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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Solar Key Issues Part 3

The 3rd and last part to this Solar key issues series. We will be finishing up the Valiant comic series for the character. Many of these are still bargain bins or not that valuable currently, and some for pretty obvious reasons I won't get into.

If you missed Part 2, click the link to head on back. Let's finish up this requested key issues series.

1st appearance of Earth

Not that much of a major character, Earth does show up in a few issues of Solar and a few other titles as well. He is a member of the Elements of Evil which include Air, Fire, and Water.

Since Earth is the first to be introduced and Air and Water's first appearances come much later, Solar, Man of the Atom #22 will be featured on this list. Air and Water's first appearances are in issue #42 and Fire's first is in issue #43.

Not entirely important villains in the Solar or Valiant Universe. Estimated print run is 300,000 and this comic was published June, 1993.

1st appearance of Solar, the Destroyer

Solar has another more aggressive side, and this side splits from Seleski to become a separate aspect of himself. This was done to combat or essentially extinguish the Spider-Aliens.

Solar, the Destroyer does have several appearances in the Solar comic title as well as other Valiant titles as well. The comic does have a high print run compared to other Solar issues with an estimated 360,000.

It's perhaps the highest printed issue from the Valiant Solar titled series and was published July, 1993.

1st appearance of Doctor Eclipse

This is the issue where Master Darque turns Fred Bender into Doctor Eclipse, and, thus, marks the first appearance of Fred Bender as the villainous foe for Solar and a few others in the Valiant Universe.

Despite it's key issue goodness, this 1st issue and first appearance has a pretty high estimated print run of 650,000 copies. It's not going for much in the current market, but I'm putting it on here since it is a key issue and not that many are noting it.

Secret Weapons #1 was published September, 1993

1st appearance of Flashpoint team
Solar in black costume
The Flashpoint team makes their first appearance in Solar, Man of the Atom #46. Created by Dan Jurgens, Flashpoint were not that major of characters in the Valiant Universe. 

Their appearances can be counted on two hands. However, there are ten members of the team that make their first appearances in this issue, and they are American Ace, Urban Assault Commando, Grimace, Silver Sky, Sentry, Sin Buster, the Wire, Casket Jack, Luna, and Tele-tech. 

Though not the most impressive of comic characters, the estimated print run is pretty low and at around 38,000 copies if you're into low print runs. July, 1995 is the publishing date for Solar, Man of the Atom #46.

1st appearance of Blackstar

Another extremely minor character and first appearance in this issue, Blackstar makes his debut in Solar, Man of the Atom #55. I couldn't even find any info on the guy so I have no idea if he is a villain or a good guy or whatever.

This comic is in the late issues of the Valiant Solar comic series, so the print run is pretty low. Pretty much the only reason why it's featured in this key issues list.

Estimated print run of 25,000 copies and this comic was published January, 1996. 

Final issue of series

Finally, Solar from the Valiant series gets cancelled with issue #60. Solar was one of the longer running Valiant comics series for sure.

This being the last issue, there's not much else as of key issue goodness. 14,000 estimated copies were printed of Solar, Man of the Atom #60 and it was published April, 1996.

1st appearance of Glow
1st appearance of Leviathan
1st appearance of Whitmore Pickerel
In 2010, Dark Horse Comics and Jim Shooter tried to revive Doctor Solar in the comic world and redefine the character to a new generation. This version of the character was definitely based on the original Gold Key character and many of the old Gold Key supporting cast members was used for this very short-lived revival.

However, some 1st appearances were spawned from this series, but they are relatively minor as the series only published 8 issues. So as Doctor Solar is once again involved in an accident that give him amazing powers, it seems that this cataclysm also endows a Science Fiction writer by the name of Whitemore Pickerel with some amazing abilities as well.

Enabled to create life with the power of his imagination, Pickerel creates Leviathan and Glow, both of whom of course start to cause trouble. Gail Sanders, Dr. Clarkson and Tanek Nuro from the Gold Key series are reintroduced in this issue as well.

Doctor Solar Man of the Atom #1 from the Dark Horse series was published July, 2010.

1st appearance of Erica Seleski
1st appearance of Colin Seleski
1st appearance of Dave Roberson
Dynamite Entertainment decided to revive or re-imagine the Valiant version of Solar. Of course, there are new supporting characters introduced in this series as well.

Erica and Colin Seleski are the kids of Phil Seleski, known as Doctor Solar. Dave Roberson is Erica's husband and a pretty minor character in the series.

Erica Seleski is a female Solar of sorts and has a white costume like her dad's. Basically, Erica is the only main supporting character in this new Dynamite series. Boat load of variant covers came with issue #1 and probably every issue to this series so far.

April, 2014 is the publishing date for this comic.

Okay, that's all for the Solar key issues, or, at least, all the ones I'm gonna feature in this series. If you're a fan of the character, this may help you locate some key issues.

If you're not and you happen to have some of the more valuable keys, you may or may not want to dump 'em for something you are a fan of. Either way, more key issues of other characters or titles surely to come as I'm working on down the list of requests.

Click the PREVIOUS link if you missed or are even remotely interested in Part 2 of this series. 



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    I might need to go to a midnight showing, I can't wait any longer!!

    1. I'm pretty stoked, but I messed up and read all the spoiler articles out there on the web. A bit disappointed at some things I read, but I'm still jazzed at seeing this. I'm hoping my sinus infection clears up by next week so I can watch it.

  2. Who is this Solar, and why did he steal Cyclops' costume?

    1. Haha! I never noticed that, but Solar did come out before X-Men #1 so I believe Cyclops actually stole Solar's costume.