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Monday, April 27, 2015

Solar Key Comics Part 2

Part 2 to this Doctor Solar key comics list series. This sequel will detail the Valiant comic series of this character and Jim Shooter decided to create a completely different world and supporting characters for Solar.

One of the more longer running series, there are a few key issues worth noting in this, but I won't be listing extremely minor, minor characters that only have like two appearances. If you missed Part 1 and the Silver Age Gold Key Doctor Solar key issues, you can click the link to go back.

Here's the Valiant version of the character and some of his key issue comics.

1st appearance of Erica Pierce
1st appearance of Gayle Nordheim
1st appearance of Dr. Dobson
1st appearance of Solar as Dr. Phil Seleski

Solar was one of the characters that Valiant licensed from Gold Key and started publishing during the 90s. Solar was the 2nd superhero character in the Valiant line and Magnus Robot Fighter was the first to be published.

Unlike Magnus though, the character was revamped a lot more. Dr. Solar was Phil Seleski instead of Raymond Solar, but Seleski was a fan of the Raymond Solar comic version.

Also, none of the old Gold Key supporting cast was used and a whole new one was created for the Valiant comic series, which makes sense since it is a different character entirely. First supporting character is Gayle Nordheim which is obviously Seleski's love interest and colleague.

Dr. Dobson is another main supporting character for the Valiant Solar comics. This issue also sees the first appearance of Erica Pierce, who becomes Mothergod and the main nemesis for many of the Valiant heroes in the Unity conflict.

So, this comic is no lightweight in terms of key issue goodness for any Valiant fan of the series for sure. An estimated 85,000 copies were printed, and this comic was published September, 1991.

1st in Dr. Solar costume
2nd appearance of Gayle Nordheim
2nd  appearance of Dr. Dobson

Like the original Doctor Solar, Phil Seleski doesn't first appear in costume. Unlike the original, it doesn't take him 5 appearances to do so. Solar, Man of the Atom #2 sees Dr. Seleski don the iconic costume and further his adventures as the new Solar.

The 2nd issue also sees the 2nd appearances of main supporting characters Gayle Nordheim and Dr. Dobson. Solar, Man of the Atom #2 was published October, 1991 and has an estimated print run of 70,000.

1st appearance of Toyo Harada
1st appearance of Harbinger Foundation
The Harbinger Foundation and Toyo Harada are main villains in the Valiant Universe. Solar Man of the Atom #3 has the first appearance of Toyo Harada, the most powerful and first known Harbinger.

Harada is an Omega Harbinger and commands the full spectrum of psionic abilities including including telepathy, telekinesis, mind-control, as well as others. He can activate the powers of others as well.

Harada created the Harbinger Foundation to actively search for other Harbingers. He is ruthless and believes that humanity will eventually destroy it itself unless he controls the world in order to preserve it. He has tremendous political and financial power and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

Pretty important comic not just for Solar or Harbinger, but for most of the Valiant Universe. Solar Man of the Atom #3 was published November, 1991 and has an estimated 65,000 print run.

2nd appearance of Rai
1st Solar cross-over
Here we have the 2nd appearance of Rai and the first Solar crossover. Like Magnus Robot Fighter #5, this comic also contains a coupon for Magnus Robot Fighter #0.

Magnus goes to Japan where he is asked to overthrow Grandmother, a machine that controls the country. Grandmother is the entity that has taken the Blood of Heroes to create the line of Rai as it's sole guardian.

Solar appears to warn Magnus of an impending Spider Alien attack. He also warns him not to carry out his orders in destroying Grandmother. 

This issue has an estimated print run of 75,000 and has the flip book deal. Actually issues #5 through #8 are flipbooks, so I don't have to keep repeating that. 

The 2nd image is not a variant cover. It's the flipbook cover to these issues. This issue was published November, 1991. Be sure to check for the coupon still in tact if you stumble across this one.

1st appearance of Albert Pierce

Albert Pierce is Erica Pierce's son. He is minor character that only has very few appearances in this titled issue as well as some others like Turok, Unity and Shadowman.

However, since Mothergod was a big part of the Unity crossover event for Valiant, I figured I'd put Albert Pierce's first appearance on here. Pretty low print run, though. It has an estimated 50,000 copies that were printed and Solar, Man of the Atom #9 was published May, 1992.

1st appearance of Geoff McHenry
1st appearance of Eternal Warrior
1st appearance of Buck McHenry
I've mentioned the Geomancers quite a few times in the previous Valiant key issues lists prior. Well, here is the first appearance of Geoff McHenry, whom is an important character in the Valiant Universe.

Geoff McHenry does become the new Geomancer and Buck McHenry is his predecessor and also makes his first appearance in the this comic.

Also, the first appearance of Eternal Warrior is in this comic as well, so definitely no light weight of Solar key issues. This comic also has a pretty low print run with an estimated 55,000 copies. There's also a 2nd printing with only a 35,000 estimated print run.

June, 1992 is the publishing date for Solar, Man of the Atom #10.

1st full appearance of Eternal Warrior
1st appearance of Jolt and Quell
1st appearance of Sponge
Despite that the print run significantly goes up here with this issue, this comic holds the first full appearance of Eternal Warrior. That's not the only first appearances though.

Jolt and Quell both make their first appearances in this issue also and they both become part of the Harbinger comic mythos. This comic was published in July, 1992 and it has an estimated print run of 85,000 copies.

  • 1st appearance of Fred Bender

Fred Bender makes his debut as a foe for Solar but not as any super powered being just yet. Pretty important Valiant key issue as Fred Bender does become Doctor Eclipse later and would become an even greater foe and threat of Solar and other Valiant heroes.

Estimated print run is 90,000 copies and the first appearance of Fred Bender in Solar, Man of the Atom #14 was published October, 1992.

There will be a few more key issues from the Valiant Solar series in Part 3. If you missed Part 1 to this series, just click the PREVIOUS link below to transport on back.

Click the other link to the right to continue on to Part 3 and the last part of this Solar key comics list.


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