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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Robotech Key Issues

As requested, this is a Robotech key issues series, and believe it or not, there were a few Robotech comic series that was based off the Robotech animated cartoons. You may remember them.

I sort of remember watching a few episodes as a kid but don't really remember them. It seems Sony has bought the rights to a Robotech movie franchise though and are planning a live action adaptation.

Honestly, I know very little about the Robotech comics and there's very little information about them, so the accuracy of this list I even question. I tried my best though, and this will deal mainly with the Macross Saga, The Masters Saga, and The New Generation Saga.

Those sagas are also known as acts and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Robotech Wars. They will be broken up by parts, so Part 1 will deal with the Macross Saga. Alright, let's get this request under way.

1st appearance Roy Fokker
1st Rick Hunter, Lyn Minmei, & Lisa Hayes
1st Exedore & Breetia
1st Captain Gloval & Claudia Grant
1st Vanessa Leeds, Sammie Porter & Kim Young

The first issue to this series is simply titled Macross, and it's a doozy of important first appearances. As most fans know, most of this comic series was an actual adaptation of the animated series.

Robotech was adapted from the original Macross TV series before it became Robotech the animated series though. Kinda confusing so I won't get into it, but Robotech was based off of or adapted from the original Japan animation and television series.

So, naturally, we got a lot of first appearances. The most important and the main character of this particular storyline to the animated series or comics is Rick Hunter.

Rick Hunter is a pilot for his father's circus, but in this story he goes to visit his brother Roy Fokker on Super Dimension Force One, also known as SDF-1. Fokker was adopted by Rick's father, Pops Hunter, and SDF-1 is an interstellar transforming spacecraft.

Lyn Minmei is Rick Hunter's love interest throughout the series, so another first appearance that's important. Lisa Hayes becomes first officer on the SDF-1, and she is also an important supporting character and has definite tensions between herself and Rick Hunter.

There is a love triangle between Rick Hunter, Lyn Minmei and Lisa Hayes during the series. Rick Hunter, that lucky bastard.

Sammie Porter is the youngest member of the SDF-1 bridge crew and is a back up to Lisa Haye's position on the bridge. Like Lisa and her best friends Kim Young and Vanessa Leeds, they all serve on the bridge of the SDF-1 under the command of Captain Henry J. Gloval.

The Zentraedi are the main baddies to the humans in this series. They are an alien race and the ones who created the SDF-1, which crashed on Earth in 1999 and was rebuilt and later used by humans in the First Robotech War.

I'm not sure about this but I think Breetai starts off as a villain but ends up joining the humans later on. Breetai is a Fleet Commander and is a Zentraedi. Exedore is his adviser.

Claudia Grant was SDF-1's Chief Communications Officer and served on the bridge under Captain Henry J. Gloval. She is third in command. December, 1984 was when Macross #1 was published.

1st appearance of Dr. Lang

Emil Lang, also known as Dr. Lang in the Robotech Macross Saga, is a brilliant scientist and engineer who is one of Earth's foremost leading experts in Robotechnology. He is the creator of the Advanced Veritech Fighters

Veritech Fighters are the combat mechas used by humans in combat. Yes, they are the vehicles that transform into a Battloid robot of sorts, and use Robotechnology in order to do so.

The first appearance of Dr. Lang is in this issue, and the title of the comic also changes from Macross to Robotech The Macross Saga. Issue #2 was published April, 1985.

1st appearance of Zeril

Very minor character, Zeril is a Zentraedi commander of one of the ships under Breetai. I think this is the character's first and only appearance in the series. Not too sure of that though.

Almost didn't include this issue on here. Robotech the Macross Sage #6 was published September, 1985.

1st appearance of Khyron
1st appearance of Gerao
1st appearance of Grel
1st appearance of Carl Riber

Gerao is another minor character that is seen briefly in this series. He is a Zentraedi officer under Khyron.

The character of Khyron is not a minor character, however, and is the leader of the Botoru Battalion. He is the one of the big bads in the First Robotech War. Grel is Khyron's right hand man and makes quite a few appearances in the Macross Saga.

Carl Riber is a minor character and is the ex fiance of Lisa Hayes. Robotech The Macross Saga #7 was published November, 1985.

1st appearance of Max Sterling
1st appearance of Ben Dixon

This is a comic that has the first appearance of Max Sterling and Ben Dixon. In the Robotech comic series as well as the animation cartoons, Max Sterling is a major supporting character. He is part of the Skull Squadron.

The Skull Squadron was led by Ray Fokker and then by Rick Hunter. This squadron comprises the ace pilots or Top Guns for the good guys.

Ben Dixon is Max Sterling's best-friend. Before Max Sterling and Rick Hunter became part of the Skull Squadron, they formed the Vermillion Squadron in the First Robotech War. Ben Dixon is wingmates with Max and Rick Hunter under the Vermilion Squadron.

After his death and the death of Roy Fokker, Max and Rick Hunter become part of the Skull Squadron. Should be an important first appearance key issue for the Robotech Macross Saga. Max Sterling does show up in the other series of the Robotech comics.

Robotech the Macross Saga #8 was published December, 1985.

1st appearance of Bron
1st appearance of Rico
1st appearance of Konda

Robotech The Macross Saga #9 holds the first appearances of Bron, Rico and Konda. They are all Zentraedi, and they are actually spies sent to study Micronian (Human) culture aboard the SDF-1.

Rico is the leader of these spies, and him, Bron and Konda would later defect from the Zentraedi and join the Robotech Defense Force. These three characters do appear quite often in the Macross Saga. Not sure if they appear in the other Robotech comic series.

This comic was published February, 1986, and is a Copper Age comic.

1st appearance of Dolza

This is no minor key in the world of Robotech comics, or at least, it shouldn't be. This issue here holds the first appearance of Dolza, and he is the supreme commander of all the Zentraedi forces in this series.

So during the Macross Saga, Dolza is the biggest of the big bads. This comic and the first appearance of Dolza in the Robotech comic series was published May, 1986.

1st appearance of Commander Azonia
1st appearance of Miriya Sterling

This is another important key issue for the Robotech comics. It's not a minor one and neither are the characters that first appear in this comic also.

Azonia is the highest ranking female on the Zentraedi fleet. A commander of the female Zentraedi pilots, she was later put in command of the mission to retrieve the SDF-1 after Dolza was relieved Breetai from duty. She would later become Khyron's lover.

Miriya Sterling is another important character for a few reasons. First, she is the ace pilot for the Zentraedi, the absolute best.

Because of this, she refused to believe a Micronian pilot was more skilled than her. Early in the series, she was tasked with the mission to assassinate Max Sterling.

As you can tell from the last name, Miriya ends up falling for him instead and so does he with her. The two end up getting married later and have a daughter named Dana.

Miriya crosses over into the other Robotech comic series, namely the Robotech The Sentinels saga.

June, 1986 was when this comic was published.

1st appearance of Lynn Kyle

Not a major supporting character or a very minor one either. Lynn Kyle is the cousin of Lynn Minmei, and much like how Rick Hunter started out in the series, he detested war.

However, he came to join the Robotech Defense Force only to keep Minmei safe. He is in love with his own cousin. This comic was published November, 1986.

1st appearance of Donald Hayes

Although Donald Hayes doesn't appear much in the comics, I'm putting this one in here because he is the father of Lisa Hayes and the Admiral of the Robotech Defense Force.

I'm actually surprised this character isn't in this saga a lot more. Robotech The Macross Saga #24 was published December, 1987.

This series according to guide doesn't have an actual #1 issue. The series does take up after the Macross comic adaptation. Right now the Macross #1 issue has seen a boost in speculator demand because of the movie news, but some of the other first appearances on this list have not.

CGC 9.8s are nearing the $600 mark on eBay currently. Although I'm not a big fan of Robotech, I think the movie should be visually awesome if Sony completes the task at hand. I also think production on that would be extremely expensive also.

Anyways, like I said, the accuracy may not be 100% concerning this list. Don't know much about Robotech, it's comics, and there ain't a whole lot of info about them out there. Well, whether you want to check to see if you got these key issues to dump and fund other comics or if you're on the hunt, this key issues list can still help you somewhat.

Click the PART 2 link below to continue with more Robotech key issues.


  1. Hi TCM,

    I was wondering if you could please do a post about when the best time to sell a comic would be. For example I have marvel premiere 47 & 48 CGC SS 9.0 and 9.2 and want to get the best price that I can when I sell them. I assume that selling them on ebay just before or after the movie comes out would be the best time but is there anything you can suggest such as tracking sales with some kind of program/website to see when a peak is happening?

    Thanks and all the best!


    1. Hiya GN, I already did a series that covers certain peaks. You can find it at this link below:

      As for places to track sales, I personally use GoCollect when it comes to tracking CGC or slabbed sales on eBay. It gives you two years of data.

      Still, the best way to track peaks on eBay is to actually go on eBay and look up their sold auctions, which gives you two months of sold auctions.

  2. Hey GN,

    I would definitely recommend - here you can track comic trends on ebay. Hope TCM is not angry at me for puting that link here, but I was so happy when I found that site, I thought I should share it with you. Its like the Wizard Top Ten for every day ;-)


    1. Never heard of that one Ace. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Is that free or paid?

      Oh, I forgot to mention that GoCollect is better if you pay for a membership. It's a pretty small monthly fee though.

      Ace, your suggestion of that site was appropriate. It was on topic so, no, that wouldn't piss me off. Two thumbs up. I'll have to go check out that site when I get the chance.

  3. Hey TCM,

    its totally free! Believe me, you gonna check that site on a regular basis...


  4. Hi TCM,

    thanks for bringing that GoCollect up. Quite nice! From time to time I also like to check what the fellows from Cloud Nine Comics have to offer. Actually I can' t imagine what our hobby once was without the internet...

    Speculation Jones

    1. Gerry informed me about that site and even wrote up a post on it. Our hobby before the internet was regulated to Overstreet Price Guide to find out which key issues to be on the hunt for and comic shops were the undisputed kings that controlled most of the buying and selling of back issues. It actually sucked the big one. I'm glad were far past what the hobby was while growing up. Good to hear from you Speculation Jones. I'll have to check out Cloud Nine Comics when I get the chance...thanks for dropping that.