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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Deadpool Key Comic Issues Part 5

This is the last and final part to this Deadpool key issues series. Some of these are still bargains, some are heating up. Not much else to say except this Part 4 link will bring you back in case you need it. Here's the last of the key comic issues of Deadpool that will be featured in this series.

1st appearance of Lady Deadpool
1st appearance of Major Deadpool
1st appearance of General America
1st appearance of Earth 6466 & Earth 3010

Whether or not you're tired of male superheroes getting female counterparts, the first appearance of Lady Deadpool in this issue is seeing heat in the market and some high grade copies are going past the $20 mark for ole raw copies.

CGC Signature Series 9.8s have sold past the $100 mark on average though the last one sold for only $84. Don't know about regular Universals, but I'm thinking you should be able to get them well below $100 if you're interested that is.

In this issue, Deadpool is hopping through different dimensions and meets Lady Deadpool on Earth 3010. Lady Deadpool is Wanda Wilson, a rebel fighter against the Loyalists in an alternate universe  of America.

Of course, the villain is General America, this alternate reality Captain America, who leads the Loyalists. According to Wanda Wilson, this all started because, "Fascists in the federal government imposing their will on the people. A schism in Congress. Top-ranked generals taking sides. States declaring independence. Soon shots were fired in the street..."

Don't know about you, but that sounds pretty plausible. Well, aside from the superheroes.

Of course, Deadpool teams up with his female counterpart on Earth 3010. This issue also sees the first appearance of Major Deadpool on Earth 6466.

This version of Wade Wilson is not disfigured and is a Major in S.H.I.E.L.D. He would die in Deadpool Kills Deadpool #2.

Deadpool Merc With A Mouth #7 was published March, 2010 and released January, 2010.

New Deadpool origin

Supposedly this comic retells the origin of Wilson Wade, but seems to contradict other origins unsurprisingly. I've read from reviews that there is no Ajax or Dr. Killbrew and that didn't seem to sit well with fans of the Joe Kelly run.

Anyways, I wouldn't know, but it seems that a lot of sites out there have this issue as a must read concerning Deadpool. Regardless, this comic is hot in the market now, selling around the $40 mark. CGC high grade 9.8s are past the $100 mark for this issue at the time of this writing.

September, 2010 was when this comic was published.

1st appearance of Evil Deadpool

Evil Deadpool? Evil Deadpool? So, Evil Deadpool is actually composed of all of Wade Wilson's body parts that were cut off, blown off, or whatever off throughout the years. They were collected and frozen by his stalker and doctor Ella Whitby.

Ella Whitby was a doctor at Crossmore Institution in England, where Deadpool was being treated for his mental problems. She fell in love with him and helped him escape but Deadpool refused her genuine affections.

Anyways, Deadpool found out about the collection of body parts and threw them away in a dumpster. Since the limbs all have Wade Wilson's healing factor, the body parts fused together to form Evil Deadpool, the Merc Without A Conscience.Ta-Da!

Ella Witby's first appearance is in Deadpool #40 but she shoots herself after Deadpool tells her he's in love with someone else a few issues later. First appearance of Evil Deadpool in this issue was published December, 2011 and released October, 2011.

1st appearance of Earth 12101
1st issue to limited series
Obviously this is set in another universe, and Earth 12101 is where this alternate reality Deadpool kills all superhumans and aliens alike just because he can. Apparently this is well-liked by fans and is going for some dollars.

1st print set of issues #1-4 are selling above the $100 mark in comic lots. Highest is $149 for all four, so no joke. This series has definitely heated up in the market. Issue #1 of this limited series was published October, 2012 and released August, 2012.

1st issue to new series
1st appearance of Necromancer
1st Agent Preston, Gorman, & Scot Adsit
After reading some of the summaries for this series, I have to say this new series is weird. Most of the 1st appearances in this issue are of major supporting characters for the series.

Necromancer Michael is seen in most of this series as well as Agent Preston of S.H.I.E.L.D. This series sounds pretty hokey after reading some of the summaries. Ben Franklin's ghost? George Washington zombie & Abraham Lincoln zombie?

All I've got to say is that this comic was published January, 2013 and released November, 2012.

Deadpool weds Shiklah
1st appearance in actual print
Shiklah first appeared in the web comic Deadpool The Gauntlet issue #3. In actual comic book print and format, I think this is her first appearance in printed form.

Yes, Deadpool is married and Shiklah is a Succubus from a royal family that ruled over the monster world. Apparently Dracula hired Deadpool to bring her to him so he could marry Shiklah and inherit her old lands.

A little back story on the character of Shiklah, and even though strange, Deadpool's wife will most likely be a new supporting character. Highly doubt she'll be in a Deadpool movie though, and this comic was published June, 2014 and released April, 2014.

White boxes revealed to be Madcap

Finally the voice or thoughts within the white boxes are explained in this issue and they belong to none other than Madcap. Yes, the same Madcap that first appeared in the Captain America comics, Captain America #307 to be exact.

Anywho, how this highly weird circumstance came about is that Thor fried both until they were ash. They both regenerated but their ashes mixed and they fused together.

So during Daniel Way's run on the comic series, it was actually Madcap that was the voice in his head. This issue also tells how the two were separated as well, and Deadpool was ripped in half by both Luke Cage and Thor.

Now we all know why the white boxes happened and why they don't show up in the newest Deadpool series. More wackiness for this character and this annual was published January, 2014 and released November, 2013.

Alright, I'm gonna draw the line here. We're getting into some ridiculous stuff concerning Deadpool and I'm mostly just putting up junk.

Think it would be better to have others who actually are fans and follow the character make suggestions. In the first part, Speculation Jones and Max Rebo suggested X-Force #15 and Wolverine Annual 1999.

X-Force #15 has Greg Capullo art if you're a fan of his, and Wolverine Annual 1999 is another battle between Wolverine and Deadpool. Not sure if it's the 3rd, 4th or 5th time though.

Anyways, I learned some stuff about Deadpool and Wade Wilson. Maybe you did too. Like I said, I know little about the character, so I tried my best.

If you got other suggestions/recommendations that fans or collectors may be interested in concerning the character, doesn't hurt to sound them off in a comment. I'm pretty sure I missed a whole bunch of stuff.

Deadpool key comic issues has concluded for now. Hope this helps you on your hunt or finding issues to dump. Thanks for reading and until next time.


  1. Hi Mayhem,

    they might not be considered key issues, but since they caused some buzz in the market, I think they deserve a honorable mention:

    Encyclopedia Deadpoolica
    Baby' s first Deadpool book

    That' s all from me. By the way - good job!


  2. any new key 500 to 1000 dollar comic investments out there or ones heading to that mark.

    1. Amazing Spider-Man #300 chrome variant (raw)
      Spawn #1 B&W 1997 variant CGC 9.6
      Marvel Preview #2 CGC 9.8 (nearing the $1000 mark)
      Shazam #1 1971 CGC 9.8 1st Captain Marvel in DC Comics (potential of going up in value with Shazam movie...might hit a peak once Shazam actor is confirmed)

    2. Also Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 9.0 & 8.5s are nearing the $1000 mark

  3. Not Deadpools (in my opinion) - the only one even remotely close is Deadpool #1 (1997) series - I sold my CGC 9.6 for $240 US recently. Not quite $500 to $1000, but maybe a CGC 9.8 would get up that high if someone is willing to pay for it. My opinion only - Wiebes

  4. awesome section on deadpool mayhem one of my fav characters love to get a high grade new mutants 98 for damn for a 1000 or close too it I rather get me a solid silver age comic. what do you think. hope all is well in cali JW

    1. Heya JW how's it in NC...hope you guys are finally getting some sun instead of rain. New Mutants #98 is pretty weird for high grades...9.8s keep selling for around $700 then to around $800 or $20 to $30 past that mark. It keeps going back and forth between those price ranges, probably because there are so many copies of them. Even my 9.4 grade is bobbing around $300 to $350.

      I dunno, I'm pretty suspicious of NM #98. You thinking about raw or slabbed? If you can get a raw copy for a hell of a deal, round Overstreet price...may be worth it. If you can get a high grade copy for under OSPG...definitely worth it.

    2. hey mayhem what do you think about growth of ST 110 in the near future JW

    3. yeah that's what I was thinking hopefully a nice raw copy. had sun for awhile now its back to good old rain and waiting for con in char in 15 days

  5. 1st appearance of Doctor Strange is still going strong in terms of growth. Some Mid grades are seeing quite a bit of fluctuation but VF is steadily climbing up and so are lower grades like GD and VG+s. We still have a couple more years of Doctor Strange in the Marvel/Disney flicks.