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Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Defenders Key Issues Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Defenders key issues list or series. Before the official founding of the Defenders, the group was known briefly as the Titans Three in Sub-Mariner #34 through #35. I detailed that in the Sub-Mariner key issues list.

Although the group as the group of Doctor Strange, Namor, and the Hulk did first meet the Avengers in the Sub-Mariner storyline, they were not called the Defenders at the time. Their name as the Titans Three was also an unofficial name.

The issues presented in Part 2 do lead up to when the team of the Defenders as an official group first meets the Avengers. If you missed Part 1 that link will bring you back. Here's Part 2 to the series below.

Chapter 1 Avengers vs. Defender
Begins cross-over story

Not exactly a major key Defenders issue but it would kick off the Avengers vs. Defenders story line that ran through Defenders issues #8-11 and Avengers #116 through #118. I also listed this issue so I could talk about the Defenders line up.

The Defenders had a constant revolving membership and some joined as associate members. There are quite a few that became associate members of the Defenders. Hawkeye was one of them and was first seen in Defenders #7.

In the Avengers/Defenders cross-over, Hawkeye fought a long side the Defenders. Both teams are searching for fragments of the Evil Eye, and of course, Loki has something to do with both teams misunderstandings of one another.

This is, however, a fan-favorite cross-over story for Defenders fans, and does lead up to the two group's first meeting.

Chapter 2 & 3 Avengers vs. Defenders
Silver Surfer vs Scarlet Witch & Vision

If only this were to happen on the big screen! What an epic battle that would be.

So, not technically a major key issue or anything, but this issue is listed here purely for the comic geek out factor. Also, this is a favorite cross-over story for fans of both the Defenders and Avengers.

So chapter 2 takes up where chapter one left off in Defenders #8. Apparently Dormammu and Loki have concocted a plan in tricking the Defenders in retrieving fragments of the Evil Eye for them. However, both are sinister and are out for their own gain.

Fearing that he'll be betrayed by Dormammu, Loki gets the aid of the Avengers and makes them believe that the Defenders are seeking these fragments for evil purposes. Thus, the Avengers split up to intercept each Defenders member in hopes of stopping them.

In Chapter 3 of this cross-over story titled Silver Surfer vs. The Vision and Scarlet Witch, a fragment of the Evil Eye has been located on a remote island of Rurutu, and the Silver Surfer arrives to retrieve it.

The Surfer activates a volcano by accident while searching for the fragment inside it, and when the volcano explodes, it knocks a certain Quinjet out of the sky with one Scarlet Witch aboard it. Mistakenly thinking that Silver Surfer attacked Scarlet Witch, Vision goes after him and the two duke it out. Silver Surfer is able to escape the fray with the fragment. Avengers #116 was published October, 1973.

Chapter 4-6 Avengers vs. Defenders
Hawkeye vs Iron Man
Dr. Strange vs Mantis & Black Panther

In this issue it's Hawkeye vs. Iron Man as the Defenders scramble to find the the fragments of the Evil Eye. In Monterrey, Mexico, Iron Man locates the fragment at a local university when he is intercepted by Hawkeye. The archer vs. the Shellhead in chapter 5 of this cross-over.

In chapter 6, Mantis and Black Panther fight for a fragment in Indiana. Dr Strange summons a spell that stuns both the Avengers and escapes with the fragment. Defenders #9 was published October, 1973.

Chapter 7 & 8 Avengers vs. Defenders
Captain America vs. Namor
Valkyrie vs. the Swordsman

Two of the oldest Marvel superheroes go at it in this issue. Avengers #117 sees a classic battle between the Star Spangled one and Marvel's first mutant. Definitely a battle I'd love to see on the big screen.

To further their Golden Age roots, Captain America and Namor both arrive in Japan to retrieve an Evil Eye fragment. Of course, after throwing a few, Namor explains to Cap that they are retrieving the fragments of the Evil Eye to restore the Black Knight to life. A truce is made and both leave together.

Chapter 7 of this issue and cross-over sees Valkyrie and the Swordsman go at it in Boliva. Not exactly a stellar or classic battle, but it is what it is.

Avengers #117 was published November, 1973.

Chapter 9 & 10 Avengers vs. Defenders
Hulk vs. Thor
Another mighty titans match up concerning the Jade Giant and Thor. Who doesn't love seeing that, and the Avengers movie gave us a glimpse. Of course, Thor fans were none to happy about the outcome of that on the big screen.

Oh, well. Not their first match up or battle in comics, and the two powerhouses ground 'n pound in Los Angeles, California.

Of course, the battle is stopped when both the Defenders and Avengers arrive and realize that Dormammu and Loki are the real culprits. Our heroes are so smart. Super geniuses.

This issue is the actual first meeting of the Defenders and Avengers with all the members from both teams present. Defenders #10 was published November, 1973. This issue isn't noted as such and not valuable because of the first meeting key issue notation. It's a tad sought out more for the Thor vs. Hulk battle gimmick.

Last chapter Avengers vs. Defenders
1st Avengers & Defenders team up

Rumors, rumors, rumors. You gotta love 'em and hate 'em.

So a recent rumor is that Netflix's Defenders and Disney's Avengers will meet on the big screen and possibly in Avengers Infinity War 1 or 2. It doesn't seem that overly far-fetched since quite a few characters from the big screen crossed over to the small screen like Agent Coulson and Peggy Carter.

However, a small screen character has yet to pop up in the big screen universe. There's a first for everything, right?

Hopefully, these rumors are true. This issue in Avengers #118 marks the first Avengers & Defenders team up, and if rumors pan out, this comic could see some heat for a short while.

The two superhero teams go up against Loki and Dormammu. Avengers #118 was published December, 1973, and is the last chapter of this epic cross-over.

A few of these are already over-priced on eBay. Not sure about offline though. Might be able to snag these raw and cheap at a comic con or your local if you feel like speculating.

A lot of interesting versus in this part however, but relatively minor key comics in the grand scheme of the Marvel Universe. They might be some of the few important Defenders key comics though if rumors do pan out for a certain meeting on the big screen. 

The PREVIOUS link below will bring you to Part 1 in case you missed it. Click the PART 3 link below for more Defenders key issues.

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