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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Doom Patrol Key Comic Issues Part 5

Most of these in Part 5 to this Doom Patrol key comic issues series are bargain bin buys and not really all that sought out with the exception of one. We are ending Paul Kupperberg's run and heading into Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol, which is a cult favorite for some fans.

If you missed Part 4, click the link to go back. If you're good to go, here's more Doom Patrol key issues.

Death of Celsius

Tie in comic to the Invasion! storyline and crossover event, this crossover event was used by Paul Kupperberg as a vehicle to set up the characters that Grant Morrison wanted to use for Doom Patrol.

Looks like Celsius doesn't make Grant Morrison's cut, and she is offed or caught in the explosion of a ship's fusion reactor. Celsius would only be the first of the 2nd Doom Patrol team to die. There will be another as well. 1988 is the publishing date for this comic.

Death of Garguax
Negative Woman depowered
Ends Paul Kupperberg's run

This issue is an important key for the Doom Patrol for several reasons. The death of Garguax is pretty minor. However, the Negative Spirit would leave her body and return to Larry Trainor, the original Negative Man.

Being depowered, Valentina Vostok would leave Doom Patrol and her next appearance would be in Checkmate #15. Paul Kupperberg, the writer responsible for reviving the Doom Patrol would end his run with this issue and Grant Morrison would take the helm in the next issue.

Doom Patrol #18 from the 2nd series was published January, 1989.

Death of Scott Fischer

When the Gene Bomb is used, the virus infects metahumans all over. Scott Fischer is one and the virus seems to make him succumb to his cancer quicker. Another tragedy of the Gene Bomb is Rhea Jones or Lodestone, and the character is put in a coma.

Invasion! #3 is the conclusion to this storyline and the following characters were written out at the behest of Grant Morrison:

Karma left the team because he was on the run from the law. Celsius dies and is the 1st heroic casualty of the Invasion cross over event. Lodestone falls into a coma. Negative Woman was depowered and an invention by Garguax helped that to happen, and Scott Fischer dies from the effects of the Gene Bomb.

Invasion! #3 was published February, 1989.

1st appearance of Crazy Jane
Grant Morrison scripts begin
1st appearance of Eleanor Poole
1st appearance of Scissormen
Grant Morrison would take the Doom Patrol in a surreal direction. While some fans considered Morrison's take on the team a bit bizarre, original creator Arnold Drake said that Morrison's run on the new Doom Patrol was the only subsequent run to reflect the intent of the original series.

So pretty high praise from the creator of Doom Patrol. This is one of the more sought out Copper Age Doom Patrol key issues for sure. Doom Patrol #19 sees the first appearance of Crazy Jane, and she is a pretty bad ass character.

Kay Challis has multiple personality disorder and her dominant alternate personality is Jane Morris. Another victim of the Gene Bomb, Kay's 64 different personalities will develop different super powers. Talk about awesome! 64 superheroes all rolled into one character.

Eleanore Poole's first appearance in Doom Patrol #19 will be important to Larry Trainor. This issue sees the Negative Spirit, Larry Trainor, and Eleanor Poole fuse into a single being known as Rebis. 

Scissormen are pretty minor foes of the Doom Patrol and minor characters in the DC Universe in general. They are a race of beings that come from the city of Orqwith. Their first full appearance is in this issue.

February, 1989 is publishing date of this comic.

1st appearance of Brotherhood of Dada

Getting into more of the strangeness that Grant Morrison brought to the Doom Patrol comic series. In this issue, we see the first appearance of the Brotherhood of Dada. Yes, like the art movement.

The only character in the Brotherhood of Dada that does not make their first appearance in the issue is Mister Nobody, whom is actually Eric Morden from the original Brotherhood of Evil that first appeared as Mister Morden in Doom Patrol #86 from the 1st series. Instead of recreating the Brotherhood of Evil, Eric Morden recruits a band of lunatics into what is called the Brotherhood of Dada.

This brotherhood also consisted of Sleepwalk, the Fog, Frenzy and the Quiz. Not exactly a major group in the Doom Patrol mythos or DC Universe. The rest of the members of this group minus Mister Nobody get trapped inside a magical painting only a few issues later and end up being very happy in that world.

Needless to say, the other members don't appear very much in DC Comics. This comic was published September, 1989.

Doom Patrol #19 is perhaps the only somewhat sought out key issue out of the ones featured in Part 5. The others are still over-looked or just not all that cared for in the current market at large.

Part 6 will be the last part to this series, as I will be cutting it short and I already mentioned in the beginning that this Doom Patrol key comics series will mainly focus on the 1st and 2nd series. Click the PREVIOUS link below to take a looksie at Part 4 in case you missed it.

Click the PART 6 link below to wrap up this Doom Patrol key issues series.

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  1. the Morrison run of Doom Patrol was simply fantastic. i remember reading it when it was coming out and couldn't wait for the next issue to come out. the stories were just mind blowing. fantastic read