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Friday, June 12, 2015

Shazam Key Issues Part 6

We are heading into the era where Captain Marvel is fully integrated into the DCU. That is around mid Copper Age era.

I won't be listing any Crisis on Infinite Earths issues, but that is the series that officially plopped this character smack into the DCU mainstream continuity. Sure, it was getting rebooted, but there would be some changes for the character during this New Earth period.

So we will be whipping through the Copper Age and ending Part 6 with Modern Age key issues. This Part 5 link will bring ya back if you missed it, but if you're good to go, let's get to it.

1st appearance of Oggar in DC Comics
1st new Monster Society of Evil
Black Adam joins team

Formed and headed by Mister Mind to once again destroy Captain Marvel, World's Finest Comcis #264 sees the first appearance of a new version of the Monster Society of Evil. Also, this issue introduces Oggar, another Golden Age Captain Marvel villain, into DC Comics but still in the Earth-S realm.

I missed Oggar's first appearance in the early parts of this Shazam keys series and the character first appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #61. Of course, any chance to demolish Captain Marvel is good for Black Adam and he first joins this new incarnation of the villainous team.

World's Finest Comics #264 was published September, 1980.

1st appearance of Chain Lightening

After the cancellation of the Shazam series with issue #35, the Captain Marvel and his supporting cast moved over to World's Finest Comics as a back up feature starting with issue #252. Their stories would continue until issue #282.

World's Finest Comics #272 holds the first appearance of Chain Lightening, a Metahuman with multiple personality disorder. She has the power to absorb and dispel electricity in the form of lightning bolts. Gerry Ordway, E. Nelson Bridwell, Don Newton and Steve Mitchell created the character.

She would become a Captain Marvel villain during this era and has the ability to cause the Marvel Family to revert back to their non-powered selves by attacking them with enough of a charge.

Chain Lightening would be reintroduced in Power of Shazam #14, and she would have four personalities. The persona of Amy has a crush on Captain Marvel Jr. This comic and first appearance was published October, 1981.

1st Captain Marvel Post-Crisis
1st appearance of Amanda Waller

Legends #1 is seeing heat because of the 1st appearance of Amanda Waller, who is an important figure for the Modern Age Suicide Squad mythos, but this comic also sees the first appearance of Captain Marvel Post-Crisis as well.

It may be a minor key in terms of Captain Marvel, but with the first appearance of Amanda Waller, it is worth noting again and slapping this issue here in this Shazam key issues list. November, 1986 is the publishing date for this Copper Age key issue comic.

1st appearance new Justice League
Captain Marvel joins team

In Post-Crisis, Captain Marvel joins the Justice League or the new Justice League in this issue. The title would be spun off into an on-going series that changed the title to Justice League International with issue #7.

The events in this issue sets up the new team of Captain Marvel, Batman, Doctor Fate, Mister Miracle, Mister Miracle, Blue Beetle, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern (Guy Gardner). This is the first superhero team Captain Marvel joins outside his mythos and in the DCU.

April, 1987 was when Legends #6 was published.

Post-Crisis origin of Captain Marvel

Long time readers of this site should know that Crisis on Infinite Earths sought to end DC's messy multi-verse of Earth 1, Earth 2, Earth 3, Earth-S, and whatever else they had going on. The end of that limited series saw Captain Marvel fully integrated into DC's universe.

Much like Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and most characters within the DCU, Captain Marvel also got a rebooted origin to fit into New Earth. Writers Roy and Dann Thomas undertook the project to relaunch Captain Marvel in this new mainstream.

One notable character change that occurred in this series is the personality of young Billy Batson is retained when he transforms into Captain Marvel. April, 1987 is the publishing date for this comic.

1st appearance of Osiris

This is the 1st character appearance of Osiris.  Created by Gerard Jones and Chuck Wojtkiewicz, this is the original version of the character.

Osiris is an Egyptian god, but this version of the character in DC Comics believes is a reincarnation of the Egyptian god Osiris, the god of Death, fertility and resurrection. This version is not directly related to Black Adam.

The 3rd incarnation or character to take the name Osiris is Amon Tomaz. The 3rd version of Osiris is a member of the Black Marvel Family or Black Marvels as they are also known. Justice League International #62 was published March, 1994. 

1st appearance of Sabina

Sabina was found to be the 10th person in line of succession to the powers of Shazam. She is the daughter of a demon Necromancer and a sorceress.

The Council of Merlin would later task her with objective of receiving the powers of Shazam. Sabina would cause the deaths of those in line before her and try to sabotage Freddy Freeman's Trials of Shazam to prove himself worthy.

Sabina is a villain for Captain Marvel Jr. in this series, and this 12 issue limited series tells the tale of Freddy Freeman's quest to become the new Captain Marvel.

December, 2006 was when Trials of Shazam #3 was published.

52 WEEKS #3
1st appearance of Adrianna Tomaz

This version of Isis is the character that becomes Black Adam's wife and lover. Adrianna Tomaz is an Egyptian woman enslaved and brought forth to Black Adam as a gift by the Intergang.

She would change his views about the world and how he could better it and his people. This incarnation of Isis has similar powers to Black Adam and she becomes part of the Black Marvels with her brother Osiris.

In order to transform, she says, "I am Isis!" 52 #3 and the first appearance of Adrianna Tomaz is cover-dated May, 2006 and published July, 2006. This versions first appearance as Isis would be in 52 #12.

52 WEEKS #23
1st full appearance of Amon Tomaz
Origin of Osiris

This issue holds the first appearance of Amon Tomaz, who becomes the 3rd incarnation of Osiris. Amon Tomaz is the brother of Adrianna Tomaz and becomes part of the Black Marvels in the DC Comics universe.

The character was first seen in a picture in Teen Titans #38 volume 3, but this issue is his first full appearance. He is like the Captain Marvel Jr. version for Black Adam and transforms by saying his name.

This issue sees the first appearance and origin of Osiris. 52 #23 was published October, 2006. 

Reason I put some Modern Age key issues is because they do hold some 1st appearances worth noting. While the initial version of Isis in Shazam #25 is the 1st appearance of the actual character, her rebooted version in 52 is definitely more linked to the characters of Captain Marvel and Black Adam.

Some of the stuff is interesting to see how the character developed as well. The Shazam! revival series definitely kept Captain Marvel within the Earth-S realm or stayed more true to the Golden Age Fawcett stories.

Marvel would break out here and there into DC mainstream continuity gradually until Crisis on Infinite Earths. In a historical sense, this evolution within DC Comics is worth noting.

The publisher would buy the rights to Fawcett's characters in 1992. There will be a Part 7 and that will be the last one. 

Part 7 will be a clean up job for some key issues I missed during the Golden Age or whatever else. Just click the PART 7 link to continue to the end of this series.


  1. Sorry Mayhem, not Shazam related, but wanted to ask if you heard anything about a Lobo screen debut (probably on Superman/Batman, JLA or New Teen Titans)? Would like to see my Omega Men 3 (9,8) get some action...

    Speculation Jones

    1. Word is that a Lobo movie is on hiatus...or delayed with no knowledge of if or when that project will start up again.

  2. Don' t want to ruin the fun vor everyone but, I just can' t imagine Shazam being cool again. For me, it' s just a character of the last century who is now way past his primetime. This should be taken into consideration, when investing.

    Mr. Scrub

    1. We shall have to see how Warner Bros. tackles this character. I must admit, I wasn't overly impressed when they confirmed a Shazam movie, but I also have to admit, I'm curious as how they're gonna modernize the character. May be a hit or a miss. I am leaning more towards the latter.

      One thing for certain is that a lot of the earlier Captain Marvel keys aren't easy finds in the market.

  3. Hi Mayhem,

    I was reading your post for 52 WEEKS #3 1st appearance of Adrianna Tomaz and in your post you mentioned "first appearance of Adrianna Tomaz was published May, 2006".

    I was looking at the CGC up for sale in eBay and the date is showing as 7/06. can you please confirm the dates. sorry if i am asking dumb questions here.

    Here's the info from CGC site.
    Title: 52
    Issue: 3
    Issue Date: 7/06
    Issue Year: 2006
    Publisher: D.C. Comics

    1. Does it really matter all that much? The cover of the actual comic has May, 2006 right on it.

  4. Hi Mayhem,

    You mentioned that Amon Tomaz is the 3rd incarnation of Osiris (52 Weeks #23) and the 1st character appearance of Osiris was Justice League International #62. What was the 2nd Osiris and what comics and year did it appeared? Is there an Osiris that appeared in any of the Dr. Fate comics?


  5. i saw a post 1st Monster Society of Evil in DC Comics posted was Shazam #14 and here on your website it is WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #264. can you clarify.