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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Defenders Key Comics Part 7

Alrighty, we are gonna wrap up this Defenders key comics series with Part 7 here. There's only one first appearance that may be worth getting if you're a fan of the comic series or that character.

We will actually be kicking off Part 7 with that comic. So, Part 6 link will bring you back. Scroll function will reveal the last minor Defenders key issues to this series.

1st appearance of Gargoyle
1st Six Fingered Hand

The 2nd incarnation of the Gargoyle is Isaac Christians, and was created by J. M. DeMatteis and artist Don Perlin. An elder man, Christians sells his sole to a group of lesser demons Six Fingered Hand.

What did ole Christians exchange his sole for? It was prosperity for his dying town that his ancestors had founded called Christiansboro in Virginia.  Yes, it's a fictional town.

The pact with the demon Avarrish included Christians inhabiting the body of an ancient Gargoyle and acting as a minion for the Six Fingered Hand. After Issac Christians was transferred into the body, his first mission was to capture Hellcat.

Gargoyle would join forces with the Defenders to defeat Avarrish and the Six Fingered Hand. He would also join the ranks of the Defenders possibly starting with this issue. This comic was published April, 1981.

Beast joins the team

In this issue Beast from the X-Men joins the Defenders. Hank McCoy would be a remaining member until the last issue of the first series.

He would not be the only former X-Man to join the Defenders in the first volume. Beast would play a somewhat pivotal role in later issues. We'll soon get to that.

As for a minor Defenders key issues, this one is it pretty much. Defenders #104 was published Februray, 1982.

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1st appearance of Cloud

The character of Cloud would be a member of the Defenders until issue #150, and her first appearance is in this issue. She would supposedly join the team in issue #130.

Cloud was a nebula in space who seemingly took over the body of Carol Faber. Her origin is is also detailed in issue #150 when she leaves the team. She is the creation of J.M. DeMatteis and Don Perlin, and Defenders #123 was published September, 1983.

Angel  & Iceman joins team
Moondragon joins team again
Namor & Doctor Strange leave
Hulk & Silver Surfer leave
DeMatteis got creative burnout on the series and felt a change was in order. With the apparent death of Nighthawk in issue #106, the original members of Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, Namor, and the Hulk are forced to leave the team due to some alien prophecy that predicted the four members together would be responsible for destroying the world.

This issue sees the change in title from The Defenders to The New Defenders, and a completely different line up. Beast would reform the team and get rid of the non-team status. Angel from the X-Men becomes a Defender and Moondragon surprisingly joins up.

Defenders #125 sees this team become an official team, and while it did boost sales, it left DeMatteis writing a book that he hated writing which was a standard superhero team. He would leave the series after a few issues and Peter Gillis would take over writing duties until the series was cancelled.

Defenders #125 was published November, 1983.

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A pretty hard title to do a key issues series, so I'm concluding it with Part 7. I probably went a bit too far stretching it to Part 7, but old habits die hard. 

There's a lot of minor key issues in this series. A lot and the title or non-team of superheroes really lacked a substantial, recurring villain or main nemesis. The 30 cent variants from issues from #34 to #38 and the 35 cent price variants from issues #48 to #52 might be worth a gander also.

While I tried to scrap up some keys that may see some heat by being connected to some kind of Defenders TV hype, there are probably only a handful in this series. Furthermore, the Netflix Defenders and the comic Defenders are in a completely different ballpark and playing a different sports game.

The Defenders comic was definitely more cosmic and supernatural orientated while the Netflix Defenders incarnation seems a lot more street-level. Son of Satan, whom I failed to mention in this series, is an often recurring character in this volume one series. 

He first appears in a Defenders related comic with Giant-Size Defenders #2, but has always been connected to Doctor Strange for quite some time.

The comic cinematic universes have used some pretty obscure characters in films and TV. Claire Temple for example. We could very well be surprised.

It's evident that Marvel Feature #1 & 2 and Defenders #1 has taken off already due to TV show hype. Anything else beyond that point is some hard speculating.

But, hey, if you're just a fan of this group, knock yourself out and hope you enjoyed this Defenders key issues list. Good luck on your hunt and rock on.


  1. Wowza awesome list thanks for taking my request! So many books I hadn't know about and minor keys galore. ~ EC

    1. You're welcome EC, hope you got some added to your want list or maybe even a 30 or 35 cent price variant already in your collection. That would be cool\!