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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hawkeye Key Issue Comics Part 4

Alright the last part to this Hawkeye key issue comics series, and if you can't stand Modern Age comics, you'll want to completely skip this last part. There's really nothing in here for you unless you're just generally curious like I am.

Key issue wise, there isn't much in terms of major supporting characters just yet, but at least #1 of the 4th Hawkeye comic series is selling for decent prices. 

I say just yet, because the comic series featured here are quite new, but who knows if a character will break out later on? It's always a possibility.

Anyways, if you're a fan then you may enjoy those featured here. Click this Part 3 link to go back in case you missed it, but if you're good to continue, let's get the last Hawkeye key comics done with.

1st issue to self-titled on-going series
1st appearance of Tito, Amelia, & Grills
1st Simone, Aimiee & Deke
1st appearance of Tracksuit Draculas

Volume 4 would be the largest running Hawkeye comic series to date even though it only ran to 22 issues. Many of the first appearances are of Hawkeye's neighbors and some do have quite a few appearances of within this self-titled series.

Simone and her kids often appear throughout the series, but in the grand scheme of Hawkeye supporting characters, they are pretty minor. The Tracksuit Draculas appear to be the main villains of this series or at least the main villains for the early issues of this series.

Fans that are looking for more Hawkeye adventures then this Modern take of the character could be a good read. This series gives Hawkeye a new look and it appears he's supposed to be modeled off Jeremy Renner's look from the movies more. Hawkeye #1 volume 4 was published October, 2012.

1st appearance of Arrow (Lucky)
2nd issue to titled series

This reminds me of Silver Age DC stuff. Hawkeye has a supporting character that's a dog, and in this issue he first appears as Lucky or is named such. Hawkeye would later rename the dog Arrow. Haha!

Modern Age key issue, but definitely no major or even semi-important key issue. Hawkeye #2 volume 4 was published November, 2012, and Kate Bishop co-stars in this issue and quite often in this comic series.

1st appearance of Darlene Wright

Darlene Wright makes her first appearance here, but is unnamed or is nicknamed Cherry. She is the wife of a Tracksuit mafia member and was trying  to escape her husband and flee New York City when she meets Clint Barton in this issue.

Her name is later revealed to be Darlene Penny Wright in a later issue of this series. This comic was published December, 2012.

1st appearance of Clown

Kazimierz Kazimierczak known as the Clown in this series seems to be a worthy villain worth noting for this series. He likes to kill people for no apparent reason, but this quirk still doesn't make him exempt from killing for money.

Several mob bosses such as Kingpin, the Owl, and the Tracksuit Draculas (a nickname given to them by Clint Barton), has hired the Clown to exterminate Hawkeye. He is responsible for killing Hawkeye's neighbor Grills.

Not sure just how much he shows up in this issue, so it may be just considered a cameo. Until someone says otherwise, I'm noting this issue as the Clown's first appearance. June, 2013 was when Hawkeye #9 from the 4th series was published.

Origin of Clown
Real name of Clown revealed

Kazimierz Kazimierczak gets his origin told in this issue and it seems this comic is mainly dedicated to his story. So apparently he moved to America after his circus family was murdered in some kind of conflict.

When he witnessed his friend Janek die in a subway explosion, Kazimierczak was forever traumatized and learned that he liked killing people. This issue has the Clown's real name revealed since it does detail his origins. 

There are other villains named Clown in the Marvel Universe. This character has no relation to them. July, 2013 is the publishing date for this comic, and the Clown was created by writer Matt Fraction and David Aja.

1st appearance & death of Harold Barton
1st appearance & death of Edith Barton

This issue expands more on Hawkeye's origin, and I'm pretty sure you could already tell that Harold Barton and Edith Baron are Hawkeye's parents. These two are already dead and have been so for a long time prior to Hawkeye's first appearance in Tales of Suspense #57.

Even  though they are only seen in flashback, this is the first time they are ever seen in the world of comics. Apparently, Harold Barton was a drunk and abusive husband and father to Clint and Barney Barton

His addiction to the sauce ended up taking his and his wife's life and left Barney and Clint Barton orphans, sending Clint on the path of first becoming a criminal and then the Avengers and hero forever known as Hawkeye!

September, 2013 is the publishing date for Hawkeye #12 volume 4.

1st issue to new series

After issue #22 of the 4th Hawkeye comic series, a new series starts called All New Hawkeye. Nothing major about this issue except that it's a first issue, but no 1st appearances here. Not much else to say about this series, but this is the most recent.

Any who, All New Hawkeye #1 was published May, 2015.

Probably not the best Modern Age key issues in terms of comic investing in the current market. This last part is more for fans of the character and those who actually like to read Modern Age comics.

Either way, this concludes this Hawkeye key issue comics series, and we shall be moving onto yet another key issue request after a few brief messages. Anyways, hope you enjoyed and thanks for tuning in.

And thanks to those who are sharing these posts and spreading the word about Total Comic Mayhem. Much appreciated. 'Till next time!


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    a pack of Hawkeye 1 - 4 commands quite a nice price on ebay. However, collectors should watch out since the early issues have allready gone into multiple printings. I think there is like a fifth printing of Nr. 1 - 3 of the series...


    1. That is a good point and that sucks that they've gone into so many printings. Thanks for the warning on that.