.

Anyways, click the PART 2 to continue with more Defenders key comics.


  1. I would strongly suggest adding Sub Mariner 34 and 35. Even though it is not a TRUE Defenders appearance it us widely accepted as a precursor. It features Submariner, Hulk, and Silver Surfer and they go by the supposed name of the Titans Three

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