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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Robotech Key Comics Part 2

Alright and here we are with Part 2 to this Robotech key comics series. This part will deal with the Masters story arc. In the animated TV series, I believe the Masters story arc begins with episode #37 concerning the television series.

Anyways, this saga deals with the next generation and the 2nd Robotech War. In comic book terms, all of these listed here despite being key issues are bargain bin buys.

When more Robotech movie news comes out, you may want to check your junk boxes to see if you have any of these. Maybe they'll get a bump in demand, but I'm not holding my breath about that.

If you missed Part 1 to this Robotech key issues series, just click that blue link to go back. Otherwise, let's hurry and get this Robotech key comics series done with.

1st Alan Fredricks, Komodo, and Dana Sterling
1st Bowie Grant, Marie Crystal, & Sean Phillips
1st Rochel Antoinne & Angelo Dante
1st Louie Nichols, Nova Satori, & Ralf Emerson

Dana Sterling is the main character for the 2nd act of the Robotech animated series. If you don't remember from Part 1, she is the daughter of Max Sterling and Miriya Sterling. She is half Zentraedi.

This issue has the first appearance of most of the major cast in this 2nd act of the animated series. This animated series sees Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes as Admirals of the Robotech Expeditionary Force.

Most of the cast that survived the Macross Saga are part of the Robotech Expeditionary Force, and they depart in the SDF-3 to confront the Masters in their own solar system. Unknowingly, the Masters come to Earth to retrieve the SDF-1's Protoculture factory, a task that Dolza failed to do at the end of the Macross Saga.

As a result, Max Sterling and Miriya Sterling left behind their daughter to the care of another while the two war heroes traveled in the SDF-3 under Rick and Lisa Hayes command. Bowie Grant was another child left behind by his parents.

Both Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant were taken care of and raised by their God Parents, General Rolf Emerson and his wife Laura.

Nova Satori is the youngest military police officer in the Global Military Police, and she is the highest ranking female officer as well. She is the personal aide to Colonel Alan Fredricks.

Marie Crystal is the third central female character in this saga. She has a rivalry with Dana and will later develop romantic feelings for Sean Phillips.

This saga begins shortly after the graduation of the first graduating class of the United Earth Forces Military Academy. Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant are among the graduates. When the Robotech Masters attack Earth, both Dana and Bowie would become part of the 15th Squadron of the mighty Southern Cross.

Rochel Antoinne is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Southern Cross. Angelo Dante is a member of the 15th Squadron, and Louie Nichols is a hovertank pilot for the 15th.

July, 1985 is the published date for this Copper Age comic.

1st appearance of Zor-Prime

Zor Prime is actually a clone of the original Zor. Zor is a Tirolian, an alien race. Zor was the one who discovered the Protoculture, a powerful energy source that led to the development of Robotechnology.

Along with a few others, Zor established themselves as the Robotech Masters. However, Zor would eventually rebel against his fellow masters and hide the last known Protoculture Matrix in the SDF-1 that would crash land on Earth. Zor would later die and his body returned to the Masters.

The Robotech Masters would send their warrior clones known as the Zentraedi to retrieve this matrix, which would spark the first Robotech War as seen in the Macross Saga. Dolza was tasked with the mission to retrieve the last Protoculture Matrix.

At the same time, the Robotech Masters began their biogenetic experiments that would create a clone of Zor. Zor Prime was the result and he became a loyal servant of the Robotech Masters.

Zor Prime would be the commander of the Bioriod forces and often go up against the 15th Squadron or 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps which Dana Sterling commanded.

So, definitely no light weight key issue in terms of Robotech keys. This comic was published November, 1985.

1st appearance of Anatole Leona

Anatole Leoonard is the Army of Southern Cross's supreme commander in defending Earth against the Robotech Masters. He would retain command of the Southern Cross until the last moments of the 2nd Robotech War.

He would die along with his General Staff during the final attack on Monument City later. February, 1986 is publishing date of this comic.

1st appearance of Musica
1st appearance of Allegra
1st appearance of Octavia
1st appearance of the Robotech Masters

Musica, Allegra and Octavia were three of the muses of the Robotech Masters and are all sisters. Their music's objective was to keep the clones obedient and complacent.

It would be Bowie Grant, whom had a love for music, that would cause Musica to rebel against her people's way of life after he made her feel emotions for the first time.

Musica would ultimately flee and seek refuge with the 15th Squadron. I think the Robotech Masters also make their first appearance in this issue. They, of course, are the are a fanatic, military cult of Tirolians, and they are the big bad in this saga.

Robotech Masters #7 was published April, 1986.

1st appearance of John Carpenter
1st appearance of Robotech Intelligence

Major John Carpenter was in deep space for 15 years and returned to Earth during the 2nd Robotech War. A pretty well-known character for Robotech fans and definitely had a presence in this saga.

The Robotech Intelligence Triumvirates report directly to the Robotech Masters. They are responsible for data gathering and analysis and even were in charge of Zor Prime's implants. This trio consisted of Migeru and his clone siblings Migere and Migea.

Robotech Masters #10 was published August, 1986.

1st appearance of the Science Masters

Of course, these guys are the brains behind the Robotech Masters and they are part of the elite Robotech Hierarchy.  They are the Robotech Masters who have full understandings of the complexities of protoculture and Robotechnology.

The Science Masters are also the ones who developed protoculture techniques in cloning, mechanics and energy. In essence they are an integral part of the Robotech Masters.

Their first appearance may be in Robotech Masters #15, and it was published April, 1987.

1st appearance of Karno

A member of the warrior triumvirates of the Robotech Masters, Karno was selected to be the mate of Musica. Of course, we all know that Musica rejected Karno, because she fell in love with Bowie Grant.

Karno is a villain for the Humans in this saga. He doesn't have too many appearances in the saga, however. Robotech Masters #17 was published  July, 1987.

1st appearance of Maia Sterling

Figured I'd put this one in here since Maia Sterling is the younger sister of Dana Sterling and the daughter of Max Sterling and Miriya Sterling. She is the leader of the Wolf Squadron, but only has one appearance in this saga as it is the last issue.

Maia Sterling would be a major character for the movie Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

April, 1988 is the publishing date for this last issue to the Robotech Masters saga.

Who really knows what sagas Sony has in mind when it comes to a Robotech movie? Maybe they'll borrow bits and pieces of the Macross and Masters sagas.

Would be kinda hard to fit one entire saga into a single movie if they plan to have the trilogy follow the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Robotech Wars. I don't think they will. The first trilogy may very well just split the Macross saga into 3 parts, but like I said, who knows?

Anyways, just in case, there will be a Part 3 to this series and that will cover The New Generation saga that was the 3rd  act to the TV animation series of Robotech. If you missed Part 1, just click the PREVIOUS link below to go back. Click the PART 3 to continue to the last part of this Robotech key comics series!


  1. Reminds me of that Captain Future tv series from the 70s/ 80s :-). Man, was I pumped when that show was on. Anyone remember? Don' t know if it was backed up by a comic, but there were some nice toys going with it...

    Max Rebo

  2. Yeah, remember. Little Triple A was pissed when he missed that show! It had the Captain, a fat guy and some robot.

    Triple A

  3. Thank you! Ample data.