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Friday, May 29, 2015

Deadpool Key Issues List

Deadpool! One of the most over-exposed characters to ever come out of the Copper Age. Much like Wolverine during the Copper Age, Deadpool would be one of those characters that Marvel just likes to throw in most everything, but that didn't come until the Modern Age of comics.

No doubt this character is popular, and since a Deadpool movie is finally coming to a theater near you, it's been requested that I do a more in-depth Deadpool key issues list or series. Right off the bat, I just want to say I'm not a huge fan of Deadpool so I know very little about the character.

This key issues list will be a mish mash of sorts. It will be 1st appearance centric for major supporting Deadpool characters as usual. On the other hand, the character of Deadpool has evolved greatly due to certain comic writers.

I will showcase the most influential of these writers who gave Deadpool those quirks that made the character especially popular with fans or controversial with fans.

This won't be easy since Deadpool is a convoluted character to begin with much like Wolverine and his past, but I'll give it my best shot. Hopefully, I can sling-shot some ones you didn't know about before. Alright, here goes!

1st appearance of Deadpool 
1st appearance Copycat as Domino
1st appearance of Gideon

God, I've been yapping about this one for a long time, and am actually sick of talking about it. You guys are probably sick of hearing about it. So, as we all know, this issue holds the first appearance of Deadpool or Wade Wilson.

It also has the first appearance of Domino, or later written to be Copycat as Domino. Many are debating about whether this should count as Domino's first appearance and whatnot.

As for my opinion, the character of Domino is introduced to comic readers in this issue. Despite that it's someone else pretending to be her, we are aware of the character, what she looks like, and her name.

Technically, from a comic reader standpoint, we are introduced to Domino and her likeness first appears to us in this issue. We don't know of a Copycat just yet, but we are aware of Domino. On the flip side, this technically isn't the real Domino from a Marvel history (canon) standpoint.

So, the argument can go both ways. Personally, I don't even care much to be honest. Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza are the creators of both Deadpool and Domino, as well as Copycat. So far, Copycat has been cast in the upcoming Deadpool movie, but Domino hasn't.

Gideon also makes his 1st appearance in this issue. New Mutants #98 was published February, 1991, and if it makes any difference, there is a newsstand edition and a direct edition for this issue if you care about that.

2nd appearance of Deadpool
1st appearance of Kane
1st appearance of Department K

This sucker has went uncared for and unknown for quite a long time as a bargain buy until the speculator market picked up on it recently. Now, the 2nd appearance of Deadpool in X-Force #2 has seen quite a bump in value, especially in higher CGC grades.

Despite Deadpool's 2nd appearance in this comic, it does hold two first appearances worth noting as well. This issue sees the first appearance of Garrison Kane, known as Weapon X.

The character of Kane was a member of Cable's mercenary team called Six Pack, but he was also a covert operative for Canada's Department K. This Department K ran the Weapon X program and is responsible for enhancing and twisting such mutants like Wolverine, Deadpool, and Kane.

Department K is greatly tied to Deadpool's origins in the beginning and this secret organization also sees it's first appearance in this comic. X-Force #2 and the 2nd appearance of Deadpool was published September, 1991.

3rd appearance of Deadpool

This comic is part 2 of 2 to the Sabotage crossover that began in Spider-Man #16. Aside from being the 3rd appearance of Deadpool, there are no other significant 1st, 2nd or 3rd appearances in this comic.

I guess it might be X-Force's first crossover event or story within the titled series, but I don't know if that would give this comic an extra boost because of it. Probably not. The 3rd appearance of Deadpool in X-Force #4 was published November, 1991.

4th appearance of Deadpool
1st appearance of Mr. Tolliver

The mutant Tyler Dayspring is first introduced as Mr. Tolliver in this issue. He is the son of Nathan Summers and was born two thousand years into the future and would be abducted and corrupted by Stryfe.

Mr. Tolliver did hire Deadpool and Copycat to capture Domino, which began the whole 1st appearance debate of Domino. Not so much a Deadpool specific villain and more of a foe for Cable, Tyler Dayspring would later become Genesis, who believed himself a replacement for Apocalypse.

X-Force #5 also has the 4th appearance of Deadpool and was published December, 1991.

5th appearance of Deadpool
1st appearance of The Externals

Not to be confused with the Eternals in the Marvel Universe. These Externals are in the mutant specific realm and believe themselves to be immortal.

With the first appearance of this group, this issue also sees the first appearance of characters Nicodemus, Saul, Burke, and Absalom. Other members include Gideon and Krule, but Gideon first appeared in New Mutants #98 and Krule is only mentioned in this issue.

Krule would make his first appearance in X-Force #12, and the only reason I relayed all that is because this issue holds the 5th appearance of Deadpool in the 2nd story of this issue, Answers and Questions.

Answers and Questions also hints at and begins the whole Domino kidnapped and Copycat impersonating her storyline. This comic was published May, 1992, and this issue is being noted as a Deadpool cameo but whatever.

6th appearance of Deadpool
1st appearance of "real" Domino
1st appearance of Weapon P.R.I.M.E.

In terms of Deadpool related key issues, this one is on here since it has the 6th appearance of Deadpool. As for the 1st full appearance, Deadpool is obviously involved in this caper so it is a key issue related to him.

Actually, Domino only appears on the last page of this issue and the really-real her first appears in flashback in X-Force #8. However, it seems that CGC is noting this as the 1st appearance of "real" Domino or Neena Thurman. Lol.

Another 1st appearance note, which is going under the radar for this issue currently, is the 1st appearance of Weapon P.R.I.M.E. They are a Canadian superhero team and were activated for duty by Kane or Weapon X.

Original members are Kane, Rictor, Tolliver, and Thornn. Yes, the same Rictor from X-Factor. So more than meets the eye for X-Force #11 and it was published June, 1992.

In his humble beginnings, Deadpool was a more serious and professional character. Sure, he had the Spider-Man jokes and wise-ass quality about him, but he was more straight forward under Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza.

A few writers would evolve the character with story and character devices that would make the character of Wade Wilson infinitely even more popular. These quirks that the character would be well-known for would be mostly established by one influential writer and a fan-favorite for most hardcore Deadpool fans.

If you don't know, we'll discuss this in Part 2 of this Deadpool key issues series so click the PART 2 link below if you wanna continue.


  1. isnt xforce# 11 the 3rd appearance of deadpool, thats what every seller on ebay states for it.

    1. Since nobody in industry (Overstreet, CGC, PGX, CBCS) is noting the 3rd appearance of Deadpool and it's just a bunch of fans going this should be this and that should be that, I went the safe route and disregarded the cameo bit and just did order of appearance no matter how limited or not.

      I wouldn't say every seller is noting X-Force #11 as the 3rd appearance. A few are, but my question is since there's obviously little criteria on what constitutes a cameo as opposed to an actual appearance, what's their criteria for X-Force #11 being Deadpool's 3rd appearance when he does show up in previous issues?

  2. I'd say X-Force #1 with the Deadpool trading card should be on the list as well.