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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Detective Comics Key Comics Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of this Detective Comics key comics list, and we've got more elusive Golden Age key issues served up for ya. As usual, there's some interesting tid-bits here, and some not so interesting also.

If you missed the previous part, click this Part 3 link to head on back. If not, enjoy more of these Detective Comics key issues.

New Crimson Avenger costume

Ah, this would mark the era of when superhero comics took over the market during the Golden Age of comics, and even normal masked vigilantes like the Crimson Avenger would rock a more superhero costumed look.

It's true, Lee Travis does away with the Shadow and Green Hornet look and gets some superhero tights. Not sure if it's in this comic or not, but even his Kato wanna-be sidekick Wing gets a costume that matches the theme of Crimson Avenger's new look. 

Wing would later become a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the All-Star Squadron. In the New 52, he is James Wing and still an Asian American guy who is a camera man for the GBC. He works with  journalist Lee Travis, now a black woman. 

Don't think they are crime fighters in the New 52, but in the Golden Age, they both kicked some crime in the ass. Detective Comics #44 was published October, 1940.

1st Joker in Detective Comics
Although the Joker was featured on the cover of Detective Comics #40, he didn't actually appear in the story contained in that issue. It would be 5 issues later that marks the first time Joker makes an appearance in a Detective Comics' story and here it is.  

As a series of unconventional and strange crimes occur and seem to be related, Batman finds himself realizing that the Joker is alive and well and up to no good as usual. 

Detective Comics #45 was published November, 1940 and is a good one to snag for Batman and Joker fans.   

Death of Hugo Strange

The demise of Batman's first ever major super villian? Does anyone really die in comic books? 

I suppose we can all safely say that this key issue marks the first death of the character Hugo Strange, even though he doesn't really die but survives the fall. 

However, Overstreet and the comic collecting community treats this issue as a key issue Batman comic, and so shall I.

Hugo Strange does come back though. They all come back sooner or later! This comic was published December, 1940.

1st time Batmobile is named

A little knowledge about the Batmobile. In the previous issues, Batman switched back and forth from a red sedan to a black convertible. These were only a specially built high powered auto, but neither had the typical Batmobile look and gadgets that we all came to know and love.

Pretty much just simple-looking and ordinary. Neither car was referred to as the Batmobile, nor did was it seen to have the trademark insignia or emblem on it prior. They could have just been the personal cars for Bruce Wayne to drive to the Post Office.

Prior, we knew nothing about the car and it was not made a big deal of except that it was fast. In this issue we finally learn that the Batman's crime fighting car is called the Batmobile and is referenced or named as such.

Although the car in this issue is the high powered red sedan, it is shown to have a small, gold bat-shaped hood ornament, clearly identifying it as Batman's car.

It would not be until a month later in Batman #5 when we finally see the classic, black Batmobile with the large, intimidating bat head emblem on the front and tail fin. It would be the version of the Batmobile first seen in Batman #5 that would become iconic in identifying the character and become popular with fans. 

However, Detective Comics #48 doesn't have that Batmobile in it, but it's the first time Batman's car is called the iconic title. This comic was published February, 1941.

Detective Comics #58 cover image! First appearance of Penguin
1st appearance of the Penguin
Last Speed Saunders
Despite the fact that The Penguin made my list of one of the lamest Batman villains, there's no doubt that he is one of most recognizable and popular villains in Batman's cast of baddies. Not acknowledging the first appearance of Penguin would be...well, lame. 

The golden age first appearance of The Penguin in Detective Comics #58 is a highly sought after and quite elusive comic book, and this comic was published December, 1941.

2nd appearance of Penguin
Wing becomes Crimson Avengers aide

Okay, I get the 2nd appearance of the Penguin, and in this market that's probably all that matter in terms of this being a sought out comic. In terms of Wing becoming Crimson Avenger's aide, I have no idea what that's even about.

I thought Wing was always the sidekick to Crimson Avenger since his first appearance in Detective Comics #20. Perhaps they mean that Wing becomes the official side kick to Crimson Avenger when he also dons superhero tights?

So, anyways, here's the 2nd appearance of Oswald Cobblepot as the "Gentlemen of Crime" or Penguin, and it's definitely a solid comic investment as well.

January, 1942 is the publishing date for Detective Comics #59.

Definitely a few great Golden Age key issues in this lot to consider, and not all of these are out of reach. Some in this part are affordable in mid to lower grades.

There's definitely more Detective key comics in Part 5 so click the link below to carry on. Thanks for reading and hope this helps you out in your hunt.


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