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Friday, May 8, 2015

Detective Comics Key Issues Part 3

More Detective Comics key issues and more Golden Age key issues? Awesome!

This is Part 3 to this title specific key comic series that deals with Detective Comics, one of the most important comic titles in the history of comics. Being that these are early Golden Age key issues, all of them are pretty much great comic investments.

Even common issues from the early Detective Comics aren't excluded from that fact. However, this is a key issues list, so I'm sure you can fill in the blanks.

So, if you missed Part 2 to this Detective Comics key comics list, just click that blue link to head on back, but if you're all good, let's take a gander at these bad boys.

2nd Crimson Avenger cover

The Crimson Avenger appears on the cover of Detective Comics #34 but doesn't appear in the actual issue itself. Not really a major or semi-important Detective Comics key issue, but it still is an early Batman comic and Detective Comics issue.

This Golden Age goodie was published December, 1939.

1st appearance of Hugo Strange
Origin of Hugo Strange
1st finned Batman gloves

This issue marks Batman's first major recurring villain in comics ever, as well as the first origin story for Hugo Strange. Hugo Strange's next appearance will be in Batman #1 when he breaks out of prison.

We also see the well-known trademark fins on Batman's gloves for the very first time in this key issue. I had always thought that those finned gloves were always a part of Batman's original costume, but I be wrong there.  

Detective Comics #36 was published February, 1940, and it's rumored that Hugo Strange may appear in the Suicide Squad flick coming soon. The villain has already been in the TV show Gotham.



1st appearance of Robin 
1st apperance of Dick Grayson
Origin of Robin
1st appearance of Tony Zucco

One of the most important key issue Batman comics that debuts Robin and the character Dick Grayson. Because this issue also tells the origin of Robin, Dectective Comics #38 also holds the 1st appearance of Tony Zucco, the low level mob thug who is responsible for the murder of Dick Grayson's parents. 

Tony Zucco later becomes a powerful mafia boss during the silver age Batman comics, and Dick Grayson later becomes Nightwing. Dick Grayson is set to hit the small screen in the upcoming Teen Titans TV show. Nightwing has been rumored to appear in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.

Despite any movie or television hype, the first appearance of Robin has always been a highly in-demand and valuable comic. One of the more solid comics to invest in without a doubt, and it was published April, 1940



2nd appearance of Robin

Dick Grayson returns as Robin the Boy Wonder, and Detective Comics #39 would hold the 2nd appearance of Robin. Definitely not an over-looked or cheap comic by any means, but there is a pretty wide disparity in value between the 1st and 2nd appearance of this iconic character.

Not an easy find either. The 2nd appearance of Robin in Detective Comics #39 was published May, 1940, and the 3rd appearance of Robin would be in Batman #1.

Detective Comics #40 comic cover image
1st appearance of Clayface
1st appearance of Basil Karlo
Origin of Clayface
1st Joker cover appearance
4th appearance of Robin

To clear things up, Basil Karlo is the first and original Clayface in the Batman universe. This key issue has his first full appearance.

The Joker and his first appearance was originally intended for this issue, but his story and 1st appearance ended up being used in Batman #1 instead. Joker doesn't appear in this issue.

This issue holds Robin's 4rth appearance in comics, and the 4rth time Robin appears on a comic cover. June, 1940 is the publishing date of this Golden Age key issue.

Robin's first solo adventure

Dick Grayson as Robin gets his first solo adventure in the story The Masked Menace of the Boy's School. In this story, Dick Grayson enrolls in an all boys' school only to find that another boy is kidnapped and the headmaster murdered.

Robin then tries to solve the mystery of who this kidnapper and murderer is and finds that it's an art teacher from the school. 
Detective Comics #41 was published July, 1940. 

Sometimes speculating is good and fun, but often solid comic investments are the way to go. Important key issues with major characters or villains are a lot easier to gauge, because they've been iconic for so long already.

You'll have less to worry about rarity and if a character's first appearance will drop value once hype diminishes concerning early Golden Age key issues. Hell, even the first appearances of minor supporting villains and characters have been widely sought out within this era of comics.

Only problem is that most average collectors can't afford many of the more coveted Golden Age key issues. Some of these in low grade GD are even expensive, and hell who wouldn't want the 1st appearance of Robin from a comic investing standpoint?

If you can afford these, it will be a hunt even for some of the more minor Detective Comics key issues. Anyways, Part 3 is done, but Part 4 is ready so just click that link below to continue.

Click the PREVIOUS link below if you missed Part 4.


  1. Greetings Mayhem,

    Detective Comics 38? Makes me think of Deadpool 51 - great cover swipe! At least that one is within my reach... ;-)


    1. Yep, it is a cool cover swipe, and don't get me started about these keys being in my price range...hahaha...makes me wanna kick myself for not picking these up back in high school.

    2. Actually, out of my price range.