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Friday, June 26, 2015

Batman #189 CBCS 7.0

By: Gerry D

Welcome to part two of my three part Vault series of Silver Age Batman first appearances. Up next we have Batman #189 and the first Silver Age appearance of Scarecrow, also known as Dr. Jonathan Crane.

Like in part one, I bought this one raw. But unlike part one, I got this one on eBay and not at a convention.

I've always liked the Scarecrow. Maybe it's because he reminds me of Halloween and I love this cover by comic legend Carmine Infantino. It's probably one of my favorite covers in my collection. This comic was definitely on my want list, and I was searching for a good deal for quite some time before finally, about a year ago now, I found this listing with a Best Offer option

Again, I bought it raw but there were plenty of pictures for me to gauge the condition fairly accurately. It was priced somewhere around $300. Far more than I wanted to pay for it. I offered the seller $200 instead and was floored when my offer was accepted.

I had already sent in my test book to CBCS beforehand to see what kind of service they offered and was satisfied with it. This book was in the second batch of books that I mailed out. 

Unlike my first go around with CBCS, all of the books I sent came back in the right time frame and everything was labeled correctly. It even came back at a higher grade than I expected it to which is always nice.

Sales for Batman #189 have been a mystery to me. They went up briefly before coming back down to the prices that they were before. I'm not sure why more people aren't interested in this book as it's a nice key issue at a still very affordable price. Especially unslabbed copies. 

It doesn't really matter to me though. I'm happy to have it in my collection. For me, there's more to collecting than just dollar signs and I was able to cross another book off of my want list.

There's one more part coming in this short Vault series so click the link below to continue...


  1. Hey Gerry,

    thanks for sharing your private collection. My Bat-book to own would definitely be the first appearance of Poison Ivy. This one could gain steam through the Suicide Squad movie. And if not - she is still a cool character. She' s like a female Swamp Thing. Sort of.


  2. Hey,

    sorry not related to this topic, but with all the hype surrounding X-23, I thought I should bring the attention to a character with similar potential: get yourself a copy of Ultimate Comics X-Men 13 - first appearance of Mach 2, female Magneto. Could make an interesting matchup with X-23.

    Speculation Jones

  3. Hello again,

    I recently bought Marvel Spotlight on Star Lord 6 & 7. When I remember right, this must be his first appearance in comic book format. Although he is a major character of GOTG, I have not heard anything about this comic heating up. Does anyone know why, or have I missed some reports?

    Max Rebo

    1. That comic saw a minor and quick peak a little bit before or while the movie was still playing. As for the first appearance in "comics"?

      That's the most useless key notation that Overstreet, CGC and the other grading companies gave into due to a bunch of comic fans whining about how magazine-size comics and actual comics should be separated simply because they wanted to make some piss pot comic they had more valuable than it should be.

      All the different eras of comics - Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Current Age had different sizes and dimensions. Golden Age comics were closer to the standard magazine size dimensions and there were no set dimensions for comics back in the day.

      Different comic publishers published comics in different sizes. Comic books were first known as comic magazines, so I don't see what was the big hissy fit.

      The Giant-Size books are bound differently than a regular comic, so should they not be considered comics? Man, as long as it's not a 300-400 page trade paperback novel of sequential art, it should just be considered a comic.

      The biggest example and farce is Hulk #171 1st Rocket Raccoon in "comics". B.S. It's his 2nd appearance plain and simple. The creator has even said that Rocky in Marvel Preview #7 is Rocket Raccoon and was fully intended to be Rocket Raccoon.

      I will never see Hulk #271 as a first anything as it should NOT be. It is a 2nd appearance. As for Marvel Spotlight #6-7, I consider that another farce.

      I can see why Overstreet and CGC and some of the other grading companies have given into that lame key notation. It means more money. Another useless key notation, more scramble and dump money into the market to get it, more pay to get it CGC'd or whatever.

      KA-CHING! Once again, not meant to offend you in particular...just going off on Industry's call on that one and the lame, moronic comic fans who campaigned for that key notation to even matter when it basically shouldn't.

  4. Dude, does anyone else get annoyed when Gerry or Vic post an article about a comic or comic news and then some dude posts in the comment section about some random unrelated comic asking if it's "heating up"? Sorry man, your not going to find some magical comic that suddenly becomes a thousand dollar book overnight. Maybe you should at least comment, compliment or show gratitude to the author for writing this article first before asking if "the outline of a hand of a villain on the last page of a book that might be the basis of some comic book movie is suddenly going to be worth hundreds"!! Just sayin, pay some respect to the author first, then ask your questions.

    1. Nuff Said. I personally owe Gerry a huge amount of gratitude for writing this series up. He sent them with the headline "For when you need some days off". Didn't ask. He just did it on his own, because that's just the kinda pal Gerry D. is.

      Gerry knows that I often painfully drudge through key issue requests, especially when it's about a character or a team I have zero interest in and obviously know little about. So does it irk me a little when I spend all that time writing about something I really don't want to write about and the comments aren't even related to the subject at hand?

      Well, I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me in the least, but then again and truthfully, it doesn't make me want to turn green or anything.

      But in particular to Gerry whipping up these posts has especially helped me with some days off that I really needed. Not because I felt lazy or burnt out, but because I developed a fever last Wednesday and had to go to the ER Thursday. It wasn't a viral infection but bacterial infection and my primary doctor couldn't schedule me in.

      So, extremely grateful to Gerry for being a good bud. He did it without asking for anything in return. Thanks brutha, and thanks for sharing those snags and giving a different perspective when it comes to raw comic hunting. I must admit, Gerry has better skills hunting for raw comics on ole eBay than I do for sure.

  5. Man, did you have a bad night or what? Respect for Gerry D. and Mr. Mayhem is and will always be present. They have been dealing with my thoughts on comics for a long time and I hope they tell me if they had enough. If so, I' m gonna take my hat, sell my collection of My little Pony and get mighty rich :-)

    Max Rebo

    1. Dunno about anyone else, but I've had a few bad nights the last few nights.