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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Detective Comics Key Issues Part 5

Wow, Part 5 and still on Golden Age Detective Comics key issues. A long history with this title and loads of minor and major key issues, or at least first appearances of notable DC Comics character.

Most in this list are pretty elusive and even though I there are links to them, I've had a hard time locating many of these early Detective key issues online. Alright, we got plenty to go through so let's get to it.

Click the Part 4 link if you missed it. Otherwise enjoy Part 5.

1st appearance of Batsignal
1st appearance of Airwave
2nd Joker in Detective Comics

Not too bad of a key issue right here, even better if you're a Batman fan. This issue sees the first appearance of the Batsignal, which has become an iconic symbol for the character.

The Batsignal is a It is a specially modified Klieg searchlight and used as a distress signal for the Gotham City Police Department to contact and summon the Dark Knight in the event of some kind of crisis. Well all know how this signal has become entrenched in Batman lore and popular culture over-all.

But that's not all to get excited about concerning this Detective Comics key issue. Detective Comics #60 also sees the 2nd time the Joker is in this titled series and appears in the story the Case of the Costume-Clad Killers.

As for the first appearance of Air Wave, this DC Comics character has had three versions. This is the original Air Wave, or Larry Jordan. His wife and son Harold Jordan (Hal Jordan) would take up the mantle after him. No, it's not the same Hal Jordan in Green Lantern.

Larry Jordan as Airwave would become a member of the All-Star Squadron. This comic was published February, 1942.

2nd Joker cover

Not only is this a classic cover with the Joker on it, this issue also happens to be the 2nd time the Joker is featured on a comic book cover. Batman #11 would feature the 3rd time Joker is on a comic book cover.

Early Joker appearance as well, and Detective Comics #62 was published April, 1942.

1st appearance of Boy Commandos
Origin of Boy Commandos

Towards the end of 1941, the creators of Captain America, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, left Timely Comics and were hired by DC Comics. Under DC Comics, the two comic legends created the Boy Commandos.

The Boy Commandos were an elite commando squad of orphaned kids that fought on all fronts during World War II. The team was led by adult Captain Rip Carter, and team consisted of André Chavard, Alfie Twidgett, Jan Haasan, and "Brooklyn".

An international team, André Chavard is from France, Alfie Twidgett from England, Jan Haasan is from the Netherlands, and Brooklyn is of course from the United States. As predicted by Simon and Kirby, the kid team was extremely popular.

Boy Commandos makes their first appearance in this issue, and they would eventually star in their own self-titled series. At the time, Boy Commandos was one of the biggest titles and was considered DC's three biggest hits along side Superman and Batman. Pretty interesting fact.

Detective Comics #64 also sees the origin of this World War II team and was published June, 1942.

Detective Comics #66 cover image. First appearance of Two Face comicDETECTIVE COMICS #66
1st appearance of Two-Face
Origin of Two-Face
3rd appearance of Boy Commandos

Undoubtedly one of Batman's cooler and more popular foes, the character of Two-Face started off as Gotham's District Attorney, Harvey Kent, and the name was later changed to Harvey Dent in future issues after this one. Yes, his last name was changed from Kent to Dent so fans wouldn't think Two-Face was related to Clark Kent.

The reason for the name change really was that simple, but here's a kicker. Clark Kent (Superman) is an alien. Two-Face isn't. I wonder where the relation would come from?

Detective Comics #66 also holds the 3rd appearance of the Boy Commandos. Their 2nd appearance is in the issue prior. August, 1942 is the publishing date for this issue. 

1st Penguin cover
4th appearance of Penguin
4th appearance of Boy Commandos

Despite his first and 2nd appearance in issues #58 and #59, the Penguin wasn't featured on a comic cover until Detective Comics #67, and I think this issue also holds the 4th ever appearance of the Penguin as well. This is, of course, the Earth Two Golden Age Penguin we're talking about, and his 3rd appearance is in Batman #11.

The 2nd time Penguin appears on a comic cover would be on Batman #14. Detective Comics #67 also has the 4th appearance of the Boy Commandos, and this comic was published September, 1942.

Whether you can afford these or not or if you have no wish to collect Detective Comics, some of the tid-bits of information concerning some of these keys are still fun to learn or know about. So, at least, I hope you're enjoying learning about some of them.

1st appearance of Two-Face is the highlight in this Part 5 list although the 2nd Joker cover is definitely up there as well. Plenty more Detective Comics key issues to go through, so click the PART 6 link to continue. Thanks for reading and hope this helps you on your hunt.

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