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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jessica Jones Key Issues

We all know that Jessica Jones is the next Marvel Netflix series to stream pretty soon, and since Luke Cage will obviously be in her Netflix series, it might be better to see how this character connects with Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist in the comics.

There's some interesting stuff in this concerning short-term speculation comics and some keys that will most likely be connected to the Netflix series in some way. Many will be under the radar currently, so let's take a looksie.

1st appearance of Jessica Jones
1st meeting with Luke Cage
1st issue to comic series

Since the begining, Luke Cage has been connected to the character of Jessica Jones. Their actual first meeting is in issue #1, and they even do the hippity-dippity in this comic.

More importantly, Alias #1 is the first published appearance of Jessica Jones and the 1st issue to her 1st on-going series obviously. Pretty much a triple whammy here.

Jessica Jones was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. She is a super-powered superhero and has the power of flight and super-human strength. I know that the ladies are wanting more superhero females on screen to geek out on.

However, this series is from the Marvel Max imprint and is more adult in nature. Jessica Jones will be revealed to have some major problems and insecurities, and the show's plot details reveal they will follow that.

In this series, she is a former superhero that quit and started up Alias Investigations. So basically, she is a private detective, and that's pretty much a perfect premise for a TV show. Hey, if it works, work it!

Her character is greatly connected to Daredevil or Matt Murdock in the comics as well and less so with Iron Fist. The origin of Jessica Jones is tied to everyone's favorite Web-slinger, but I'm a bit skeptical how or if that will play out in the live action version of the character.

Could be a good move for Sony to have their new Peter Parker cast and thrown in the Jessica Jones series in a cameo. Might help build up even more anticipation for what's in store with this new Spidey in the works.

Anyways, Alias #1 was published November, 2001 and has already seen heat in the market quite a while ago.

2nd appearance of Jessica Jones
2nd issue to series

Definitely not an expensive buy in the current market whatsoever, but this is the 2nd appearance of Jessica Jones and the 2nd issue to the comic series. Over-looked? Pretty much.

If you like under the radar Modern Age comics to speculate on, here's one to keep on eye out for or to snag up while the heat is relatively low. December, 2001 was when Alias #2 was published.

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3rd appearance of Jessica Jones
1st meeting Jessica Jones & Matt Murdock

Highly over-looked or under the radar. In terms of the Netflix series, this issue is important because it has the first meeting between Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock.

That will definitely play out on the show, but it could go either way in terms of the creators sticking to the actual comic story or re-imaging it. In the story, Jessica Jones is being interrogated by Detective Paul Hall when Matt Murdock enters the room as her lawyer.

Of course, Luke Cage is the one who phones up his old friend, and Matt Murdock explains this outside the police station. While talking to her, Murdock can tell that Jessica Jones is telling the truth about her non-involvement in the Pritchett murder.

So, might be a short-term flipper once or if this key gets more recognized in the market. Maybe it never will. If you have a copy and consider it junk, you may want wait to see if a peak happens. January, 2002 is the publishing date for Alias #3.

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1st appearance of Malcom Powder

Malcom Powder doesn't really appear in the series that often. He is a huge fan of Jessica Jones and pretty much a stalker.

Their first meeting is in this issue where he breaks into her office and answers her phone. Jessica catches him and throws him out. He would later get a job at the offices of Alias Investigations part-time when Jessica pities his fandom.

Malcom Powder is instrumental in helping Jessica Jones to locate and rescue Mattie Franklin. Will this character show up in the show? Could be a good chance for some off-beat humor in a bit-role, but all in all, he's not a major supporting character. Alias #6 was published April, 2002.

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Origin of Jessica Jones
Connection to Spider-Man & Daredevil

And here we are with the connection to Spider-Man or Peter Parker. Apparently, Jessica Jones was a Midtown High student as well and had a huge crush on Peter Parker.

This character was also present the day Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and was going to ask him out but Parker was bitten and left the building immediately. Persistent, Jessica tried to follow him but lost him.

In her pursuit, she was almost hit by an Ajax Atomic Labs truck but was pulled to safety by a man. It was this exact truck that spilled it's radioactive material and gave young Matt Murdock his powers.

So Jessica Jones is connected by origin to two of these characters. Will this origin play out or will it be changed since the cinematic rights to Peter Parker isn't owned by Disney? I'm hoping they can swing something, because I think it's kinda cool.

Anyways, back to the origin. So Jessica Jones missed the Ajax truck carrying hazardous material for a destined Matt Murdock. However, Jessica Jones and her family would be involved in a car accident with a military truck also carrying some kind of hazardous material.

She would be the only survivor of the accident and would regain consciousness six months later after the accident. Living at the Moore House for Wayward Children, Jessica is finally adopted by the Jones family.

The origin is continued in the next issue and Alias #22 was published January, 2003.

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Origin of Jessica Jones concluded
Powers discovered

Continuing from issue #22, it seems that both Peter Parker and Jessica Jones have the same high school bully, and that is of course Flash Thompson. Looks some high school things never change, and once Jessica returns to school, she is mocked by her idiot peers as being the "freak coma girl".

Feeling that they are kindred spirits with the loss of parents, Peter Parker goes to sympathize with her, but Jones mistakes his sympathy for pity and lashes out at him. It's in this issue where Jessica first discovers that she can fly and has super strength.

Of course, it's all done in flashback. This should be one to gun for as it is her origin story, but as I've been saying quite a few times, I wonder what liberties they'll take with this origin.

The whole scene with Jessica Jones barely being run down by the Ajax Atomic Lab's truck, which eventually strikes young Matt Murdock instead, can be played out in the Jessica Jones series no problem. Still, I wonder if they're gonna go that route.

Would be kind of neat to see the past connection between the two. Anywho, August, 2003 is the publishing date for Alias #23 and issue #22 & #23 are starting to see mild heat in the market.

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By reading this we can get a better glimpse at how Jessica Jones is tied to the characters of Luke Cage and Daredevil. In all honesty, she is not tied to Iron Fist all that much in the beginning.

Luke Cage is though. So, if you weren't familiar with the character before, this little Jessica Jones key issues list should shed some more light on her for ya. Many of these are under the radar currently, and if Jessica Jones is as good as Daredevil was, I can see these heating up for a period of time.

Might be able to get good deals at a comic con or your locals for some of these if you're into Modern Age comics or plan to flip.  

The TV show should be dark and gritty just like her comics are in Alias, so I'm expecting a good show. She is a hard-drinkin', smart mouth that can back it up and there is plenty of emotional territory to explore in the show for sure. 

Anyways, Part 2 and the last part of this Jessica Jones key comics series is ready so just click the link below to continue.


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    I can only recommend the origin issues as well. Got them cheap a year ago (as well as 1 - 5) and boy am I eager to see where they are going...

    Speculation Jones

    1. Heya Speculation Jones...hope all is well wit ya. I'm interested also about how Netflix is gonna handle this character. We know that Hellcat or Patsy Walker is taking the place of Carol Danvers (comics) in the show.

      That's not that surprising since Carol Danvers is set up for the big screen. I'm curious as to what supporting characters Luke Cage will have in his series. He really doesn't have that many noteworthy villains from his volume 1 series.

  2. Mayhem -

    Thank you for pulling this together. I like Jessica quite a bit and am very excited for the series. I think she will be a solid addition to the world DD started to create. I was hoping that there might be a book I was unaware of because you are so good at finding gems that I had never known about. Too bad I have all these...except maybe The Pulse 13. That I would need to check on. I have the trade so I do not hit my individual issues. As the series draws nearer, I had greedily wanted new material to consume, but at least I know I have all the key points available for now!

    Thank you so much for all your lists and effort you spend gathering the issues and facts. Keep up the solid work. Your site is a wonderful resource :)

    - Craig Coffman

    1. Yeah, I have to apologize but there really wasn't much I could do. Jessica is a very new character so her key issues are going to be pretty limited or even worth mentioning.

      There is one that I neglected to throw down and that's Daredevil #35 volume 2, which would be Jessica's first cross-over comic.

      Thanks, man, appreciate the comments and trying my best here as always.

  3. it's not just "the ladies" that want to see more women on screen :)