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Friday, June 19, 2015

Defenders Key Issues Part 4

We got more Defenders key issues in Part 4 for ya. There's some first appearances in this one and a kind of important 1st meeting as well. 

Yup, this part will feature a pretty over-looked first meeting between the Defenders and a team that has recently become pretty popular due to the success of a certain movie by James Gunn. I'll let your fandom decide for yourself about the importance of that key.

So without beating around the bush, click this Part 3 link if you missed it. Otherwise, dig into some more Defenders key comics.

1st appearance of the Headmen

A quartet of minor super-villains who, of course, bonded together to seek none other than world domination. Arthur Nagan was the leader and had his head transplanted onto the body of a Gorilla, which is the reason why his super-villain name is Gorilla Man. Arthur Nagan's first appearance is in Mystery Tales #21.

Jerry Morgan, also known as Shrunken Bones, was a scientist who shrunk his own bones and came up with a shrinking formula months before Henry Pym did. Jerry Morgan's first appearance is in World of Fantasy #11.

The other original member of the Headmen was Chondu the Mystic, real name Harvey Schlemerman. Chondu once had his brain transplanted into the body of Nighthawk. Chondu or Harvey Schlemerman's first appearance is in Tales of Suspense #9.

The Headmen would be a recurring foe for the Defenders and their first appearance as a super-villain team in Defenders #21 was published February, 1976.

1st full appearance of Jack Norris

The character of Jack Norris first appeared alongside his wife Barbara Norris in Incredible Hulk #126. Barbara Norris as herself would first appear in the Incredible Hulk issue before #126.

However, he was shown only in a cameo or very briefly in Incredible Hulk #126. In Defenders #21, he only appeared in a photograph or picture. Defenders #22 saw him in appear in shadow only.

Finally, Defenders #23 sees the first full appearance of Jack Norris. This character became a pretty well-known supporting character for the Defenders and for the character of Valkyrie while Barbara Norris hosted the spirit of Brunnhilde.

Although seen as a sometimes unwelcome associate of the Defenders, Jack Norris proved himself extremely useful and has aided them on several occasions.  Much later, Norris would become a field agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. before becoming an investigative reporter.

May, 1975 is the publishing date for Defenders #23, and the character of Yellowjacket is an associate member of the Defenders in this issue. Yellowjacket (Henry Pym) first appeared in a Defenders related comic in Giant-Size Defenders #4.

Luke Cage & Daredevil cross-over

This may be an over-looked key issue worth considering for sure. Luke Cage and Daredevil both cross-over into this story to help aid the Defenders for the first time together.

I'm hesitant to say that they actually join the team in this issue, but they are recruited by Bruce Banner and Clea to help rescue Doctor Strange, Valkyrie, Yellowjacket, and Nighthawk after they are captured by the Sons of the Serpent. It can be argued that they are fill-in members or this is just a simple cross-over involving the two.

Of course, it's worth featuring here because the live-action TV series has both Luke Cage and Daredevil as members of the Defenders. Also, Luke Cage in a later issue does officially join as a member. Not entirely sure about Daredevil though.

1st appearance Vance Astrovik
3rd appearance of Guardians of the Galaxy
1st meeting Guardians of the Galaxy & Defenders

Kind of a strange issue all around. So Vance Astrovik is basically the younger self of Vance Astro of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Of course there is some kind of temporal disruption in order for this to occur.

The young Vance Astrovik is from mainstream continuity while his older self is from the alternate future reality of Earth-691 in the 31st century. The Vance Astrovik on Earth-616 or primary continuity is a mutant with psionic powers and went by the names Marvel Boy and Justice.

Giant-Size Defenders #5 was published July, 1975. This issue also sees the 3rd appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the first time the Defenders team meets them. Their appearance before this issue was in Astonishing Tales #29 but that reprints their first appearance in Marvel Super-Heroes #18. The next issue of Defenders #26 would be the 4th appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

1st brief appearance Starhawk

Starhawk wasn't an original Guardians of the Galaxy member, but he was an early addition to the original group. Defenders #27 holds the first brief appearance of Starhawk, and speculation also has this character as possibility of entering the GOTG movie franchise.

Who knows? Defenders #27 should not be an overly expensive buy yet. Even in high grades this comic should be affordable, especially for raw copies. If prices on eBay are too ridiculous, try your local or a comic con. September, 1975 when the first brief or cameo appearance of Starhawk was published.

1st full appearance of Starhawk

Defenders #28 is listed or noted as the first full appearance of Starhawk. The character does not reside in Marvel mainstream continuity of Earth 616. Instead he is of an alternate future of Earth 691.

He is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy of the 31st century, in which the original Guardians of the Galaxy are active. He is the son of Quasar and Kismet, but was adopted by an Arcturian couple after he was kidnapped shortly after birth and deposited on Arcturus IV.

His adoptive parents were soon slain by the Reavers, not to be confused with the same one's depicted in the X-Men mythos, and he was adopted by Ogord and raised by him.

Fast forward, Starhawk and his adoptive sister Aleta Ogord awakened the Hawk God while exploring the deity's ruins. Both were transformed and took turns occupying the same space while the other stayed in a type of limbo.

Of course, the Hawk God gave both tremendous power, but they would later petition the deity to temporarily separate them as was granted. Of course, they fell in love and had kids, but this is just the character's mythology.

It would be later revealed that it was Starhawk who manipulated events to eventually bring the original Guardians of the Galaxy members together. Pretty interesting. Defenders #28 was published October, 1975.

2nd appearance of Starhawk

Suggested by Sid around a year ago, the 2nd appearance of Starhawk is in Defenders #29, as Defenders #28 is considered the first full appearance and issue #27 is considered a first brief appearance of the character. This is purely a speculation comic as some are speculating that the character of Starhawk just may join the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchise soon. I have no idea about this and it's still a ways off before news of more characters are added to the fold of this movie franchise.

The first full appearance of this character in Defenders #28 isn't an expensive buy yet, and the 2nd appearance is under the radar at the moment as well. November, 1975 was when Defenders #29 and the 2nd appearance of Starhawk was published.

Alright, there's a few more Defenders keys to either see if you got 'em to prepare for dumping or to snag up before hype gets to them or further bloats them.  Defenders #24 is extremely under the radar.
 currently and may pick up steam once it's more known in the market.

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