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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Deadpool Key Comics Part 3

More Deadpool key comics in Part 3, and these will all be Modern Age Deadpool key issues. Some are minor and some aren't.

Some are fan favorites and some are despised by fans. We'll discuss a few more important 4th wall breaks, but Part 3 will end that.

This Part 2 link will bring you back if you missed it. Otherwise, here's Part 3 to this Deadpool key comics list.

1st audience addressed in main series

More 4th wall breaks here and the evolution of this device that became a Deadpool staple to fans of the character and comic. According to the site, this is the first time ole Deadpool addresses the reader in his main titled series. Deadpool is in disguise though and not in his regular skivvies when he does so.

All this jargon may not be that important to the comic book market at large, but for fans of the Merc With A Mouth these moments are deemed classics for the character. In the picture, you can clearly see him address the audience, and in the panels to follow, he gets out of his disguise and reveals himself as Wolvie calls him out.

Deadpool #27 was published April, 1999, and he once again goes up against Wolverine in this issue. This may be the 2nd fight between the two but not so sure about that.

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Classic 4th wall conversion

Some out there are noting this the 1st official Deadpool 4th wall break. I don't know about that, but it's a funny one.

He furthers his awareness that he is a comic book character and does so in an actual conversation within the story and with another comic character, whom is Bullseye. This is definitely a fan-favorite moment in the pages of Deadpool, but it's not exactly a hot or sought out issue currently.

Not saying that it won't ever be, but right now it's pretty unknown to the larger market. Not even sure if this even counts as a key issue, but this is more to show how this 4th wall business evolves with the character.

This will be the last example of how Joe Kelly uses this device to add humor to the character of Deadpool. Once again, the image and info is courtesy of

May, 1999 was when this comic was published.

End of Joe Kelly run
Deadpool origin
Origin of T-Ray

This issue marks the end of Joe Kelly's influential run in the Deadpool series. Deadpool #33 also has T-Ray reveal a bit of Wade Wilson's past and claims that he is in fact the real Wade Wilson.

Apparently, a young Jack (Deadpool) had met T-Ray when Jack was injured and on the run from his employers. Jack was a mercenary who had botched up a mission.

In this time, it was written that the character of Deadpool, pre-Deadpool, was a mercenary who kept changing his identity. According to T-Ray, Jack had planned to kill him and steal his identity but instead took the life of his wife Mercedes.

This act would forever set T-Ray on the path of being Deadpool arch nemesis. He would later join Jack's employers and become an operative who was highly trained to kill Jack.

In the newer Deadpool series, it's implied that this accusation is false. Whether it's true or not, T-Ray is hell-bent on killing Deadpool.

It's not noted, but this is an expansion on Deadpool's origin. It's also the origin story of T-Ray. Real name is still unknown but it's presumed to possibly be Wade Wilson. Deadpool #33 was published October, 1999.

Christopher Priest run begins

Priest took over the series after Kelly left, and while Kelly introduced the character breaking the 4th wall, it was under Priest's helm where he made it a staple of the character and used it consistently. 
Some fans don't like the Christopher Priest run. Hell, some fans don't even like the Joe Kelly run and have stated in discussions that they prefer the character of Deadpool as he started - just a wise-ass.

I won't be getting in depth with the Priest run at all. He did have the character meet Loki in issue #37, and it's in that issue where Loki tries to claim he's Deadpool's father. Deadpool #34 was published November, 1999.

Agent of Weapon X storyline begins

Four issue story arc, this is surprisingly a fan-favorite. Issue #57 starts this story arc, and it lasts until issue #60.

The four issue story arc is seeing a slight bit of heat in the current market. In the storyline, the Weapon X program is back and Sabretooth is sent to recruit Deadpool. 

With Deadpool's healing factor damaged and the promise that they can give him a new and stronger one and even remove the scars from his disfigured body. Also, this new healing factor is able to regrow limbs.

An offer like that, even Deadpool can't refuse it. Deadpool Agent of Weapon X sees the apparent death of Copycat, but she ends up coming back. Of course, things go awry and Deadpool ends up going against this new Weapon X team.

If you're a fan of Deadpool, issues #57 through #60 just may be ones to snag up or dump. This current market is seeing these issues take a slight bump in demand. Not crazy, but NM copies are selling around the $10 mark.

October, 2001 is the publishing date for Deadpool #57.

Gail Simone starts
1st appearance of Nijo
1st appearance of Inez Temple
1st appearance of Black Swan

Gail Simone was given the helm when the Deadpool series was on its way out, but her wrap up of the series is widely accepted by many fans of the character as a must-read. Gail Simone is one of the most influential Modern Age comic writers out there today.

Some like to box her in and give her the title of one of the most influential female comic writers of today, but screw that. Her work, without the whole gender labeling, has been amazing on many of the titles she has written for.

Deadpool #65 sees her work on Deadpool begin, and she introduces quite a few fan-favorite characters. The first appearance of Nijo is in the issues, and he is later revealed to be Agent X.

Also, Inez Temple, known as Outlaw, makes her debut in this issue as well. She becomes a supporting character for Deadpool and Agent X. 

Inez Temple is a mutant with superhuman strength and stamina. If the Deadpool movie is successful, this character may have a good chance of appearing in one of the sequels. She is a mercenary as well, and it's time FOX shows a female mutant with superhuman strength!

Black Swan became a notable villain for Deadpool and Agent X. He is a German mutant raised in the Bavarian circus and is highly trained in hand-to-hand, swordplay and marksmanship. 

His real name is unknown, but Black Swan has the mutant power to infect minds with a telepathic virus of sorts that can disrupt people's thoughts and actions. He can also absorb knowledge and skills and physical powers sometimes.

Black Swan's first appearance in Deadpool #65 was published May, 2002, and under Gail Simone's tenure writing for Deadpool, she would be known for making regular use of the "yellow thought boxes" and utilizing the 4th wall break ignored by writers after Christopher Priest's run. Writer Daniel Way would later expand on the concept of these little "yellow boxes".

1st issue to series
1st appearance of Nijo as Agent X
1st appearance of Saguri

Agent X was a spin-off series after the 1st Deadpool series was cancelled after issue #69. This was done when Marvel was doing a major overhaul with many of the X-titles.

For instance, Cable was retitled Soldier X and X-Force was changed to X-Static. Despite this lame attempt to bolster slumping sales, the Agent X series was a critical success but a commercial failure.

Currently, however, this series has become a fan-favorite. Gail Simone introduced Alex Hayden as the main protagonist, and the recurring theme within the series was whether Deadpool was Agent X, as many hints gave way to this during the series.

Even Taskmaster believed Agent X to be Wade Wilson. The character of Saguri made her first appearance in this issue and was created by Gail Simone. She is a minor character in the series and dies in issue #6.

September, 2002 was when this comic was published.

1st appearance of Mary Zero

Gail Simone adds further quirky characters in this series, and one of them is Mary Zero. This character has the power of Imperceptibility, meaning people cannot perceive or remember her.

When she meets Agent X, nobody can actually see her except for Agent X. She falls in love with him and follows him around like a puppy dog. Minor key issue here.

November, 2002 is the publishing date for Agent X #3.

1st appearance of Agency X
Gail Simone run ends

Since Deadpool was a member of this mercenary team, it's only right that the first appearance of Agency X in Agent X #7 belongs on this Deadpool key issues list. Original members that join this team are Outlaw, first seen in Deadpool #65, Taskmaster, Sondra Brandenberg, Agent X, and Mary Zero.

Sondra Brandenberg's first appearance is in Taskmaster #1, and she became a supporting character for Taskmaster, Agent X, and Deadpool. Agent X #7 was published March, 2003.

Return of Deadpool
Reveals Agent X isn't Deadpool

After a brief hiatus, Gail Simone was allowed to wrap up this series and she finally does so by revealing that Deadpool is not Agent X by having the character return to comics.

So this issue marks the return of Wade Wilson as Deadpool and in the next two issues the series is cancelled. Gail Simone's wrap up also has the story plot of Black Swan, Deadpool, and Agent X's melding of powers and personalities and how Black Swan is taken down after he suckers the two and augments his powers.

Agent X #13 was published November, 2003.

I didn't get into the Christopher Priest run much at all, because the writer didn't really introduce any notable supporting characters during his tenure. The very few he did introduce like Scrunch were extremely short-lived.

He does have some fan-favorite issues involving Deadpool, but many of them aren't technically key issues. Deadpool #44 sees Deadpool go up against the Avengers and Black Panther, but Black Panther is not T'Challa. He is Erik Killmonger instead.

I also won't be featuring every single mini-series or one-shot Deadpool headlines. Just way too many of them, and if they're not significant enough, they won't make it on this list.

Will just have to see which ones are further included in this Deadpool key issues list. Part 4 to this beast is ready so just click the link to continue on.

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