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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shazam Key Comic Books Part 4

We're gonna be wrapping up the last of the Golden Age Shazam or Captain Marvel key comic books in Part 4 here. Quite a few first appearances in this part are pretty minor and it continues that way for many of the titled series that the Marvel Family inhabited during this time, but there are some good ones as well.

Keys for two major villains of the Marvel Family will be featured in this part. One of them is probably a hard find, but we shall see. Alright, let's get into it if you haven't missed Part 3.

1st full appearance of Mister Mind

Here we are with the first full appearance of Mister Mind. This villain has crossed over into the recent New 52 as a villain.

Both him, Black Adam, and Doctor Sivana are key villains in the later stories involving Captain Marvel. While Black Adam was a one-off character during the Golden Age, the villainous Mister Mind and Doctor Sivina have been notable Golden Age villains for the Marvel Family that carried over into the present as well.

Although only a two-inch worm, this should be an important key regarding Captain Marvel key comic books. Captain Marvel Adventures #27 was published September, 1943.

1st appearance of Uncle Marvel

We have super-powered spin-off characters of the Big Red Cheese, and then there's some non-powered supporting characters dress up in the Captain Marvel costume like a present-day cosplayer. Uncle Marvel has no powers and is a supporting character of Mary Marvel.

Named Dudley H. Dudley, Uncle Marvel first tried to con his way into the Marvel Family, but they saw through his trickery. However, the old, rotund Dudley was a lovable sort of character, and they gave him membership as their manager.

During his time with the Marvel Family, the super-powered team would humor him and ask him to use his superpowers. Uncle Marvel would usually complain that his shazambago, lower back pain, was acting up and interfering with his abilities.

Uncle Marvel was primarily used for comic relief. He makes sporadic and rare appearances in the Modern Age of comics. Wow Comics #18 was published October, 1943.

1st appearance of Freckles Marvel

Non super powered cosplay groupie? Actually, Uncle Marvel's niece but she doesn't have powers either. However, in The Kid Super Power Hour With Shazam TV series, Freckles Marvel was Billy and Mary's cousin.

In Golden Age of comics, this character is considered part of the Marvel Family, but really isn't all that of a major supporting character of the Marvel characters. Wow Comics #35 was published April, 1945.

1st appearance of Black Adam
1st issue to new spin-off series

Once again, this issue makes it on a key issues list, and this comic has the first appearance of Black Adam. Believe it or not, Black Adam was not known as a major nemesis for Captain Marvel during the Golden Age.

He actually only has one appearance during this time and would not appear again until DC Comics licensed the Captain Marvel characters from Fawcett during the early 1970s. In the Golden Age, Captain Marvel's most notorious villains were Mister Mind and Doctor Sivana.

Created by Otto Binder and artist C.C. Beck, Black Adam is Teth Adam, an ancient Egyptian prince who was chosen by Shazam, the wizard, to be his successor due to his moral purity. He has the same powers as Captain Marvel when he says the word Shazam, but soon became corrupted by the limitlessness of his powers.

In the Golden Age of comics, his powers were derived from Greco-Roman deities. This would later be changed to Egyptian deities. Black Adam may have not claimed the throne of Captain Marvel's nemesis during this time, but he would soon be championed as one of the hero's main villains later.

Dwayne Johnson is confirmed to play this character in the Shazam movie, and this one has become even more valuable since then. The first appearance of Black Adam in Marvel Family Comics #1 was published December, 1945.

1st issue to headlining series
1st appearance of Georgia Sivana

Looks like Doctor Sivana is not just busy trying to destroy Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family or from exacting vengeance upon the world that shunned him, but he's also a baby making machine. Georgia Sivana makes her first appearance in this issue, and like her father, she is an evil genius scientist.

She and her brother Sivana Jr. look more like their father, and she does cross over into the New 52 continuity, but is not as used as much as her father Doctor Sivana when it comes to creating chaos in the DC Universe. December, 1945 is the publishing date for this comic.

1st appearance of Sivana Jr.

Adding more to the Sivana Family is Sivana Jr. He is the brother of Beautia, Magnificus, and Georgia.

Like his father and sister Georgia, he is an evil scientist and a semi-important supporting rogue of both Captain Marvel. He does not have many appearances in the New 52

Sivana Jr. was created by Otto Binder and Pete Costanza. January, 1946 is the publishing date for Captain Marvel Adventures #52.

1st appearance of Joan Jameson

At WHIZ radio, Billy Batson gets a secretary and her name is Joan Jameson. I think she only has a single appearance in the Golden Age, but the character is carried over into the 1970s Shazam series.

She also appears in World's Finest Comics when Captain Marvel's 1970s comic series was cancelled and the character's adventures moved to that title. Maybe a small role in the movie. Maybe no role.

This character was one of the few that actually knew Captain Marvel's secret identity. November, 1946 is the publishing date for this comic.

1st appearance of King Kull

Though later in the Golden Age, King Kull became a note worthy villain in Captain Marvel's rogue gallery. King Kull is sometimes known as Beastman or Beast Man.

He is from prehistoric times and ruler of a race known as the Submen. Although brutish in appearance and sometimes manners, the Submen were actually a technologically evolved race of beings that ruled over humanity during this time.

Humans would revolt and overthrow the Submen since this species were drastically lower in numbers compared to their human subjects. As a foe for Captain Marvel, King Kull is an occasional member of the Monster Society of Evil headed by Mister Mind.

King Kull is carried over into the 1970s DC Comics revival of Captain Marvel and is thrown into the continuity of then. His existence, however, was erased after the Crisis of the Infinite Earths limited series.

October, 1951 is the publishing date for the first appearance of King Kull in Captain Marvel Adventures #125.

1st appearance of Dexter Knox

A pretty minor Captain Marvel character, but nonetheless, a supporting character. Dexter Knox is a young inventor that sometimes helps the Big Red Cheese from time to time.

The character was carried over into the Shazam comic series published by DC during the 70s, but didn't have many appearances in that title also.

Maybe, I shouldn't have even bothered to list this one but here it is. Captain Marvel Adventures #133 was published June, 1952.

Last issue to series
Last Golden Age Captain Marvel appearance

Here it is. DC's attempt to trump Fawcett from publishing Captain Marvel is triumphant.

Fawcett cancels all titles due to DC Comic's suit of copyright infringement. All Captain Marvel villains and supporting characters would not be seen again until the Bronze Age.

Marvel Family #89 is the last Golden Age appearance of Captain Marvel, and this comic was published January, 1954.

Whiz Comics stopped with issue #155 when Fawcett was not allowed to print Captain Marvel stories any longer near the end of the Golden Age era. Would it have truly mattered since superhero comics were and ultimately did fall out of favor around this time.

In all honesty, Fawcett might of cancelled the series and all their other superhero titles and started following the trend of horror, romance, and other genres that replaced the once mighty superhero market of the Golden Age.

Captain Marvel Adventures ran for 150 issues, Captain Marvel Jr ran for 119 issues, Wow Comics ended at issue #69, Mary Marvel ran for 28 issues, Master Comics ended with issue #133, and of course the last appearance of Captain Marvel during the Golden Age was in the last issue of Marvel Family #89.

Who knows? With the extreme popularity of Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family, perhaps Captain Marvel might of survived the switch in taste of the time like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman had it not been for DC.

We'll never know, and there's no use in speculating about that now. What is certain is that Carmine Infantino would license the characters from Fawcett in 1972 and plan a revival for the Marvel Family characters. 

Due to Marvel's stranglehold on the Captain Marvel name, DC would be forced to title the revival series Shazam but with the subtitle of "The Original Captain Marvel". Marvel issued a cease and desist order and DC was forced to change the subtitle to The World's Mightiest Mortal with Shazam! #15. 

You can guess that Part 5 will explore a bit about this 70s revival, and that's all ready to go if you're ready. Just click the link below to continue with more Shazam and Captain Marvel key issues.


  1. Hey its EC here debating on what comic to buy has my 1st investment my budget Is $300-350 I have 3 books I'm looking at so let me know what one you think is best.
    1. Amazing spiderman #300 CGC 9.4
    2. Iron Fist #14 CGC 9.0
    3. Journey into mystery #88 CGC 6.5
    Okay let m e now if you reccomend any others. Thanks ~ EC

    1. Out of the bunch you listed, I'd probably go with ASM #300 at that grade. There is also Daredevil #168 9.4 in your price range as well.

      They're all good choices. I'm a bit more skeptical of the 2nd appearance of Loki at that grade though, and I know it's in you're price range which is why it's there on your list.

      Which one are you more a fan of?