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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Batman #181 CBCS 5.0

By: Gerry D

Here we are at the third and final part of this short Vault series of Silver Age Batman first appearances. Batman #181 holds the first appearance of Poison Ivy.

As you all probably know, Poison Ivy is a very popular female Batman villain, or should I say villainess and I wanted to snag this book before it got too expensive and out of my moderately priced reach. 

I again found an unslabbed copy on eBay. It was listed at $210. But the auction also included Batman #183 as well. Batman #183 holds the 2nd appearance of Poison Ivy. 

I checked out all of my resources to see if it was worth getting at that price. First stop was the Overstreet Price Guide. It was priced quite a bit higher than that but I also had to check out the sold listings on eBay as well as GoCollect

I love having a resource like GoCollect. From the information I got from both of them, I saw that books were selling for about $300 to $400 depending on the grade. I will admit that even with all of the pictures I had to look at, I over-graded this comic by about one full grade. Opps.

After all was said and done and after I submitted it to CBCS, I still came out in the black. The most recent sale for Batman #181 at a 5.0 on GoCollect sold for $215. There were a couple of earlier sales that went for $300. 

It's still hard to tell where the market is going with this book in this grade as all of the sales points are 6-8 months apart from each other. And although it's not a huge profit, it's only for one book. Take into consideration that I got Batman #183 in the auction as well and it doesn't hurt too bad.

Well, that concludes this short Vault series. I hope you enjoyed reading about my quest to get these first appearances into my collection. It was a lot of fun getting them, and it always is. Until next time......


  1. Hey Gerry,

    congrats on owning that book. That one will cost you a fortune in a few years. Oh well, I guess the old saying is true. Collecting comics is like doing drugs - more healthy, but just as expensive ;-)


    1. Thanks Ace. I didn't want to ruin the surprise with your comment on the last post. And you're right, comic collecting is like doing drugs only maybe more expensive.

      ~Gerry D.

  2. this is a great book to own. congrats. i`m certain that if you can manage to hold on for a decade or so, you`ll have a great return

    1. Thanks. I hope you're right about 10 more years. And hopefully even more after 20.

      ~Gerry D.