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Monday, May 25, 2015

Hawkeye Key Issue Comics Part 3

Part 3 of this Hawkeye key issue comics, and it will be Modern Age key issues concerning Hawkeye from here on out. If you don't care for Modern Age comics, may not be the best part of this series for ya.

However, there are some interesting tid-bits here and there in this Part 3, but in terms of comic investments, these are pretty much bargain bin buys. If you're a fan of this character and don't really care, then it's all good.

This Part 2 link will bring you back if you missed it. Other than that, here's more Hawkeye key comics for ya.

1st issue to 2nd self-titled series
1st appearance of Javelynn
1st appearance of Rover

Once again, it would take time before another Hawkeye self-titled series would hit the market. This is the 1st issue to the 2nd Hawkeye solo series, and once again, it is a four issue limited series.

In terms of 1st appearances, they are all extremely minor. I believe that Javelynn and Rover are characters only used for this series and are never to be heard from again.

There's another character with the name of Rover in the Marvel Universe, and that one...not this a Sentinel from the pages of X-Men comics. Trick Shot, the original Buck Chisholm is a villain in this issue a long side Javelynn.

Both are part of the Secret Empire, a group that first appearance in Tales to Astonish #81. They are a subsidiary group of HYDRA. In issue #3 of this series, Hawkeye gets a new costume or one with a few minor embellishments compared to the old one.

January, 1994 is the publishing date for the 2nd series Hawkeye #1.

Hawkeye joins team as leader

Once a bad boy himself, Hawkeye felt sympathetic to the Thunderbolts, knowing that super villains can reform under the right guidance like Captain America had given him. So, in issue #21 to the first Thunderbolt's comic series, Hawkeye takes command of the Thunderbolt's team.

The Thunderbolts comics has become a popular group and James Gunn has even expressed wanting to direct a Thunderbolts movie. Even if that never happens, this is a semi-important arc in the character of Hawkeye, and he once again proves his leadership skills.

If you're a fan of Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts, may be a good one to have in your sights. I'm sure it's still pretty cheap. December, 1998 is the publishing date for this comic.

1st issue to 3rd self-titled series
1st appearance of Peppermint
1st appearance of Bailey Mathius
I'm not sure if this 3rd series was suppose to be an on-going thing or if it was suppose to be a limited series. Either way, it only went up to 8 issues. It's still very much a bargain bin, and from a comic investment standpoint, it doesn't look like a very good one.

The 1st appearances of the characters in this issue are extremely minor. I believe they only appear a few issues within the series and are never seen or heard from again.

If you're a fan of Hawkeye and don't care about all the speculation or investment hoopla, the series just may be good reading. Cover art looks terrible though. This comic was published December, 2003.

1st cameo appearance of Laura Barton

After flipping through my copy, there is one panel of Laura Barton in this issue and she is not named. Since there is so much controversy over the portrayal of this character in Avengers Age of Ultron, I'm slapping this one on here.

So to all those who went why in the hell did they have Hawkeye have a family in the movie, Joss Whedon based his family concept off the Ultimates 2 comic series. Whether it was necessary for him to have a family in the flick, we shall have to see.

The Marvel/Disney movies build on characters for their flicks, so I don't think they would put in that aspect of the character without a reason. Laura Barton does die in issue #7 of the Ultimates 2 comic series, and that may be in play for the upcoming movies.

It may not, but as we all know that Hawkeye does have a secret family in the cinematic universe, do you think the baddies won't get wind of that and possibly up the stakes for the character of Hawkeye? I think there's a good possibility.

Anyways, a pretty minor key issue so far. I don't see any heat in the market for this comic as of yet and Ultimates 2 #1 was published February, 2005.

1st appearance of Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop would be an important character for the Young Avengers, as well as a supporting character for Clint Barton. She does take up the mantle of Hawkeye, but not in this issue.

This issue sees the first appearance of the character Kate Bishop. Since we all know that actor's contracts expire or the actors themselves just get tired of the role, I wonder if they're just gonna kill off the character of Hawkeye when Jeremy Renner says no more or will they replace him with Kate Bishop?

I've no idea, but it could be plausible since Marvel has been using quite a few new characters. Still, a pretty big what if. 

This issue also sees the first appearance of Hulkling, Wiccan, Patriot, Iron Lad, and the Asgardian. Anyways, first appearance of Kate Bishop in Young Avengers #1, and it was published April, 2005.

1st appearance of Nicole Barton
1st appearance of Callum Barton
1st appearance of Lewis Barton
1st full appearance of Laura Barton?
It appears that Joss Whedon seems to be borrowing quite a bit from the Ultimates universe of Marvel's Earth 1610 for his films. A black Nick Fury is from Earth 1610, and the Hawkeye from this alternate universe has a wife and three kids.

The names are not the same in Avengers Age of Ultron compared to the comics, but Laura Barton's character and name was plucked straight from the comics.

This issue may have the 1st appearance of Laura Barton or not. I'm not quite sure. She's pretty much a minor character anyway and dies in issue #7 of this comic series. May, 2005 is the publishing date for this comic.

1st Kate Bishop as Hawkeye
Here we go with another female version of an already established male superhero. In Young Avengers #12, Kate Bishop becomes Hawkeye and an important Modern Age supporting character for the Young Avengers and Clint Barton as well.

After Patriot was injured during a battle, Kate Bishop blamed Captain America for not training them properly. Jessica Jones would give Kate the original Hawkeye's bow and arrows with note from Cap.

Since Hawkeye was the only person to stand up to Captain America like she had done, Captain America wanted her to take up the mantle and gave Jessica a note addressed to Hawkeye to give to Kate. She took up the mantle of Hawkeye and would even meet Clint Barton when he took up the mantle of Captain America briefly during the Civil War crossover event.

Young Avengers #12 was published August, 2006 and is a Modern Age key issue that pertains to the character of Hawkeye.

1st Clint Barton as Ronin
Joins the New Avengers
Echo was the first Ronin, but for some reason the creatives thought that Clint Barton needed to change things up. So he becomes Ronin in this issue, though it's not revealed he is the character.

Also, New Avengers #27  also sees Clint Barton as Ronin join the New Avengers team. By the way, New Avengers #4 also has the first appearance of Maria Hill, so Joss Whedon plucked a character from this comic series for the Avengers flick.

New Avengers #27 was published April, 2007

1st Bullseye as Hawkeye
1st issue to titled series 
1st appearance of Iron Patriot
In the Dark Avengers series, a bunch of villains disguise themselves as established heroes under Norman Osbourne. This takes place after the Thunderbolts and many of it's members are from that team.

In terms of Hawkeye related issues, Bullseye assumes the identity of Hawkeye during this series. Veering off from Hawkeye related keys, this issue also sees the first appearance of Iron Patriot. Bargain bin buy currently and was published March, 2009.

1st appearance of new Ronin
1st appearance of Dark Ocean Society
Fans had been asking for more Black Widow and Hawkeye stories since the two characters have pretty much been linked since the beginning of Hawkeye's humble beginnings in comics. It was also quite easy to incorporate Hawkeye into the world of espionage.

After Clint Barton left the mantle of Ronin, Alexi Shostakov took it up as a member of the Dark Ocean Society. Alexi Shostakov's first appearance as Ronin is in this issue, but he is an old character.

Alexi Shostakov made his first appearance as the Red Guardian in Avengers #43, and the character was once married to Natalia Romanova before she became the Black Widow.

As for the Dark Ocean Society, Ronin is leader of this group who are determined to start a war between Russia and Japan in order to return Russia's former glory. Widowmaker #1 was published February, 2011 and released December, 2010.

1st issue to titled series
Death of Trick Shot
Another Hawkeye limited series, and although this one isn't exactly hot or in-demand, it is a 1st issue and sees the death of the original Trick Shot, Buck Chisholm. This death would pave the way for a supporting Clint Barton character to take up the mantle and popularize the character.

So, maybe still a bargain bin, but it's on here for a reason as you'll soon find out. Hawkeye Blindspot #1 was published April, 2011 and released February, 2011.

1st appearance of Trickshot

Why did I even bother mentioning Barney Barton's first appearance in the previous parts of this Hawkeye key comics series? It's because he takes up the mantle of Trickshot, just without the space in-between the words.

Trickshot also becomes a member of the Dark Avengers, which seems to be a pretty popular team with most Modern comic readers. Trickshot, the Barney Barton version, is a notable Hawkeye foe worth mentioning, so here he is.

Still a bargain bin and probably not that well-known in the current market, Hawkeye Blindspot #3 was published June, 2011 and released April, 2011.

Most of these Modern age key issues are bargain bins. Dark Avengers #1 saw a bump in demand when Iron Patriot was featured in Iron Man #3, but that looks like it took a nose dive shortly after. I really should just stop here with Part 3, but there will be one more left to go.

I'd just like to give my thanks and appreciation for all those who died serving my country and for those still serving in the armed forces today. You are not forgotten and are still appreciated.

Have a great Memorial Day to my fellow Americans. Part 4 is ready so just click that link below to continue to the last part of this Hawkeye key comics series.

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