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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Doom Patrol Key Comic Issues Part 4

Part 4 to this Doom Patrol key comic issues pretty much has key comics that aren't very impressive in terms of value or demand. So sleepers, over-looked, under the radar - whatever you prefer to call them - is pretty much the status of these keys in the current market.

At least, that's what they are for now and who knows when and if that will turn around. In this crazy market and with all the hype from TV shows and movies, these sleepers could possibly awaken and fast.

As usual, if you missed Part 3 click the link. If not, here is Part 4.

Origin of the Doom Patrol

This first annual issue recounts all the Doom Patrol member's origins, from the original team to the newest members of the 2nd incarnation. This issue may be the first time the origins of Valentina Vostok as Negative Woman and Joshua Clay as Tempest is revealed.

Not sure about that, but it's my best guess. This issue's story would also lead up to the story presented in Doom Patrol #1 from the 2nd series. Secret Origins Annual #1 volume 2 was published September, 1987.

1st issue to self titled series
1st appearance of Kalki

The 2nd incarnation of the Doom Patrol was spearheaded by Paul Kupperberg, a long time fan of the original comic series. Valentina Vostock would inherit the Negative Spirit that Larry Trainor once hosted.

Anyways, after a few appearances in other titles after Showcase, the new Doom Patrol finally get their 2nd comic series. Kupperberg helms the writing duties for the first 18 issues and this issue takes place after the events in Secret Origins Annual #1.

Kalki is Ashok Desai and the father of Arani Desai also known as Celsius. He was a scientist that went mad and was abusive towards his daughter. He is a minor character in the Doom Patrol mythos. The first issue to the 2nd Doom Patrol series was published October, 1987. 

1st appearance of Rhea Jones

Quite a few first appearances are scattered in the new Doom Patrol series. Rhea Jones is just one of them and she is known as her other alias of Lodestone.

Actually, Celsius gave here the codename, and there is another DC Comics character that goes by Lodestone also, but that one is a super villain and member of the Masters of Evil. Rhea Jones was just among the many new recruits for the 2nd incarnation of Doom Patrol.

She has the ability to fly, super strength, create limited force fields, and attract or repel metallic objects like bullets. Rhea can control the electromagnetic spectrum.

The first appearance of Rhea Jones in Doom Patrol #3 volume 2 was published December, 1987.

1st appearance of Wayne Hawkins

Wayne Hawkins had the strange power of being able to produce bad luck for others. Actually, he was able to disrupt other people's motor reflexes.

Wayne Hawkins would join the new Doom Patrol for a little while before becoming a member of the Suicide Squad and meeting his end or death with the Squad. So, another character tied to the Suicide Squad.

Doom Patrol #4 and the first appearance of Wayne Hawkins or Karma was published January, 1988.

1st appearance of Scott Fischer

Another new recruit for the 2nd Doom Patrol was Scott Fischer. He had the power of a burning touch that radiated from his hands and caused immense pain to anyone who came in contact with his hands.

He also suffered from leukemia. Scott Fischer would not have a very long superhero career, and he would be the only one to die from the Gene Bomb during the Invasion limited comic series.

Doom Patrol #6 was published March, 1988.

1st appearance of Dorothy Spinner

Dorothy Spinner has the power to bring imaginary beings from her mind to life. Pretty cool power, me thinks. She is facially deformed and was intended to be a one-off character never to be used again.

With Grant Morrison's run on the Doom Patrol, Dorothy Spinner would be utilized a lot more as a member of Doom Patrol. The first appearance of Dorothy Spinner in Doom Patrol #14 volume 2 was published November, 1988.

Alright, not gonna beat around the bush, so if you missed Part 3, you can always click that PREVIOUS link below to head on back. Part 5 and more Doom Patrol key comic issues are ready so click the appropriate link below to continue.


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