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Friday, June 26, 2015

Batman #155 CGC 5.5

By Gerry D.

I'm going to switch it up and do a three part Vault series. Instead of just pulling random books out and writing about them, I'm going to do the first appearances in Silver Age Batman that I've acquired over the past couple of years. 

They will be posted them in the order that I got them, not in numerical order. Without further adieu, here's part one.

Batman #155 holds the first Silver Age appearance of the Penguin. Not the most fearsome of Batman villains but he is definitely a very well-known villain that's starting to get a little more attention due to the Gotham T.V. series.

Like all of the books that I'll feature in this series, I bought this raw at a microscopic-sized con at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds a couple years ago. One of the vendors, Steve Wyatt from Moonball Comics, had this comic on his wall. 

This was my first experience with this vendor at the time. Now, I always search him out when I'm at a con because he has very fair prices and is still willing to barter. Super nice guy too.

I thought nothing of it until Vic informed me that it was the Penguin's first S.A. appearance. Price tag, $75 bucks. 

I looked at it and put it back like I often do and checked out the rest of the con, which didn't take long. It wasn't on my want list but I went back and offered him $60 for the book and with no hesitation at all he said "ok". It always makes me wonder if I could have offered them less when they respond that quickly.

I had it sitting in my collection for about a year until I sent it in to be graded. I signed up for the CGC Premium Membership and sent this in as one of my submissions for the coupon I received. 

We can all see the final result. A decent slabbed 5.5 copy of Batman #155 which was actually graded higher than it was advertised at. No over-grading by Steve on this one.

This book, along with other Silver Age Batman comics, has seen a small boost in demand since the show first came out. There aren't that many graded sales on GoCollect to really gauge off of but raw copies on eBay have seen a nice little bump since I've added it to my Vault.

On a side note, if you're at a con in California like SDCC, go look for Steve's table and say hi. It's usually the table with the giant Big Wow Comic Fest banner. And while you're there, check out what he has for sale.

Part 2 is ready so just click the link below to continue

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