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Friday, May 1, 2015

Doom Patrol Key Issue Comics Part 3

We are here with Part 3 to this Doom Patrol key issue comics series, and we are wrapping up the Silver Age and original incarnation of the team. Part 3 will end with the 2nd incarnation or Paul Kupperberg's revival of the team during the late Bronze Age.

If you missed Part 2, click the link to check that out. If not, here's more Doom Patrol key comics.

Origin of Robotman concluded

Alright, in issue #100 that I detailed in Part 2 of this Doom Patrol key comics series, I neglected to discuss that the 2nd story of that issue begins the detailed origin of Robotman. It is a prequel of events that lead up to Robotman meeting the Doom Patrol and joining the freakish superhero team.

The 2nd story in issue #100, which is also the issue that has the 2nd appearance of Beast Boy and his origin, is titled Robotman - Wanted Dead or Alive, and the storyline would be a 4 part series that also runs in issues #101 and #103 before concluding in Doom Patrol #105.

The conclusion and 2nd story in this issue is called The Robot-Maker Must Die! So all those issues mentioned that has the Robotman Unchained storyline are pretty important to the character of Robotman. He is the one of the few Doom Patrol members that has been in every incarnation of the team.

August, 1966 was when this comic was published.

Origin of Negative Man

The 2nd story in this issue called The Private Life of Negative Man is more than just a retelling of Negative Man's origin. It's actually the first part of a four part series collectively known as The Private World of Negative Man, and this series of stories greatly extends upon the origin that was briefly told in My Greatest Adventure #80.

Like the Robotman Unchained storyline, it is a prequel and details the events that the character of Negative Man goes through that leads up to the first meeting and formation of the Doom Patrol. The Private World of Negative storyline is told in issues #106, #107, #109, and concludes in #111.

Doom Patrol #106 was published September, 1966.

Death of Robotman & Elasti-Girl
Death of Negative Man & Chief
1st appearance of Captain Zahl

Okay, as we pretty much know...deaths in comics rarely hold up. Some do, but most don't.

In this case, all the deaths here don't hold up. Due to retcons or continuity changes like the New 52 or whatever, dead characters do come back.

Doom Patrol #121 sees the death of the original team members or supposed death. Actually, this is the last issue where new or original content was written for the team.

The issues after this one for the 1st series are all reprints of older stories. Madame Rouge is responsible for offing not just the Doom Patrol, but also members of the Brotherhood of Evil.

This vicious female blows up the Brain and Monsieur Mallah, then teams up with Captain Zahl to plot against the Doom Patrol. Planting a bomb in a small fishing village and another one on the Doom Patrol's island, Captain Zahl tells the Doom Patrol to decide which one to detonate.

Expecting the heroes will save their own lives, the Doom Patrol sacrifice themselves instead. This issue marks the end of the original Doom Patrol, but the team would be revived as you'll soon see.

October, 1968 is the publishing date for Doom Patrol #101.

1st appearance of new Doom Patrol
Origin of new Doom Patrol

Out of the original line up, Robotman is the only one from the Silver Age to become a member of the new Doom Patrol or the 2nd incarnation of the team. This comic also sees the first appearances of Celcius, Tempest and Negative Woman (Valentina Vostok).

The team is formed by Arani Caulder and Showcase #94 explores the origins of how Robotman meets the new Doom Patrol. He would eventually join up.

Showcase #94 was published September, 1977.

Origin of Celcius
2nd appearance new Doom Patrol

Arani Desai (Caulder), better known as Celcius, may be the first South Asian superhero character created by DC Comics. Showcase reveals the origin of Celcius and her history with Niles Caulder.
Caulder met and treated Arani while working for the Red Cross in India, but he could not take her back with him. Leaving her with a religious sect over there, Arani discovers her powers.

Celcius is the wife of Niles Caulder, and she helped form the new Silver Age Doom Patrol to guard herself against General Immortus. This Bronze Age key issue was published November, 1977.

3rd appearance new Doom Patrol

Showcase #96 marks the 3rd appearance of the new Doom Patrol or 2nd incarnation. As most already know, Showcase was a trial title or used as a test run for many heroes to see if they had enough fan interest to scrap or not.

Bronze Age comic and most likely highly over-looked, this comic also features the 3rd appearance of Celsius, Tempest, and Negative Woman or Valentina Vostok. Showcase #96 was published January, 1978.

Valentina Vostok is a character that's tied to the Suicide Squad or Checkmate and the Agency. I'm gonna relay this info early even though I will surely get to this in a later Doom Patrol key issues part.

After her tenure with the Doom Patrol, Vostok does become an operative in Checkmate and even headed Checkmate for a time as the White Queen. She is a character that's connected to Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad, so there's a pretty good chance she'll end up on the big screen sometime down the road.

Right now, Showcase #94 is highly an over-looked key issue. As a speculation book, may be one to start considering. 

Click the PREVIOUS link if you missed Part 2. Otherwise, Part 4 and more Doom Patrol key issue comics continues so just click the link below. Thanks to those who are sharing the key issue goodness on whatever social media you prefer.

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