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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jessica Jones Key Issues Part 2

Tough to figure out where the creatives at Netflix are going with the series in terms of key issue speculation. For one, we all know Luke Cage will be in there somewhere as a photo of the pair was leaked.

We also know that liberties were taken and Carol Danvers from the actual comics will be replaced by Patsy Walker or Hellcat as Jessica Jone's best-friend in the live action series. Rachael Taylor has been cast for Patsy Walker since the beginning of 2015, and surprisingly, she looks like a better Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel.

So, we get an actual long-standing Defenders members in the Jessica Jones series. Whether she'll suit up in the series or the Defenders series is possible, and I hope she does.

As far as we know, we also know that the show will feature a Daredevil villain known as Purple Man, who Brian Michael Bendis did connect with Jessica Jones in the actual comic series Alias. We will be checking two of those out.

This will be a short and sweet list and Part 2 is the last one out of this Jessica Jones key issues series. If you missed Part 1, that weird-looking blue and under-lined link will take you there.

Purple Man story arc begins

Kevin Plunder, also known as Ka-Zar, makes a brief cameo cross-over in this comic issue. More importantly is the Purple Man storyline that begins here.

As we all should know by now, the Purple Man will be in the Jessica Jones Netflix TV series, and this story line pretty much reveals why. A woman named Kim Rourke contacts Alias Investigations in order to hire Jones with the task of finding one Zebediah Killgrave, a.k.a the Purple Man.

The Purple Man does not show up in this issue and is featured only in a photograph. The mystery begins with this issue of how Jessica Jones is connected to Zebediah Killgrave. Actor David Tennant will play the villain in the upcoming TV show.

The next issue will reveal the disturbing connection and history Jessica Jones had with Purple Man. September, 2003 is the publishing date for Alias #24.

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Purple Man back story revealed
Reveals Jones as superhero Jewel

This issue definitely adds more back story and depth to the character of Jessica Jones. When we start with the character in Alias #1, we learn throughout the series that she was a former superhero who had given up on the crime fighting career for whatever reason.

However, during her days as a superhero, she did meet up with Purple Man. Apparently she was the costumed hero known as Jewel and met Killgrave at a restaurant.

A fight broke out between the patrons and Jones discovered it was Zebediah who made it happen. He also used his mental influence to make Jones take care of the cops so he could finish his dinner.

Purple Man took Jessica Jones hostage for eight months, but while Jones was telling this to Luke Cage in this issue, she did reveal that he never raped her. Instead, Killgrave made her watch him having sex with other girls and made her beg to have sex with him.

This was all done in retaliation to get back at Daredevil for constantly besting him, so once again, another connection to the Hells Kitchen's horned one.

If you don't know Purple Man, he can produce chemical pheromones that allows him to control other people's actions with verbal suggestions after they are inhaled or absorbed through  the skin. Jones also revealed that Killgrave made her hurt people as well.

This issue also reveals that Killgrave made Jessica Jones go after Daredevil and to kill any other superhero that got in her way. She flew to the Avengers mansion to do his bidding, but the psychoactive effects were beginning to wear off when she attacked the first red costumed hero she saw. That happened to be the Scarlet Witch.

Jones fled and Thor would pursue after her. While I highly doubt that Scarlet Witch and Thor will be in the Netflix series, it's possible that the Purple Man storyline in this issue could play out on the small screen with some liberties taken.

Actually, it's quite plausible, and I am interested in what route they take for it. Alias #25 was published October, 2003.

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Purple Man story concludes
Jessica reveals pregnancy to Luke Cage
Last issue to comic series

This is the last issue and wraps up this story line, in which Jessica Jones finally has her showdown with Purple Man and gives him a good whomping. Maybe not a big deal in terms of speculation, but this issue also sees Jessica reveal her pregnancy to Luke Cage.

Throughout the series, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage has had an on-and-off-again type of relationship. At the end of Alias #28, the two decide they want a committed relationship with each other and set off to do so.

Their relationship as a couple and parents would bring all sorts of drama to their stories. Somewhere down the line, I wonder if this is going to play out. This situation, after all, does become a part of the character.

But like I said, it would be highly weird for Jessica Jones to be pregnant and then joining up with the Defenders and fighting crime while one's in the oven. Alias #28 was published January, 2004.

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1st appearance in titled series
1st issue to titled series

Jessica Jones hangs up her private investigator hat and goes to work for the Daily Bugle as a consultant for reporters Ben Ulrich and Kat Farrel. Since we all know that Ben Ulrich died in Season One of Daredevil, I wonder if Kat Farrel will become a supporting character for Jessica Jones and work for the same newspaper in the Daredevil series which was not the Daily Bugle.

Luke Cage also co-stars in this series and it's written by Brian Michael Bendis to no surprise. Apparently, he wanted to keep the Jessica Jones character in comics and some eventful things happen in this series for both Jessica and Luke.

The Pulse #1 was published April, 2004.

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1st Danielle Cage comic cover

Before Danielle Cage is even in an actual story or is even given a name, she makes her comic cover debut on Pulse #11. This issue sets up the events prior to Jessica Jones giving birth to her and Luke Cage's daughter.

While it would be strange to add the pregnancy in an early season of Jessica Jones, which might detract from her super-hero exploits, I'm sure this aspect to the character will be played out eventually. After all, a TV show can draw out a pregnancy for a long time.

Whatever Hollyweird chooses to do, Danielle Cage is obviously an important supporting character for both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Since Captain America's next film will be from the Civil War storyline, I wonder if hints of that or story ties will be in any of the Netflix Marvel TV series.

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1st appearance of Danielle Cage

The Pulse #13 finally sees the birth of the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, and, of course, marks the first appearance of Danielle Cage. She is unnamed in this issue however, and actually goes unnamed for quite a while surprisingly.

Oh, well, gotta love comics, and we'll cover the issue and the first named appearance of Danielle Cage pretty soon. This issue has a textless variant cover. The Pulse #13 was published March, 2006.

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More backstory details
Last issue to series

In the last issue of the Pulse, we find out more of the character's superhero past in #14, and that Jessica Jones was also once a hardened vigilante named Knightress. Another secret origin involving Jessica Jones and this comic is most likely her first appearance as Knightress in flashback of course.

After all, her as Knightress is on the cover of the comic. This story leads into the New Avengers Annual #1 and The Pulse #14 was published May, 2006. Jessica would become a supporting character for the New Avengers after The Pulse.

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Marriage of Luke Cage & Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones finally says yes to Luke Cage and the two have a superhero wedding with the New Avengers present. I am not sure if Iron Fist is in this issue or not.

If so, it may actually be the first meeting between Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, but I'm not sure about that to be honest. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones have been a fan-favorite couple during the Modern Age, but this issue is still pretty much still a bargain bin.

Nonetheless, still a key issue for both characters. New Avengers Annual #1 was published June, 2006.

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1st named appearance of Danielle Cage

Finally, the baby gets a name, and New Avengers #34 is the first named appearance of Danielle Cage. Yup, she is named after Cage's best buddy and former Hero for Hire partner Daniel Rand a.k.a Iron Fist.

Iron Fist does become a member of the New Avengers in the 1st and 2nd series and would take the mantle of Daredevil during the Civil War storyline. Iron Fist would join the team in New Avengers #27 volume 1 at the same time Clint Barton as Ronin joins.

I do not think Jessica Jones ever joins the New Avengers in the 1st series. November, 2007 was when the first named appearance of Danielle Cage was published in the New Avengers #34.

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Jessica Jones joins team
Iron Fist joins team

Jessica Jones finally joins the New Avengers, a team that Luke Cage has been long a member of during the Modern Age of comics. Cage would lead this team, and I think it's the first actual team that Jessica Jones and Iron Fist are both members of in the comic books.

Yes, it's not the Defenders that the three characters are members of in the comics, but it's actually the New Avengers from the 2nd series. Even Daredevil would join the team in New Avengers #16 of the series.

So actually, it's the first team that all four members of the Netflix incarnation of the Defenders are members of at once in the comics. For the life of me, I have no idea when Iron Fist and Jessica Jones first meet.

Perhaps, it's their wedding issue in New Avengers Annual #1 or Secret War #1 vol 1? The New Avengers #1 volume 2 was published August, 2010.

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Alright, that concludes this Jessica Jones key issues list. The character does go on to become a supporting character for the Young Avengers as well.

It'll be interesting to see where the Netflix show takes us with this character. We can get a small glimpse from these keys, but I'm sure a lot of liberties will be taken for the show.

Since the character is deeply tied to Luke Cage in the comics and most likely the show, it'll be quite a puzzle to see who they bring in as supporting characters for both heroes. 
Anyways, hope you enjoyed this short and sweet Jessica Jones key issues series. Thanks for reading and see ya soon.


  1. Hi TCM,

    Just wondering if you could do a key issues for The Eternals...Honeslty supprised that these books aren't getting more heat since the GOTG movie and now that they are featured very prominently in the Marvel 2015 poster might mean something. Especially since Thanos is an Eternal as far as I understand, right?

  2. I agree there should be an Eternals key issues. Quite affordable as well for high grades.