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Monday, June 1, 2015

Deadpool Key Comics Part 4

Fans of Deadpool, welcome to Part 4 of this Deadpool key comics list. We are definitely heading into some of the newer comics in this one, and some can be snagged relatively cheaply and some are definitely past the $10 mark.

I won't be detailing too many 1st meetings Deadpool has with characters, but there are a few. This Part 3 link will bring ya back in case you missed it. Otherwise, here's Part 4.

1st issue to titled series
1st cameo appearance of Spammers
1st appearance of One World Church
1st appearance Anton Kruch

Cable & Deadpool continues where Agent X left off and is yet another fan-favorite. This issues sees Deadpool's creators Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza return to the character, although Liefeld just provides the cover art for the first few issues.

Irene Merryweather is a major supporting character in this series. However, the first appearances of in this issue are pretty much minor characters.

Not yet hot in the market exactly for this issue. Some high grade copies sell for decent prices and some don't. High grade CGCs are going for less than $100 smackers.

The Spammers disband in the next issue, and the One World Church are only villains for the first couple of issues. Cable and Deadpool #1 was published May, 2004.

1st meeting between Spider-Man & Deadpool

Okay, I should say first published meeting between Spidey & Deadpool. They do meet earlier in continuity and in a story written well after this one, but it is Peter Parker as a civilian (Deadpool #7 volume 3) whom Deadpool meets.

Also in Deadpool #11 from the 1st series, Deadpool and Blind Al travel to an alternate universe and is stuck in the issue of Amazing Spider-Man #47. It's there, Deadpool assumes the identity of Peter Parker and Blind Al becomes Aunt May. This all takes place out of continuity on Earth 9712.

Anywho, this issue featured was hyped up as the wisecracking face off of all time, a verbal smack down to see who is the smart ass of smart asses. Despite their beef in this issue, Deadpool is a big fan of Spider-Man.

They would meet plenty of other times and team up, and it seems that issues with Spider-Man and Deadpool duking it out or teaming up are becoming pretty sought out by fans in this current market. March, 2006 is the publishing date for this comic.

1st appearance of Bob

Bob, Agent of Hydra has become a fan-favorite supporting character and sidekick for Deadpool. He was once a minion for Hydra, but would become an honorary member of Agent X.

To further the slapstick comedy, Bob is cowardly but a dedicated friend. He was created by Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown, and his first appearance in Cable & Deadpool #38 was published May, 2007.

1st white boxes?

Some fans love it, and some fans completely despise it. However, Daniel Way's take on Deadpool introduced what's known as the "white boxes" to introduce yet another thought personality to the character of Wade Wilson.

This device was not only made to make Deadpool burdened with schizophrenia and more crazy, Daniel Way has stated in interviews that it was an alternative to introducing another sidekick character. Some say that this is the first time the white thought boxes are introduced, but being that I'm not a big Deadpool fan, I'm not all that sure about it.

The white boxes would contain another personality a long side the yellow boxes. As I said before, some fans like it and some fans don't.

March, 2008 is the publishing date for Wolverine Origins #21.

1st meeting of Deadpool & Daken

This I actually can confirm, because it's a no-brainer. Wolverine Origins #24 has the first time Deadpool and Daken meet.

After another battle that Wolverine loses to Deadpool, it seems his son Daken saves his father's butt and meets the Merc With A Mouth. I'm not sure if it can be deemed a colossal first meeting or what, but Daken is a pretty popular Modern Age comic character.

I'm not sure what issue it is, maybe #25 is my best guess, but the Wolverine Origins comic series that has Deadpool in this story arc may see the first introduction of Daniel Way's Pool-O-Vision.

Pool-O-Vision was yet another story telling device used to show Deadpool's wackiness, in which the reader got to see glimpses through Deadpool's eyes. I've found that in issue #25, we see through Deadpool's eyes and sees Daken with a donkey's face.

Once again, this provided yet another controversy with Deadpool fans. Many of the new readers don't mind it so much, but a lot of the older fans sure had a few words for Daniel Way.

Ah, the reason why we and everyone else calls us comic fans. Fan is short for fanatic after all. Well, whether or not this is actually the issue where Pool-O-Vision is introduced or not, it is the first time Deadpool meets Daken. Wolverine Origins #24 was published June, 2008.

Daniel Way's run begins on series
1st issue to new Deadpool series

White boxes, yellow boxes, Pool-O-Vision? Whether or not you like or dislike these Daniel Way inventions for Deadpool, Way is a comic writer to have a major impact on the character of Wade Wilson for better or worse.

Many newer fans are growing up on this series of Deadpool, and it brings back the supporting character of Bob as well. This series picks up after the Cable & Deadpool series ends, and Daniel Way had an extremely long run writing the Merc With A Mouth. Deadpool #1 volume 3 was published November, 2008.

1st appearance of Lady Stilt-Man

Another wise cracking slug fest between your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and the Merc With A Mouth. Joe Kelly returns to write Deadpool in this issue that's becoming a classic Spidey/Deadpool meet up.

This issue is starting to get sought out in the market, and is no longer a bargain bin buy. I'm pretty sure this isn't sought out because of the 1st appearance of Lady Stilt-Man.

January, 2010 is the publishing date for Amazing Spider-Man #611.

1st appearance of Hit Monkey?

The last time Deadpool and Spider-Man met up was in Amazing Spider-Man #611, and Deadpool even acknowledges it in this issue. In this issue, Spidey mistakes a rash of murders as Deadpool's doing, but when the duo team up, they find the killings are actually the work of Hit Monkey!

Yes, Hit Monkey! Hit Monkey is a creation of Daniel Way and Dalibor Talijic. This issue is noted as the 1st appearance of Hit Monkey by some sources.

Even some sellers are noting this as the character's first appearance, but Hit Monkey #1 was released February, 10, 2010 and this issue was released February 17, 2010.

Furthermore, Hit Monkey #1 was a digital comic in 2009 and published February 3, 2010 before it was printed in comic book form a week later. Not entirely sure whether this comic should be the 1st appearance of Hit Monkey or the 2nd appearance.

Personally, I could care less which it is. I'll let the fans debate over this one, but I am questioning it.

Alright, one more part to go and I'm calling it on this Deadpool key comics series. This era of comics is when Deadpool's popularity rose to extreme heights and he's virtually in everything, much like Wolverine was during the 90s.

Also, I'm pretty sure there are about a ba-zillion variants for some of these newer comics. Whether you're looking for these keys in your collection to dish off or if you're on the hunt for 'em, it's all good.

Part 5 is ready with more Deadpool key issues so click the link below and I'll see ya then.


  1. Lady Stilt-Man? Hit monkeys? What' s next? Stilt-monkeys???

    No wonder no one takes our hobby serious...

    Mr. Scrub

  2. Just a little info on Wolverine Origins #24. Wolverine loses the fight to draw out Daken. He actually hired him through Bucky

    1. Nice fact Jesse...was getting sick of reading Wolverine losing to Deadpool when they battled. Do you know if Wolverine Origins has Pool-O-Vision in the comic or when that even started?

    2. There is Pool-A-Vision in the issue but I'm not sure if it's the 1st app

  3. hey TCM going to con this month and have about 2500 what would you be looking forward. it could be one comic, a couple or a few any suggestions

    1. Rainbow Brite #1, My Little Pony #1, and Cyborg Stilt Monkey #0!!!!

    2. Haha! Those are on my want list too. All of the chromium cover variants though.
      ~Gerry D

    3. Chromium newsstand edition...double the variants...oooooo!

    4. You guys are crazy! I think I just peed my pants while laughing ;-) Still, you did forget the very sought out 1/2 editions of these comics...


    5. Is the 1/2 edition where Rainbow Brite loses her....rainbow?

  4. my little pony would be great prob about 1000 of those then I go for a xmen 1 or JIM 83. don't forget to pick up a couple cyborg monkeys on the way. JW

    1. Detective Comics #411 1st Talia Al Ghul
      Batman #232 Ra's Al Ghul
      Caliber Presents #1 1st Crow
      Crow #1
      Green Lantern #87 1st John Stewart
      Green Lantern #59 1st Guy Gardner
      Green Lantern #7 1st Sinestro
      League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #1 (reboot movie)
      Giant Size X-Men #1
      Brave and the Bold #200 1st Katana & Outsiders
      Deadpool and Death Annual 1998 origin Deadpool
      Amazing Spider-Man #300 chrome reprint 1998
      X-Men #4 1st app Quicksilver, Scarlett Witch, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, 2nd Magneto
      X-Men #5 2nd Quicksilver, Scarlett Witch, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, 3rd Magneto
      Fantastic Four #52 1st appearance of Black Panther
      Fantastic Four #53 1st app Klaw, 2nd BP, origin of BP
      Man of Steel #17 & 18 1st appearances of Doomsday
      Captain Britain #8 1st app of Betsy Braddock (Psylocke)
      New Mutants Annual #2 1st American app of Betsy Braddock
      Batman #357 1st Killer Croc & Jason Todd
      Fantastic Four #44 1st app of Gorgon (Inhumans)
      X-Men #94 new X-Men in title, 2nd new X-Men appearance
      Daredevil #168 1st Elektra
      Amazing Spider-Man #129 1st app of Punisher
      Amazing Spider-Man #135 2nd app of Punisher
      Hulk #180, #181 or #182
      Uncanny X-Men #266 1st app of Gambit
      Fantastic Four #48 1st app Silver Surfer
      Fantastic Four #5 1st app of Dr. Doom

      & the chrome variant newsstand edition of My Little Cyborg Stilt-Man Monkey #0.5 1st app of Bionic Lady Speedball Pony.

  5. Hey Mayhem,

    ever thought about starting a publishing company? I think you know what the readers want these days... here are some recommendations for your companys name:

    Malibu Mayhem
    Ponys & Monkeys
    Total Monkey Mayhem

    You can have the rights any time :-)

    Max Rebo

    1. Yep, and it's Total Monkey Pony Mayhem. 1st character is Cyborg Stilt Monkey with the arch nemesis of Bionic Speedball Pony. BSP will have the sidekick of Rebo and CSM will have a sidekick named Max. On Earth 1111B, Bionic Speedball Pony will be Bionic Lady Speedball Pony. Total Monkey Mayhem is the Earth 1111B counterpart of Cyborg Stilt Monkey!

      I got it all laid out. We'll be sure to dedicate each and every issue to you for bringing up the publishing idea. Eisner Award here we come!

  6. O.K., I' m all in. But when I read these storyboards, the companys name should better be:


    Sorry, that one just had to be posted ;-)

    Max Rebo