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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Recent Comic Book Movie News

While I've been working on requested key issues lists, there's been a lot going on in the world of comic book movies that I've sadly haven't gotten around to talk about in a timely manner. We got quite a few such as Suicide Squad, Dr. Strange and plus the rumors surrounding Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, the Hulk, Punisher, Blade and Ghost Rider.

Yeah, a lot of stuff going on. Whether it's good stuff or not, you can decided that for yourself.

So for the big news of recent, or the one I consider the big news of recent, is the casting of the Ancient One for the Dr. Strange film. Most know that it is Tilda Swinton, the British actress who played in Gabriel in Constantine.

I don't even need to read the comments on these news sites to know that there is probably an uproar about that casting decision. Probably a few comments are even throwing around the R word. I do have to say: That's two major supporting Asian comic characters Marvel/Disney has changed the race to White for a flick.

The first is of course the Mandarin and now the Ancient One. That's two strikes for Marvel/Disney, and I'm starting to think this movie studio would rather designate Asian Marvel characters in their films to mere bit roles...female or male.

Then again, I'm pretty sure that all the sexist claims that the studio has been under fire recently had something to do with casting a female for the part of the Ancient One also. It may not be the only reason, but I'm sure it may play a part.

Not to say that Tilda Swinton isn't a brilliant actress. She is, but it is a strange casting choice racially and gender-wise for some comic fans. The racial change is less surprising, but the gender change is a bit suspect.

Onward to other latest developments. Looks like some photos were leaked on the set of Suicide Squad that showed more of Harley Quinn and Katana. Here are some of them that have been recently leaked in case you missed them.

Looks like Katana will be part of the team or at least helping them for the upcoming Suicide Squad film. It was only about a month ago when the cast photo revealed that Karen Fukuhara would not be playing the rumored Plastique but will actually be Katana, who first appeared in Brave and the Bold #200 along with the Outsiders.

Captain America Civil War is shaping up to be like another Avengers movie. The cast involved is pretty incredible and the Avengers team at the end of Avengers Age of Ultron will be in the 3rd Captain America flick.

Current cast besides Cap includes Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Falcon, Vision, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Sharon Carter, and Black Panther.

On the villain side, we have Baron Zemo, the Winter Soldier, and Crossbones. Okay, Tony Stark as Iron Man is suppose to be a main villain as well, but we know that won't last very long for the film franchise.

Other than that, rumors that a Ms. Marvel ABC miniseries is in the works and that a 12 Years a Slave screenwriter John Ridley may be involved since he has a Marvel mystery project lined up for the network. Also, heavy rumors about Angelina Jolie directing the Captain Marvel movie, and Charlize Theron playing Carol Danvers has been circulating.

That's not all though, folks!

Also in the rumor mill is a possible ABC Family Cloak & Dagger TV series, and of course the Netflix front is heating up on the rumor mill as well. Rumors have surfaced about Netflix expanding their superhero roster to include such characters as Ghost Rider, Blade, and the Punisher.

The rumors are starting to run rampant on the web, and many have been diverse. Some state that possible shows for Ghost Rider, Blade and the Punisher are in being discussed, while others report that the Netflix Marvel side is trying to weave those characters into their already existing roster of Netflix superhero shows.

There's no doubt that there are concerns regarding these rumored characters. Punisher is way too hardcore of a character to be portrayed right with a PG-13 rating, and Blade and Ghost Rider are well...a bit on the supernatural side.

However, this doesn't stop anyone from throwing these characters into the mix and seeing the fan response. Much like comic books, they may start to seriously contemplate spin-off shows for these characters if the fan response is too overwhelming not to give them a shot.

The most far-fetched of these rumors currently circulating is a Hulk prequel TV series. Mark Ruffalo would have to have his contract renegotiated and the budgetary cost of CGI would be astounding for a TV series. 

Who knows though? If there's one thing that's clear in this comic book boom, anything's possible.


  1. Can' t understand the ruckuss about Swenton. In the history of acting it was always a common thing that women play men and men play women - some quite interesting things can come out of that. People should be happy that our business still attracts such talent! Just my two cents about that...


    1. Its the white washing of the character that's a bigger deal. Been a common practice in Hollywood, (Avatar: The Last Airbender, that horrid DBZ movie). I'm a Tilda Swindon fan, and I think its less to do about her and more about the continual white washing of Asian characters in American movies.

  2. Good day Mr. Mayhem,

    what would be a decent price for a Batman 52 Nr. 1? Just curious.

    Mr. Scrub

    1. Did you have a clown for breakfast? First Hugga Bunch and now this! Gonna report this to the serious collector police!

      Mr. Scrub

    2. First off, we're talking about a Modern Age comic. You're asking my opinion on a Modern Age comic that I have no wish to buy nor wouldn't buy with your kid's lunch money, so how would I even know what's a fair price or not for that comic? It all depends on what the individual is willing to pay for it, and eBay Sold Listings has that information.

      2nd, the questions about keys in the $500 range or heading towards the $1000 mark is a vague question. Are you talking about raw keys or slabbed keys or high grade or mid-grade or low grades in that price range?

      How do I know whether you prefer raw or slabbed? All you're giving me is a price range, and that's a lot of comics to wade through with just a price range. Gimmie a break.

    3. I laugh at all of the comments asking "what is a good comic to get in whatever price range" that I see on here. This site is almost completely dedicated to key issue lists. If you want an idea of a good investment comic, check out the "On the Hunt" section of this website. It's filled with ideas for you. I get a lot of ideas for books to get from there. I can see how it would be frustrating for my friend "Mayhem" to get all of these requests for books to invest in when he puts out key issues lists on almost a daily basis. I don't mean to piss anyone off but it's just a little ridiculous.
      ~Gerry D

  3. Hi Mayhem,

    talking about the Brave & the Bold, I just found out that Nr. 33 (2007) goes for quite some bucks on ebay. Do you know why? Probably still can be found cheap since I never heard of it...

    Speculation Jones

    1. Supposedly, it's the prequel to Killing Joke, or before Barbara Gordon gets shot and crippled. at least that's what it's being marketed as with some sellers.

  4. Hello my Mayhem man,

    I remember I read about the vertigo series DMZ becoming a television series - can you confirm that, or have you any information on the current situation? Spotted a number one for 15 $ and would like to invest.


    Max Rebo

    1. Not really any recent news since early last year regarding DMZ tv series. Last I heard SyFy was going to tackle it. Then again SyFy was suppose to tackle Clone but that fell through.

  5. here in Toronto, Suicide Squad is being spotted everywhere. lol. who can say "no" to Will Smith? a few weeks back, they held up rush hour for filming.

  6. Anyone interested in Hugga Bunch 1? Got 20 copies left. Don' t ask why.