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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Detective Comics Key Comics Part 2

2nd Part to this title specific key comics list concerning Detective Comics. We are finally getting into the age of superhero comics, and this part right here will be riddled with solid and highly sought out and valuable key issues.

I'm pretty sure you can guess whose first appearance will be introduced in the 2nd Part of this Detective Comics key issues list. Although, I did just copy and past this from the Batman key issues list, I did add a few more tid-bits here and there, as well as keys not featured on that list.

So should be some good stuff all around. Also, all the non-superhero characters also still have their own stories running through this anthology title.

You can click the Part 1 link in case you missed, but if you're ready to go, here's more Detective Comics key issues. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

1st Appearance of Batman
1st Appearance of Bruce Wayne  
1st Appearance of James Gordon

No doubt that this is the holy grail of Batman comics to invest in. Extremely hard to find and rare even in lower grades and, thus, extremely expensive. Yes, Commissioner Gordon is Batman's first and oldest supporting character in his comic book universe and makes his first appearance in this issue as well.

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the iconic Bruce Wayne as Batman makes his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 and this holy grail key issue was published May, 1939.

2nd Appearance of Batman

It may not be the first appearance of Batman, but a 2nd appearance is still a pretty awesome find for an extremely popular character from the Golden Age. This important key Batman issue boasts the 2nd appearance of Gotham's Dark Knight in a 6 page story, and the Batman took off in the world of comics. The rest, of course, to state a cliche, is history.

Commissioner Gordon or James Gordon makes a cameo appearance in this issue. Detective Comics #28 was published June, 1939.

1st named Batman super villain
3rd appearance of Batman
1st appearance of Doctor Death
2nd Batman on cover

Okay, he's no Joker for sure, but Doctor Death was Batman's very first recurring foe. This key issue is historical and marks when the Batman stories started to move away from the character just whomping on low-level thugs and move towards going up against some super villainy characters.
This issue also marks the 3rd appearance of Batman and the 2nd time he is featured on a comic cover. Detective Comics #29 was published July, 1939.


Classic Batman cover
1st appearance The Monk
1st appearance of Julie Madison
1st Batplane & Batarang

Another glorious golden age key issue that's full of firsts. In this hard to find comic, we get our first glimpse of a few of Batman's weaponry that has become so engraved in pop culture like the first Batplane and his famous Batarangs.

Julie Madison is Bruce Wayne's first love interest in comics, and the Monk is one of Batman's earliest and significant villains for the hero. The character or villain is a vampire and this Golden Age early Batman villain was resurrected by writer Gerry Conway in 1982.

Detective Comics #31 was published September, 1939 and is a two-part story.

1st costumed superhero to use a gun
1st appearance and death of Dala
Death of the Monk

Batman don't use guns? I call B.S. on that! In this issue, Batman does use a gun and he actually uses it to kill. 

That's right! In the Golden Age of Batman comics, Batman was a lot more darker than he would be during the Silver Age and the era of the Comics Code Authority

This issue is the first time a superhero costumed character uses a gun, and Batman uses it to gun down both Doctor Death and his assistant Dala. He, of course, uses silver bullets to off the vampire duo and break the spell they put on his beloved Julie Madison.

Batman kills in this issue, and it's the first time the Caped Crusader uses the particular weapon that he's so vehemently against these days. Detective Comics #32 was published October, 1939.

1st Batman origin story
1st Appearance of Joe Chill

A massively important Batman key issue. Not only does Detective Comics #33 reveal the first ever Batman origin, it also has the first appearance of Joe Chill.

If you're unsure of who Joe Chill is, he is possibly the most important character of the Batman mythos. After all, the man who killed Bruce Wayne's parents is responsible for the creation of The Batman, and that man was Joe Chill.

Joe Chill was not named in this issue, however. He is finally named in Batman #47. Detective Comics #33 and the first told origin of Batman was published November, 1939.

Although this Detective Comics key comics list will primarily focus on Batman, it is not a Batman key issues list and is title specific. I will feature some of the other Golden Age pre superhero characters keys whose stories continue to run in Detective Comics along side Batman, but it won't be much or that in-depth.

All these Golden Age Detective Comics are absolutely solid comic investments even in low grades. Like the comics in Part 1, they are not easy finds whatsoever and will cost you quite a bit of moolah if you do happen to chance upon them when you're on the hunt.

Still, any of these would be a prized addition to any comic vault for sure. So, same drill as usual. If you missed Part 1, click the PREVIOUS link below, and click the PART 3 link to continue with this key issues list.

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