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Thursday, May 28, 2015

HIGH GRADE ALERT: Jonny Quest #1 CGC 8.5

Jonny Quest #1
1st Jonny Quest in comics
1st issue to self-titled series
Published: December, 1964
Publisher: Gold Key


eBay - Good-looking CGC 8.5 VF+ copy located on the mighty eBay at the time of this writing. Actually, there's only three copies of Jonny Quest at eBay right now and this is the highest so far there. May want to consider this issue and the reasons why are below.


In truth, this High Grade Alert gives me a chance to talk more about Gold Key comics. Gold key did publish some of the known Valiant characters like Magnus Robot Fighter, Doctor Solar, and Turok, but they also published quite a bit of other stuff during the Silver Age as well.

So let's cut to the chase here: Why this comic?

Director Robert Rodriquez (Sin City) has just signed on to direct a live action Jonny Quest movie for Warner Bros. It will be a live action movie based on the popular Hanna Barbara cartoon that ran during the 60s, and news of this has just hit the internet.

However, besides movie hype that will most likely give this comic a boost in demand and value, this comic has been no light weight concerning comic investments either. Actually, it's already pretty valuable and sought out in high grades.

Speaking of high grades for this issue, there aren't that many. The highest is a CGC 9.6 and there's only one of them. The 2nd highest is a CGC 9.4 NM, and there are only four of them.

There's only two 8.5 VF+s on the CGC Census to date. Now, sure, there could be a lot of unslabbers out there, but even Overstreet clocks this issue at $725 smackers for a raw 9.2 NM minus.

So, as mentioned before, it's no light weight comic to invest in even if it's not a superhero comic. Actually this comic is basically an adaptation of the pilot episode for the ABC cartoon series, and it is a one-shot.

I doubt there are many copies of this one floating around out there in high grade either. So, if you're a fan of Gold Key comics, this is definitely one to consider snagging quite soon! It is the first appearance of Jonny Quest in comic books and does hold the 1st comic book appearances of Jonny's supporting cast like Dr. Benton Quest, his dog Bandit, their body guard Race Bannon, and Jonny's best-friend Hadji.

It's actually more valuable than Doctor Solar Man of the Atom #1 and Magnus Robot Fighter #1 of the Gold Key line that is. So even despite the movie hype that will most likely push this comic up, this comic has been sought out by comic investors prior.

If you like Gold Key comics and and been looking for ones outside the superhero genre to invest in, this one will probably be a good one to snag as a long-term or short-term comic before it gets even more up there in price. Just food for thought outside the superhero realm.


  1. EC here with another request, a defenders key issue series would be awesome dont think i saw on in you're on the hunt section.

    1. Hello EC, thanks for the request. I'll put it in the pipeline but it might be a while till I get to it.

  2. That's cool I was surprised on how fast you got to the hawkeye list.


  4. At this point, would you consider a 7.5 a high grade with what is out there? Worth 300?

  5. Prices are going down 20% according to gocollect in the past 24 months.