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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Caliban Confirmed for X-Men Apocalypse

Bryan Singer has no problem teasing fans with what to expect in his upcoming movies. X-Men Apocalypse has seen various on-set photos tweeted or thrown up on instagram by the director himself to create comic movie news and buzz for his flicks.

Recently, Mr. Singer gave us our first looks at Nightcrawler, Jubilee, and Jean Grey in a grotesque reminder of the valley, suburban, preppie look that encrusted the 80s era with Aquanet and fashion spawned by Madonna and New Wave bands. Was infinitely laughable at first glance, especially at the nostalgic reminder of the quirky fashion of the times which Jubilee's costume for the upcoming movie greatly represents.  Then again, the character was a mall rat.

Once again, Bryan Singer gives us another teaser and dropped another Marvel mutant to appear in the X-Men Apocalypse flick, and it kinda makes some sense. This instagram photo and the caption reveals it all, which said "Shooting Caliban's place of business"

Okay, the photo doesn't reveal much at all, but the caption of the photo on instagram did.

For those who don't know the character of Caliban. The dude is a mutant and was a Morlock. This guy was used by Calisto since he had the mutant power of being able to locate other mutants in the comics. 

His other mutie powers also include fear absorption and super human strength when he is overly stressed or in panic mode.

In short, the grotesque-looking Caliban basically Hulks-out when he gets to that point! So why does his appearance in the movie make sense? 

Well, let's start off with some basics about the character. Caliban first appeared as himself in Uncanny X-Men #148 during the Bronze Age in 1981. 

However, the character became a member of X-Factor, and as well all know, Apocalypse and his four horsemen also made their first appearances in the titled comic series. Caliban would become Apocalypse's hellhound in X-Factor #24, same comic that has the first full appearance of Archangel.

To further the character's connection, he would be set up to replace Archangel in X-Factor #25, and appear as Death in Uncanny X-Men #294. X-Factor #25 sees Archangel come to senses and leave the four horsemen.

Caliban would also become another one of the four horsemen called Pestilence in Cable #73. This was Apocalypse's second version of the four horsemen when Wolverine was Death.

Plague was the first to take up the name of Pestilence, but died around X-Factor #25. Anyways, will it be just like the comics?

This raises some questions about the inclusion of Caliban in the mix. Will Caliban be primed to take the place of Archangel as Death or will he be recruited as Pestilence?

I'm also wondering if Caliban is used by Apocalypse in finding mutants to recruit for his four horsemen? The plot thickens on this character. 

So, yes, it does make sense that Caliban is featured in X-Men Apocalypse. How large a role the character will be playing is still unknown, but Uncanny X-Men #148 and Caliban's first appearance in it has yet to seen heat from this new news. I wonder how long it will take as this comic is not that well-known at all for being his first appearance.

In terms of comic movie news...good stuff.


  1. Not really into Caliban but Jubilee looks nice!!!

    Max Rebo

    1. Caliban flew over my fan-dar while I was reading this story arc back in the day. Didn't give the character a second thought to be honest, but I'm curious to see how fast the speculators jump on this one like a dog in heat. I need to go check how many copies I have and unload some if I have multiples.

  2. thanx for the heads up Mayhem!!

    1. Heya Wayne worries...this one is starting to see heat every one is listing it as Caliban's first appearance. Yesterday hardly anyone was. Crazy market. How you doing, man? Haven't heard from ya in a while.

    2. Been good my brotha!! just been slammed with work, (which is a good thing!) just haven't had much time to hunt for some keys. But….. been saving some mega cash for the heroes con. can't wait!! think I'm gonna pick up that ironman 55, or ff 48!! super pumped!

      How you been man!?

      Oh yea I recently submitted 5 books to cbcs like 10 weeks ago and didn't realize how far behind they are!!! gosh they are only just now grading books from the first week in February!! Damn I'm ready to get my books back! Its still gonna be at least anther 6-8 weeks before i get em :(

    3. Been good bro! Thanks for asking. Sounds like both you and JW have been pretty busy, which is a good thing. Were they Moderns that you submitted to CBCS? I hear they are back logged on the Moderns, or at least Gerry told me recently.

      6-8 weeks? That's a long time? Which of the services did you pick? Good to hear from ya Mr. Brown, and hope you're not working too hard over yonder.

  3. Never cared much for the character until I saw Ian Churchill draw him on the cover Uncanny X-men Annual 18. After that I went and found a copy of his first appearance, so I'd love to see it go up in price, lol.

    1. Hey, you and me both. I never really got into the character much...not to say that he shouldn't be in the new X-Men movie. He's definitely connected to the story in the comics. I'm wondering if he'll have a bit part in the flick or if he'll be a character of some significance. I guess we shall see.

  4. Mayhem, great insight as always. Been following you for few weeks now and I am glad.
    I remember grabbing a copy last year with Xfactor #24 for like £5 for both so not a bad deal.

    Ebay prices already going crazy...


    Great work as always

    1. Hi Figster...awesome that you snagged that one early last year and got a pretty impressive deal. You thinking about dishing it off? I already let my two copies go recently.

    2. I don't know if I should or hold on to them? Got few copies of #148 so may get rid. Keeping xfactor #24 as I love the cover and couldn't part with it. Also can you shed some light on X-Men #294? People are saying this is when caliban became death??

    3. Sorry for the confusion on X-Factor #25...that issue sees Caliban stay with Apocalypse and sets him up to be essence he replaces Archangel as Apocalypse promises to make him super powerful.

      in X-Men #294, Caliban calls himself Death and is enhanced as Apocalypse promised. I was writing this post up super fast and forgot to explain it further.